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  1. Im not the least bit surprised it happened. They kept featuring the same builds show after show, ignored the younger lowriders and big wheel builders. Its also model builders fault for bringing the same builds show after show for years. MCM isnt far behind
  2. Actually everybody switched to the 3D engines hes gonna have to work hard to catch up
  3. Theyre both eldogs it all depends because hes putting all the money up for it thats something that doesnt happen in the hobby often. The riviera will be pretty close to stock compared to the eldorado
  4. More than likely they will be heavily modified since the owner of the burgundy one is willing to bankroll the entire project from drawing to casting
  5. sometime in february the weather isnt cooperating for molding and casting
  6. Bumpers are updated and the wheels are from a Saab9000. Most of my cars will have minor customization like trim delete and smoothed bumpers
  7. It was stock but it wasnt doing well with the crowds i was targeting, this is more aimed at Youngtimers
  8. Wont take much to make it stock but because of my main customer base the car will do better as a custom. minilites are easy to get im sticking with the 9000 3 spokes
  9. Its gonna be almost a full kit Interior,glass,lenses,modernized late model 900 wheels and a simple pan chassis for cost reasons, being its my first im going to keep them curbside after that possibly do roller style casts. The cars will be aesthetically updated since factory isnt something i care much for. If this sells well the next build will be a 87/88 B2200 Mazda Truck and following that a Volkswagon SP2 thats more or less going to be designed to fit the Tamiya VW bug and the third release if all goes well a 80s Eldorado convertible/Riviera convertible(maybe).
  10. Revell will be fine theres plenty of boomers left with cash flow.
  11. im at 470$ but keep in mind i spent 600$ a year on just parts one year but i also can draw most of my own parts. the hard part is finding parts but i started a massive 3d parts repository thats updated once a month. i mostly cater to larger wheels and lowriders but im moving closer to having 1/25 wheels from 13" to 34" and some components in between. i also started with a team of artists to help them bring 3d cars to the printable realm.
  12. I thought about rendering it but ill wait till the rocket bunny version
  13. its a Z4 based on a tutorial i saw on youtube right now just getting the basics down.
  14. subscription service i started for model parts for monthly fee you get fed print ready model parts for FDM and LCD printers, i have Tiered subscriptions wheels will not be available at tier 1 except 1:64 style https://www.patreon.com/Daftwheels
  15. Photon was consistent on the 3 tests i set for it, i returned the mars
  16. I own a Photon and a Mars after years of using shapeways an im glad i made the switch i fund my habit by making 3d printed bike parts and frames
  17. I did start drawing wheels, for scale motorcycles they figured it out the fastest. Yes the wheels are free but the print costs were your resposibility.
  18. Nvm project is scuttled, cant help the horse that cant feed itself.
  19. Getting the itch to mess woth model parts again, on my own terms. The idea is to catalog most revell tires and ill draw them up for 3D printing and host the files on my free site. Will consider requests as long as theyre not any torq based wheels theres enough of those ugly wheels on the planet. Need ID and Width in MM replied here. I generally draw 8 sets per size.
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