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  1. What is a “popper”? Never heard of that before.
  2. Saw these on Stevens site, not sure what a Popper Pinto is. AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1146 1/25 1953 Ford Victoria Hardtop w/Coca-Cola Machine $34.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1166 1/25 Popper 1977 Ford Pinto w/Coca-Cola Machine $35.95 TBA
  3. You’re probably right, I knew I saw an AMT box before.
  4. Saw this on Stevens International, any thoughts?
  5. Anyone have an original and a reissue to show pics and compare?
  6. I totally forgot about the tan one, the red one is the one I have.
  7. I have the ‘70’s Connoisseur Classics issue, they didn’t have the bike or gang buster parts.
  8. I would bet it’s the same as the emergency van with solid rear doors, maybe decals for the screened rear windows .
  9. Yep, you’re correct, I thought fast pack didn’t sound right.
  10. I’ve seen a ‘70 Corvette in this series also.
  11. Here’s the only pics in the instructions. Now that I dug it out I might start it, they are very nice kits.
  12. Beautiful, I always wanted to do one like that.
  13. Here’s a pic of the original, it fits the description on Stevens website. The ‘34 Ford pick up is also listed, no idea what boxart, but is listed as AMT.
  14. The title of the thread is New Round 2 AMT 2018, I figured it fit here. Sorry for the confusion.
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