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  1. Do you still have the Pac-Man car?



    1. mind-9


      Little late i know, i stop building now had a lot of other things to do.

      But yes i still got it.




  2. Ok here are the final Photo's off the Pacman rod. Finaly it's ready i hope you like it. Like to thank my wife for the patience see has and everybody for the response and tips . Happy modeling Gr Dirk
  3. No MCM it's not the girl (she is part of the set up) unfortunately. UPDATE, I got a lot off great comments there for i thank you all (it keeps me going). Ok the end is near (no there are no aliens coming ) finished the rod YEAH IT IS READY. first the last photo,s Made the decals And here it's on the rod i used clear decal sheet's. The carb linkage wash a hell of a job. Put the backplate with the light's i made the light's from round styreen. Put some fuellines and some small stuff and the engine is ready. So it only misses the licenseplate but that is still wet put it on tomorrow. Well just have to finish the surprise, than i can make the final end pictures (hope i can tomorrow) and than this project is ready. Happy building, Gr Dirk
  4. Ok you all thanks for the response, Now it's been a while but here is a new update. First the front. Put some bare metal foil on it and then the louvre decals. Made the headlights. The headlight glass is from the same Buick i used the engine from. Made the steeringwheel. Also the dash is almost finished. Puting it all togheter. Well you see almost ready, hope to finishe it this weekend. O and the big questionmark ? well that is the surprise i made. Happy moddeling Gr Dirk
  5. Bill, I,m following this project with great joy. And with every update you amaze me ferry high detail (it looks like a real enginebay) like tosee the finished product. gr Dirk
  6. One word WOOOW :blink: I,m working on the Pacman rod and i love scratchbuilding but man here are some great projects cant find the words for it. this is all off a ferry high standard. Gr Dirk
  7. Hi Greg, The rod are just small pipes the rod end,s are aftermarket (stil saving for a lathe so i can make them my self) The pulley's are made from jewelers screwdrivers they have those ribs and they are just right. Gr Dirk
  8. So hello guys and girls, Ok it's been a while since the last update had some more importent things to do. (sorry to kept you waiting) This week i did a lot of work to the rod i finished the Chassis (only the drive shafts). Fit the body and busy working on the interior. well here some photo's. Painted the wheels with Alclad chroom. Put some Knock off spinners (like the real one had). Mounted the engine and wheels (like i said the axels still has to be fit). Here i,m preparing the louvres for the side intake, this are decals made out of resin ,stranges but worked fine. And the result. I saw the rod had a ghost at the back carpet, so i first draw it then filled it. The interior i used vilt i don't know how you call it in english but it worked out great. This is how far it is at the moment. Still some small details and placing the aluminium plate's and lights then it should be finished. I have a small suprise here for the Rod will show you when it's ready. See you Gr Dirk
  9. Bill, I,m follow this for a while now and man i tought it wasn't possible but it gets better all the time. what a detail. Gr Dirk
  10. Hi there, The rod has some color now. First i put some base then i found out the body wasn't that smoot after all (see arrows). So put some more plaster and start sanding Then finally the color Now i can start making the inside and work on the decals. Ok you guys behave and keep on building. See you next update. Gr Dirk
  11. Love your work, I,m a great fan of schratchbuilding and this is just amazing you got some skills. It's Always nice to see and i can learn a lot from this one. Thanks for sharing. Gr Dirk
  12. Mitchell, I,m not a big fan of Porsches but the way you build this one is great. Good feeling for detail ferry nice build. Gr Dirk
  13. Eric, This is great i love old muscle cars and the color keep it the way it is it looks great. Gr Dirk
  14. Yeah Martin thanks for your respons, I know it has some error's (i found them out after i was on my way) i think it's not a big problem because the work is to much to change it. I'm also planning to make a pac rod 1/8 then i will use what i have learn on this one (second one's Always better than first ). Gr Dirk
  15. So hello finally back the kitchen is done Pffff two month's hard work. This means pic up the Pac rod and start building YEAH. Tonight i finished the exhaust it only need some little adjustment but i can do that when the engine is fitted. Now i can start finishing the engine and drive shafts. But first, Working on the body , so i made a air intake (i think thats where the radiator sits)getting the right size was a challange but after some measurements i got it right (i think) put some bondo now the other side and then start sanding. Here the pictures. If you have any questions just ask. Ok see you next time. Gr Dirk
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