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  1. subscription service i started for model parts for monthly fee you get fed print ready model parts for FDM and LCD printers, i have Tiered subscriptions wheels will not be available at tier 1 except 1:64 style https://www.patreon.com/Daftwheels
  2. Lownslow

    3D printing

    Photon was consistent on the 3 tests i set for it, i returned the mars
  3. Lownslow

    3D printing

    I own a Photon and a Mars after years of using shapeways an im glad i made the switch i fund my habit by making 3d printed bike parts and frames
  4. I did start drawing wheels, for scale motorcycles they figured it out the fastest. Yes the wheels are free but the print costs were your resposibility.
  5. Because a full set is under 500$
  6. Nvm project is scuttled, cant help the horse that cant feed itself.
  7. Getting the itch to mess woth model parts again, on my own terms. The idea is to catalog most revell tires and ill draw them up for 3D printing and host the files on my free site. Will consider requests as long as theyre not any torq based wheels theres enough of those ugly wheels on the planet. Need ID and Width in MM replied here. I generally draw 8 sets per size.
  8. Already tried with wheels and sold maybe 1-2 sets of 18" vs 30+ sets of 26" wheels.
  9. Hobbico had it coming thinking they could steal Traxxas designs for their RC lines
  10. Started posting a how to in Tips and Trick to get the basics going as printers will be seeing a huge drop in price and the advent of budget CNCs becoming a thing
  11. Heres the first half of the how to to get the free version of the program and learn some basics, if you have any problems Youtube is a good source of information, EDIT, first page was missing a step. Drawing Wheels.pdf Drawing Wheels 2.pdf Drawing Wheels 3.pdf Drawing Wheels 4.pdf Drawing Wheels 5.pdf
  12. PDFs and the rest found here https://www.youmagine.com/designs/how-to-draw-wheels-on-autodesk-fusion-360
  13. Tried something new im way happier doesnt matter if its 10 below or 100 over, it always dries, 20W LED UV light costs around 50$ for a chinese one or 200 used for an LAB grade one. The one im using came from a dental lab. Only works on Enamels,Laquers and some Urethanes. Its near instant with rattle cans.
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