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  1. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    I read they want to concentrate on new kits. If they are taking suggestion here is my contribution: 1956 Continental.
  2. Thick paint

    I presume it is lacquer since it is written it contains acetone.
  3. Thick paint

    After a long break I decided to build a kit to motivate my kids. To finish quickly, I decided to use a spray can for the exterior. I achieved the best results previously with automotive repair spray cans: dry quickly, unbeatable shine and easy to apply. This time I picked up a different brand. The paint itself is OK but it comes to quick and runs no matter how fast I go. I will have to stop without a clear coat since it is thick enough. But I want to avoid this in the next kit and revert to my air brush. What is the easiest way to decant a spray can? And which thinner should I use for thinning and cleaning? Acetone?? Regards, Walid
  4. 1967 Chevy 4 dr.

    Your best choice is to convert on of These:
  5. Isn't it time....

    Maybe, but the young establishing date makes me suspect the entire action was planned in advance. Walid
  6. Isn't it time....

    Funny, this company was established 19.1.2018...... only 4 months old. Walid
  7. Isn't it time....

    Art, Do you really think Revell will have hard time selling '58 or `59 Ford? You can take the sales of the '59 Skyliner as a reference. If they can sell this ancient kit, why would it be difficult to sell a newely tooled '59? I am not talking about Mercury (although I think a '59 Mercury will sell as good), I am talking about Ford. And you may add '54-'59 Continental to the list. Revell AG sells 1/24 kits for about $25 in Germany, including 19% VAT. This includes the models produced with Revell US tools, like the '58 Corvette. Revell US has been selling Revell AG kits for years at the usual price level as their own kits. Why would the Price jump to $35 when the same practice continues? Walid
  8. Isn't it time....

    No, I am not aware of that. I have just read it here. Walid
  9. Amt 1967 impala ss.

    Nice model. If I am allowed to advice I would suggest sanding/polishing the paint, use a suitable glue for clear parts, and if you can, BMF will improve the result significantly. Walid
  10. I really appreciate Revell's efforts with the '57 Ford Custom and Del Rio. However, isn't it time to have an '58 and/or '59 Ford? Perhaps Revell can make use of the tools and research that went in the Impala to bring a lower level '58 Chevy , or a decent '58 Pontiac/Olds/Buick, and possibly a Cadillac? I mean when was the last time when these kits were made? I will not be surprised if they date back to the original model year. Walid
  11. 5 Seconds fix

    Anyone uses 5 Seconds fix in building models? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv6JJPOhE9U
  12. The continued benefits of technology...

    and in 10 years or so we will stop buying model kits. We will by CAD files, print them on our desktop 3D printers and start building.
  13. Can I build a 53 Customline out of the Victoria?

    This is what you need: http://www.resinrealm.net/STAR Models/53_Customline_2dr_Sed.html Or this http://www.resinrealm.net/STAR Models/53_Mainline_4dr_Sed.html
  14. Back to the Future... or what's old is new again!

    VW would be pleased to help and provide support
  15. Revell AG McLaren 570s

    Small wheels as usual?