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  1. Back when the Maisto 1/24 scale Harley Davidsons first came out, I went nuts on them and, bought all I could...so much in fact that I started getting multiple copies just so the store would get new shipments and I could buy all the series, filling out my collection. Well, it took many years and in the process of acquiring this collection...I started modifying the multiples that I had piling up, building different variations and models, I’ve even done bikes with scratch built sidecars and also that servi-car. I don’t have pics of it on my iPad but, I do have pics of most of my bikes on my Facebook page if you’re interested, and I believe all my albums are public. Feel free to check them out! My Facebook page is Brian D. Nevitt.
  2. Thanks Jerry, there was no "article" I just posted the same pics you see here on another message board. The only body mods were to the hood as described in my post and also the rear valence had to have the exhaust pipe holes filled which I forgot to mention, it was all pretty straight forward with little drama except, as I mentioned, I get carried away with detailing. Thanks again for the kind words and hope you can take inspiration from my build to do one of your own!
  3. Yes, I had to cut them into 3 pieces and remove a little before applying them but, as you can see they worked well. As far as the hood is concerned, all Ma Mopars fiberglas-hooded cars were like that! LOL, they didn't have to fit perfect to go fast and look cool! Thanks for the kind words!
  4. Looks good JC, quite an undertaking turning that stock body into the race car though. Shouldn't be too hard to gather all the necessary parts for it, the Revell '67 Corvette 2n1 has some nice mini-lites in it that could be useful and the '71 'Cuda street machine has an extra tall rear spoiler that might work. I can't wait to see how yours turns out in the end, it's looking real good so far...diggin' that dominator and intake! Good luck and thanks for the kind words!
  5. I believe, I am the one Wayne (moparfarmer) is talking about here, as recently I posted my '70 AAR 'Cuda on another board. I started the conversion when the Revell '70 'Cuda first came out and, it was just finished this last winter. It consisted of the afore mentioned Revell '70 'Cuda, the original Revell '95 edition AAR, and the 340 from AMT's Duster. Most of the AAR specific body parts transferred to the new 'Cuda body without modification except the hood which only needed minor sanding of the edges to make it fit. The reason it took so long? I tend to get carried away with the details and this was no exception, I figured since I was doing a conversion, why stop there? And I proceeded to fully detail it with all the wiring and plumbing it deserved.
  6. Live in Miller, about 24 miles NW of Kearney...I know what you mean about feeling like there is nobody else out there that enjoys the same hobby as us.
  7. I owned an all original 68 Fury III, 2dr Hdtp with a 318 2 bbl...the engine was red...not turquoise or hemi orange. It was the best car I ever had, sure do miss her!
  8. Thank you Gentlemen! I only just learned to post pics here today and I'm proud to be able to show this to everyone, thanks again!
  9. This bike is about 50% scratchbuilt, the scratchbuilt items include the frame, engine mounts, exhaust, foot pegs, kick stand and wheel pods made from plastic spoons. The engine is a Lycoming jet turbine from a Monogram 1/35? Bell Huey and the rest of the parts are from my parts box...I hope everyone enjoys!
  10. Tim, WOW! Your compliment honors me, and you sir are also no slouch in the bike building/kitbashing arena! I hope to take all new pics of all my bikes as Pats album only contains some of them and the "garage" background is my old one and I've rebuilt it and, I have several new bikes. At this time I have roughly 182 built bikes in my collection and I'm always looking to add more! Again, thanks for the compliment and intrest!
  11. Jon, No problem...after I removed the eyelet, I filled the hole with medium viscosity superglue and then filed/sanded until the "hole" was flush with the surrounding area. The seat was then painted with a Testors flat black paint pen: the other mods are as follows...gauges were added from 1/24 Maisto Harley Davidsons, the antenna from (2) 2000 FLTRSEI Screamin' Eagle Road Glides (also Maisto), the front brakes were picked out with a extra fine point sharpie, the rear boards and trunk locks and clasps were picked out with a fine point silver sharpie. I've had quite a stockpile of Maisto Harley parts as I used to modify them quite a bit in the past...here are most of them thanks to Pat Redmond for hosting my bike pics in his Fotki account... http://public.fotki.com/predmond/model_cars/smokin_ops-1/brian_nevitts_bikes/ ... I know these bikes are getting hard to find nowadays and most people won't have these parts just "laying around" but with ingenuity most modelers should be able to make the modifications I did with relative ease. I hope this has helped anyone who is trying to make an accurate police trike!
  12. Jon, these are very nice renditions...I know as I have two of them, in fact the pictures you posted are of one of them that I modified and posted over at Spotlight Hobbies. These trikes are only available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and in very limited quanities so anyone that wants them should get them before they are all gone as they will not be produced again.
  13. LOL, Sorry Bruce, it's Nebraska. Thanks for the welcome BIGTRUCK, it's great here, the forums are set up just like another site I frequent so navigating is a breeze.
  14. Thanks guys, when I figure out how to post pics maybe I can get some of my builds posted for ya'll. Yay!!!! Figured out how the avatar thingy works.
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