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  1. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Britsh capri,American power..Its Finished....   

    Hi Stan,
    Awesome looking build mate,
    Just a quick question, Where'd you get the resin blower pulleys??. Ive got several builds I can use some of those on.

  2. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    thought Id try making some aluminium interior door panels.

  3. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    Hi Superbike Shaun, mnwildpunk

    Thanks for the feedback ..Yeah, Im not happy with them either. Ive tried wrapping wire some around a machinesscrew and theyre looking promising.

  4. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    Thanks guys,.
    .yeah the chop is the first ive one on a later body style. Bit of a mission but its getting there.
  5. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    well I thought this was going to be a quick and dirty build but for some unknown reason i thought i'd open the doors, build an interior and create some stronger hinges.

    Ive built hinges from styrene before, but they've been way too delicate and I didn't like the usual wire hinges. So it came to me tonight to try a different way. Im pretty happy with the result too. Once straightened slightly and painted they'll blend right in and give me the strength i was looking for.

    thanks for looking

  6. Talbot90 added a post in a topic shattered safety glass   

    I used 80 grit sandpaper scuffed across the window in two diagonal directons, then I just used salt so replicate the glass.

  7. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    Tried my first chop on a body style other than just a straight drop.
    I think Ive over chopped it compared to the pics of the original car, but I like it! :-) Body now in bare primer. No filler yet. Lots of work on windows and roofline to go..as well as lots of filling and sanding as well.

  8. Talbot90 added a post in a topic How do I do THIS?   

    Hi David,
    I had the same problem on my last build ..so I used some Evergreen rectangular bar and formed an unjoined circle and put it inside the tire. The pressure of the Evergreen pushing out took the concave out of the tire.

  9. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks form the ideas regarding bodies. Ive found the Revell 37 Ford Coupe at my LHS and its close enough for me. :-)
    Ive rebuilt the front shocks and steering components. Also fabricated a rear end setup. I don't have any pics of the rear so again its an educated guess. I'm happy to be corrected by those more learned than I. :-)
    Everything shown is just loosely mocked up and Ill be chopping the body later this weekend.

    thanks again for looking and your suggestions.

  10. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe   

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    At closer look I like your idea krassandbernie, it'll save me a heap of work.

  11. Talbot90 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Antone Addesso 36 Dodge Coupe
    Hi all,
    I like building obscure race cars. This one caught my eye, with its use of a coil sprung front end rather than the usual leaf springs.
    Again it seems like there is only the one photo of it in this configuration with these unusual headers.

    I started by building a chassis based on the best guess principal. Im happy to alter it if someone has any better info.

    Since I cant find a 36 Dodge body anywhere, Ive used a 39 Chev Coupe from my parts bin. I'll reshape the B Pillar and windscreen areas to better match the Dodge.
    Very much still in the mockup stage.

    thanks for looking

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  12. Talbot90 added a post in a topic Show us YOUR patina. Good or bad.   

    First attempt at a burnt out car

  13. Talbot90 added a topic in Under Glass   

    "Dirty Thirty" 33 Willys
    Well I've used the long weekend and wet weather to final finish another one. This one has been fighting me every step of its creation. Taken me almost 18 months, but stick a fork in it..coz its done!!
    Its a replica of a car that raced in the Sixties. There is a only one known photo of it in this configuration so I've been as accurate as I can in most aspects but other have been an educated guess. The only kit part is the body and some small parts. Everything else I've had to make from scratch.

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  14. Talbot90 added a post in a topic 29A Rat Pickup   

    I got completely burnt out on Modelling halfway through this build. I didnt open my hobbyroom door for 10 months.

    Well three nights ago, the bug hit me again and Im back into it.

    ive just finished up the 34 Rat and amping to get into the rest of my unfinished projects.
    Well heres is the 34 in all its rusted glory.

  15. Talbot90 added a post in a topic 29A Rat Pickup   

    Hi BubbaJoe,
    They are Artists pastel purchased from a local art supplies shop...cheap and they have all the shades of rust you'll ever need.! :-)