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  1. J Potato added a post in a topic BTCC Mazda Xedos color issue   

    UPDATE: Sprayed the shell with primer today ready to paint tomorrow, needs the mirrors done in yellow first then once dry i will do the first base coat. I will update friday hopefully with some pictures.

    Does anyone have any photos of the rear of this car for when i start with the decals? I have a few pictures that came with it of the same car from a different championship, i think stcc or etcc but need to know if there decals are the same. Thanks.
  2. J Potato added a post in a topic BTCC Mazda Xedos color issue   

    Thankyou so much, i have spent hours and hours looking on the internet and emailing people and this is almost perfect. I will order some tonight and hopefully get cracking next week sometime, i will also update this thread with photo's etc. of my progress.

  3. J Potato added a topic in General   

    BTCC Mazda Xedos color issue
    Firtsly sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have just registered so hello everyone. I only build BTCC models and just need some help.

    I have just gotten into model painting and just need some help getting hold of a certain color of paint for the Mazda Xedos 1993 which was driven by Watts:

    Picture here

    Would you please be able to tell me where i could get hold of this color (the pink/damson color), any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.
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