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  1. This looks great ! Now I'm in anticipation of the interior to be completed, it's gonna look awesome !!!
  2. Foiling a model always brings the car to life ... very nice job !
  3. Now that the trunk is hinged I moved on to an upgraded chassis ... Test fit the '67 Impala and frame underneath... It's a tight fit but it will suffice... Also it will support a custom built interior better ...
  4. I possess a '69 convertible but I would also like to obtain a '69 hardtop as well. The AMT '67 Impala will donate its chassis and running gear as well for the build up.
  5. I love that idea of having a fixed side glass in that smaller area ... thanks ! 😇👍🏼
  6. X2 I'd like one very much ... 😇👍🏼
  7. Small update..... I have the trunk hinged and the deck lid boxed ... Now some filling out and sanding ..... Then on to the chassis, engine, and interior ..... 😇👍🏼
  8. Gorgeous model car !!! 😇👍🏼
  9. Oh baby... this will be a fine build to watch 😁👍🏼
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