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  1. 7 hours ago, Perspective Customs said:

    That's putting it lightly. I would say it's false advertising. This is particularly true for the re-release of the Cadillac Escalade where the box art depicts the Escalade ESV. 

    yeah people still get mad its not a ESV, im not fazed by the camaro having plastic tires, only takes a minimum level of skill to make them look more realistic than regular kit tires.

  2. 14 hours ago, David G. said:

    Nice work on the speaker deck. 

    If you're taking a vote on the wheel selection, I'll throw mine in with the the slotted style wheels.

    David G.

    everybody has the big slots i want original but modern thsats why i drew up the 24 inch replica of the factory wheel cover, its gonna be a running theme on a few upcoming builds 



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