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  1. completed check top of page
  2. Aftermarket Pro-touring parts???

    Already tried with wheels and sold maybe 1-2 sets of 18" vs 30+ sets of 26" wheels.
  3. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Hobbico had it coming thinking they could steal Traxxas designs for their RC lines
  4. 3D printing growing as we speak

    Started posting a how to in Tips and Trick to get the basics going as printers will be seeing a huge drop in price and the advent of budget CNCs becoming a thing
  5. Heres the first half of the how to to get the free version of the program and learn some basics, if you have any problems Youtube is a good source of information, EDIT, first page was missing a step. Drawing Wheels.pdf Drawing Wheels 2.pdf Drawing Wheels 3.pdf Drawing Wheels 4.pdf Drawing Wheels 5.pdf
  6. PDFs and the rest found here https://www.youmagine.com/designs/how-to-draw-wheels-on-autodesk-fusion-360
  7. Tried something new im way happier doesnt matter if its 10 below or 100 over, it always dries, 20W LED UV light costs around 50$ for a chinese one or 200 used for an LAB grade one. The one im using came from a dental lab. Only works on Enamels,Laquers and some Urethanes. Its near instant with rattle cans.
  8. Hum3d - Large Source of 3D Modelled Autos

    300 is fair given its return in resin
  9. The latest in desk top 3d printing-explanation

    i love that machine its great for small parts and accessories best mass scale printer is the MOAI which im in the process of calibrating
  10. New wheel set from Pegasus: Shuey

    I still am, but im in the business of designing 1:1 wheels now
  11. New wheel set from Pegasus: Shuey

    JPS Resin wheels https://www.facebook.com/jpscustomsmctwheels/ Coby D Robinson https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001323771388 Clearly scale http://www.clearlyscale.com/category/wheels-tires USCP http://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60
  12. New wheel set from Pegasus: Shuey

    Lol im lauging so hard because the 3D print casters make way better sets now
  13. Wish List for Aftermarket Parts in '17

    Keep pining cause it doesnt look like anyone is interested, I sold off my line to another builder and made a new one and not one new caster coming in wants nothing to do with them unless theyre 22" or bigger
  14. 1/25th scale Futurliner

    oh man i want this the price is perfect, keep in mind a full detail of this wouldve ran 350 and up and still be worth it.