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  1. Van Halen added a post in a topic Chevrolet Camaro Z28   

    Thanks for the comments much appreciated,

    - The video DID have a van halen song but youtube and its legal gremlins removed it straight away so i had to put that audio-swap one in :/

    - To those still with 90's internet speeds, i did put "Video" in the sub title so dont expect pictures lol..
  2. Van Halen added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    Hey guys,

    Im making videos of each of my models, heres my 1983/5 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

    Click Here - to see in HD and if the below video is not working.


    The car is painted only with primer and paint, no laquer was used as it had a chemical reaction with the kits plastic! I had to re-paint the whole thing again after this after stripping all the paint. I named the licence plate 'Cursed' because of this problem and the large amount of other problems ive had with it that ive never had with other kits. (the plastic also reacted with my glue and bubbled horribly so i had to fix that then use another glue).
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  3. Van Halen added a post in a topic Dodge F117a Stealth   

    LMAO! ace, i have that dodge stealth kit, i still dont know how what to build it like, maybe a submarine/stealth lol..
  4. Van Halen added a post in a topic Paasche HOBBY PAINT SPRAY BOOTH Airbrush Crafts Models   

    I own that !!!!

    I have had it for 2 months now it is absolutely amazing, i use spray cans and it still gets rid of every fume its amazing

    you just need to get some 5" tubing for the rear fan and hang it out your window as an exaust.
    I just duct taped it on around the rear fan gaurd.

    ALSO IMPORTANT : keep a large piece of paper underneath the booth as theres tiny folds with gaps in paint can escape through if your doing it on a important surface table.
  5. Van Halen added a post in a topic My camaro's turned yellow !?   

    It was molded in red, and its a 1982 kit, but i had primered white, then sprayed 2/3 base coats of white and was perfect until the clear laquer coats..
  6. Van Halen added a topic in General   

    My camaro's turned yellow !?
    Hi, over the past weeks ive been working on an 80's MPC camaro z28 kit..

    all's been going well, i bought a nice nissan white and clear laquer (clear coat) for the finish..

    As i was spraying the clear laquer last night, it all seemed fine and was looking like my best finish yet.. but as it was drying (near my radiator if that makes a difference ?) it started to yellow within minutes, i did second coat 15 mins after the first as instructed to do on the cans. and then left to dry over night to find nothing had changed..

    Why has it done this ??

    some other info-

    -Spray cans were a couple weeks old brought them new a couple weeks ago..
    -after spraying the white base coat i lightly sanded it with 1500 grit to make it smooth as possible.
    -i then waited about 3 days for it to fully dry, then last night did the clear coat..
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  7. Van Halen added a post in a topic 69 Shelby Mustang GULF T/A Race (phantom)   

    looks really good, the exaust caught my eye, ide love to know how you made it look 'heated'
  8. Van Halen added a post in a topic Can anyone explain.........   

    Theres only one french car i think is amazing.. and i think you've all forgot ?

    Le Alpine Renault ! Its such a beautiful car ..

  9. Van Halen added a post in a topic AMT El Camino camper   

    Holy Camino !!!! thats ace, what matierial did you use for the exterior of it ?
  10. Van Halen added a post in a topic Whats your favorite brand of car?   

    Manufacturor: Chevrolet forever !

    Type of car: anything GM F-body platform.

    Favorite car is the third gen camaro IROC-Z.
  11. Van Halen added a post in a topic Death Race 66' Buick Riviera   

    wow im planning on making a death racer i was gonna make the XJS, so i'll keep a look on this

    ALSO - what plastic are you using for the armor ?
  12. Van Halen added a post in a topic Revell Camaro Z28   

    What did you use to paint the interior ? the paint job looks really good.
  13. Van Halen added a post in a topic 69 camaro Z28   

    That paint job style is intense !!! Ive never seen anything like that, i think ive seen a car that was in 4 sections though if that makes sense, yours being 2.
  14. Van Halen added a post in a topic Do decals expire ??   

    Some good tips there thanks, Scanning them at high DPI i never would have thought to do

    I just realised that theres a decal on the sheet i dont want to use, i think to test, i'll apply it to some plastic and clear-coat so that if it goes wrong i know the sheet it bad.

    And just another tip from a tip, use a decal on the sheet you dont need as a test first on another surface, I noticed on almost all of them their is a kit manufactor logo on thats applyable such as "AMT-ERTL" or even a model code that is water-slide-able to test with.
  15. Van Halen added a topic in General   

    Do decals expire ??
    The majority of my kits left to build are from the 80's and have decals which i want to use, all the decals look visually ok - some a little faded.

    I plan to use them and clear-coat over them, you know how it goes..

    So what are peoples experiances with 80's/old decals ? do they still stick / do they fry when you clear-coat over them ?
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