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  1. finally got to release the 84 park ave on my site i decided against a olds more than likely will go with the Parisienne
  2. Fact, not all of us had a rosy pink picture of America, I still have ptsd episodes of cops pointing guns at me for riding a bicycle on a sidewalk.
  3. Its supposed to be this, but it sat too long in a container that shouldve been sealed, tied with dirty airbrush and too high psi and was moving way too fast. im picking up a different color this weekend and trying again
  4. literally every round 2 kit lately is lousy
  5. everybody has the big slots i want original but modern thsats why i drew up the 24 inch replica of the factory wheel cover, its gonna be a running theme on a few upcoming builds
  6. fun project i got, big wheels and massive engine with 6 superchargers
  7. the modern setup looks way better now
  8. back speaker deck wasnt cutting it after ditching the 90s hot rod look so i modernized
  9. Hit a local paint supply and found out i can get colors in 2oz to gallon quantities. the 4oz was under 10$
  10. interior wasnt looking so hot. It basically matched the primer i sprayed it in, i went all black.
  11. Found out this color matched the primer i spray on my parts.
  12. car is actually really old the wheels are new, i ditched old resin in favor of modern style wheels
  13. you guys are rivet counting that all clears up after primer also engines in general are not smooth'
  14. Updating the wheels to a more modern style this car was built almost 12 years ago and the wheels were looking dated, theyre fully 3d printed 18" Rotiforms from blackbox stl.
  15. for the most part my paint jobs and aclad chrome will stay lacquer based but for everything else im going acrylic, trying out this Vallejo colors metalizers on a wheel swap build
  16. Ron sells his files for personal use, just need your own machine https://3dmodelspecialties.com/
  17. After fixing the hubcaps im sticking with them once i make some hoops with a more shallow offset. the rallys ill use as trade fodder.
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