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  1. mhertz1 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Cotton Owens 56 pontiac decals
    looking for cotton ownes 56 pontiac decals (reflective gold numbers) or a decal maker capable of making decals with reflective gold

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  2. mhertz1 added a post in a topic Mooneye's Dragster & Willy the Kid   

    Help, can any body explain or diagram plumbing the original (60's) mooneyes dragster, the lines seem to go under the engine and wrwp back up to the hydraulic throttle but it is very hard to tell the details, where the line come out of the tank mainlky, also how many there arte .  thanks trying to be authentic.
  3. mhertz1 added a post in a topic Mooneyes Dragster   

    Beautiful model, where do the fuel lines connect?
  4. mhertz1 added a post in a topic Revell Mooneyes Dragster Race Team (eventually)   

    These all look great, my question is does anyone have a diagram of how the fuel plumbing worked on this car. From all of the may builds and real pictures of the car I cannot see where the fuel lines go from the Moon tank to the intake and back out. Any help would be totally appreciated, just neeeed to know.
    Michael Hertz
  5. mhertz1 added a post in a topic '69 AMC AMX Drag On Lady   

    I am going to do the same kit, the front end is still unclear to me, i see what you cut out but what did you put in, also wondering about sox and martin boss cuda chassis, engine is great, chassis is not. same with 64 dodge, re-charge, what can i do witht he hoakey front end, an axle goes thru the oil pan, but the rest is nice, the engines and bodies are awesome on these kits, Headers too. any help woul d be appreciated
  6. mhertz1 added a post in a topic AMT 1937 Chevy "Salt Shaker"   

    Hey guys, I am still looking for decals for this kit (the 37 chevy Bonneville kit.) Any help would be more than appreciated. Thanks again.
  7. mhertz1 added a post in a topic AMT 1937 Chevy "Salt Shaker"   

    Hey,How ya doing, I am new here, I recently obtained a 1937 chevy bonneville salt shaker on ehell. Just wondering if there is anywhere or anyone who has the decals pictured in this thread. ( the sheet with 67 and some sponsors pictured in this thread and the box cover , either The original or aftermarket sheet, great site and any help would truly be appreciated. Thanx.