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  1. Whole full size Escalade to Kei Car front fascia conversion, Scanned the body then scaled a escalade front end then cut the escalade front end into pieces.
  2. If im drawing it from nothing its drawing it from scratch, nobody in their right mind is gonna sit there and scratch build 4 wheels like this.
  3. Most of the interior was 3d printed, outside the exhaust was 3d printed the front lip was old school modified
  4. Scanned hood to printed hood, it was pretty successful. I have 0 plans to make any OEM parts for this kit
  5. no OEM stuff i just dont believe in stock
  6. no way i hate the things IRL, last thing im gonna do is help make scale versions
  7. Scanning this truck end to end and modifying the parts into custom pieces and putting them up on my content site
  8. This sweet Kyosho Fazer with a 57 body. It's pretty quick stock with a 2S battery but I want a 50+mph monster so new wheels, tires and electronics
  9. First build in some years, wanted something different. I saw some pictures of kei vans with American van front ends so i went for it on my build. I kept it as a amateur job or someones home brew attempt at the conversion that isnt quite halfway through. This project was the first time i actually 3d scanned the body to scale the grill, make the new front bumper, and rear window fillers. the interior is 100% stock with orange accents. The paint is Mr Color high silver with Mr color clear orange, Windows were done with 2 coats of tamiya smoke. The wheels were supposed to be 4 spoke chevy rally wheels but that felt off to me so i went with some one off fan style wheels with orange wall tires to give it a "look". Pretty much every build going forward will end up in front of the scanner before anything else is done.
  10. Wheels are done so are the tires they look good but decided to add more meat to the sidewall so I'm reprinting them
  11. Interior is done. the 1:1 is spartan inside so I decided to avoid the multiple speaker sound system I had planned
  12. Smoked the windows by scuffing them with 6000 grit then airbrushing tamiya smoke
  13. Garage was freezing and wife doesnt want me getting sick so as long as im using tamiya and not painting a whole car i can paint in the house.
  14. Granted a rare privilege of painting inside the house because its too cold in the garage
  15. Finally got a decent temp range in the garage so I decided to paint. Didn't want a cliche Playboy color so I went for Candy Orange.
  16. Thanks, It's kinda hard to work with and you do need a decently fast gaming laptop to operate it. Eventually I'll do a YouTube video on it
  17. Have you talked to MCS? Maybe he has a idea or a different model
  18. Slow your printer way down for thin parts also reduce you exposure times. your resin is bad i suggest you contact the manufacturer
  19. Got the FDMs working hard making new organizers and jigs, sadly i didnt know this only fit tamiya bottles and BSI only but the MR hobby stuff is organized.
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