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  1. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Alaskan Logging Trucks and Equipment   

    I'll try this again....


    Again, click 'view all'
  2. Juneau125 added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    Alaskan Logging Trucks and Equipment
    I'll start posting pics to this album for you guys. We are out of reach of the scrappers up here, so everything gets parked and left. I have around 10,000 pics of these things in the weeds all over Alaska. Lots of KW, Mack, International Harvester, Etc.....

    My recommendation is to click the 'view all' and just click what you like. There will be 500 or so of the best shots.

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  3. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Calling all Loggers!   

  4. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Calling all Loggers!   

    Not sure what to do or how, but I have built alot of yarders (Skagit, Washington, Berger stuff) as well as both hydraulic and line-type loading machines. Here's a Bucyrus-Erie 38B I built a few years back.

    Maybe I'll have to build a logging side for this. TIME is really what I lack the most of. We'll see what we can do here.

  5. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Peerless log trailer question   

    Here's a shot of 3 of the scratchbuilt off-highway trailers....

  6. Juneau125 added a post in a topic ?? Cat D8H details ??   

    Looks like you're good on the engine details. I model looging, and loggers use thier dozers for many different tasks- including mobile trees for rigging support, etc. Many ROPS could be purchased OEM- (Medford, Tube-Lok, etc), and many were built in logging camp shops and were one-off. In these days of OSHA certification, those days are gone, but here are some different dozer canopy's I have built in past years...

    Hope this will help some. Use your inagination teamed with old reference photos- there's no 'wrong' way!

  7. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Peerless log trailer question   

    I've built well over 100 of these Peerless loggers, as well as scratchbuilt alot of off-highway long-log trailers- (Peerless, Page, etc), and I always replace the kit dead axle (actually called the 'trunion') with a working one. I prefer using plastruct 3/16th round tubing (part number 90105) with a metal rod (you'll need to drill small holes in the kit's molded ones- on the spring pack) but it's well worth the trouble and the trailer will look correct in the loaded (on truck) or towing position.

    Funny to run across this today, as I just put 5 more of these 'working trunion' assemblies together today for stock ahead.

    I also use these 'Hutch' -style spring suspensions (as the kit provides) under most everything- dump trailers, hayrack chassis, etc, as they are simple, super easy to scratchbuild, and actually appear under all kinds of trailer applications across various industries.

    Good luck and holler with questions. If needed I can photograph and post in steps for you too.

    Here is a partially completed trailer in the loaded position, with axles level and trailer body angled over the cabguard.

  8. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Mack DM600 Dump, ebay glue bomb W.I.P.   

    Sorry fellows, trying to get the pic thing down......
  9. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Mack DM600 Dump, ebay glue bomb W.I.P.   

    Not sure why but I put 3 pics up and only 1 posted. Any ideas? I'm not the brightest bulb in the box....

    I should also mention the resin 2-hole buds came from Ryan Silva's ebay store- 'Silvas Resin Specialties' - he does a fantastic job with these 1/25 truck wheels. I'll keep buyin' em as long as he's selling!
  10. Juneau125 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Mack DM600 Dump, ebay glue bomb W.I.P.
    Here's a chopped down DM800 I tried to make a DM600 out of. Turned out OK. Lately I've been buying cheap glue-bombs on ebay and practicing different things, like this. Missing a few parts and pieces, but AITM will hook me up cheap -handles, door latches, air cleaner, etc. All ebay salvage here, I guess I'm in the whole thing about 5 hours, $30, and some paint. Bumper is Paystar 5000, muffler is KW. Still lots of details to add. Mudflaps will make a big difference.

    Next DM600 will go much better- I learned alot on this one. Not too bad for an old backwoods dumper.


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  11. Juneau125 added a post in a topic Weyerhaeuser Macks in Progress   

    Thanks! I'm working on a matched set of 5 DM-800 dump trucks, so this was my trial unit. The kit/fit is dissapointing, to say the least. We got through it OK, and learned alot- that's the main thing. On this one I also went with the big 10' wide Clark planetaries, but stuck with the camelback suspension- call it 'modeler's license' I guess. I have a cab-guard/water tank going, as well as a big trailer/2 D8H's that will live with this one. A ways to go, but getting there slowly. Weyerhaueser used to move 2 D8H's together on the big trailers, I have pics somwhere of that.

    They also used KW fuel tanks and battery-boxes on thier R-Series trucks at Longview, so I went that route on the highway logger. Alot of them were just gliders that got whetever was available that day!
  12. Juneau125 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Weyerhaeuser Macks in Progress
    Working on a couple of Macks in Weyerhaeuser livery. DM800 will have a scratchbuilt 100-ton lowbed trailer, cab guarding, etc, and the R-Series is pretty well box stock. Have just the usual details to add to it yet. I also collect alot of 1/25 diecast and these loggers go nicely with the First Gear items such as these IH 560 Pay-Loader log handlers. Weyerhauser actally had a bunch of them in the 70's.

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  13. Juneau125 added a post in a topic New to Forum, Logging Equipment Models   

    my files are too big to upload.

  14. Juneau125 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    New to Forum, Logging Equipment Models
    Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for all the neat model info. I build logging, have been looking for awhile, decided to join.

    Here are some samples of my models. I grew up in Longview Wa, so Weyerhaeuser has been my subject.......

    I do lots of yarders and shovels and whatever. Mostly scratchbuilt stuff.

    Again, thanks for the site!

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