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  1. a while ago, done several things with it since
  2. Hobby Island702, Hobby One Japan, Friendly Hobbies Rancho area, and Downtown Hobby 9
  3. yeah people still get mad its not a ESV, im not fazed by the camaro having plastic tires, only takes a minimum level of skill to make them look more realistic than regular kit tires.
  4. Picked up a revopoint, its a game changer on my bench especially with the diecast poseable chassis. its also helping me bigtime with drawing bodies
  5. i bought one just waiting for it to show up im using mine for 1:1 purposes
  6. Been using the mars for a while now upgraded to a mars 2 and yesterday while doing some 1/64 stuff i realized i was outgrowing it. I got lucky today got a mildy modded saturn for 240$
  7. my site its a subscription site note: its mostly modern wheels have 1/64 to 1/10 https://www.patreon.com/Daftwheels
  8. Replica custom of a real bike as a favor to a friend, building 3 since his other customers got wind and paid for the extras, theyre completely 3d printed since nothing exists in the scale i picked.
  9. finally got to release the 84 park ave on my site i decided against a olds more than likely will go with the Parisienne
  10. Fact, not all of us had a rosy pink picture of America, I still have ptsd episodes of cops pointing guns at me for riding a bicycle on a sidewalk.
  11. Its supposed to be this, but it sat too long in a container that shouldve been sealed, tied with dirty airbrush and too high psi and was moving way too fast. im picking up a different color this weekend and trying again
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