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  1. It is always to see new kits coming. But isn't there enough 240Z and 240ZG? There is not a single 2+2 Z of any generation.
  2. I primed this kit and put it off after dry test fit. The front wing is a pain to attach properly. I am thinking about scratch building or printing a replacement. Other than that the kit looks nice. Regards Walid
  3. Beautiful. How did you treat the chrome parts? BMF?
  4. I pre-ordered this kit in 2020. I received it early January and started immediately working on it. While a lot of improvements can be observed, like excellent instructions, correct shape and proportions and clever kit engineering in some parts, other aspects let me wonder if Revell is riding a time machine in the opposite direction. First, the shallow and fragile fixing points is as ever. The chrome parts, especially the bumpers are attached to the spruce in a very inconvenient way. The front bumper consists of three parts for no clear reason. The central part is so fragile that it will probably break when separated from the spruce (mine broke). I have the crude Monogram/Aurora kit. Even this ancient kit has a single piece bumper. Needless to say that here, too, attachment of the three parts together is a little adventure. I do not know if this my bad luck but the surface is wavy as if the mold was in use for the last thirty years. It took a ton of primer to repair. Hopefully the surface details will still be visible.
  5. Your choice of subject is amazing. I love the big boats of the early seventies. Could you add some details about this model?
  6. The only 4DR Sedan based on Revell Black Widow was made by the Modelhaus. This one is 150 Series. Good luck in finding one. All the 210 and 240 I am aware of are based on AMT kits.
  7. Any full size wagon between 1949 and 1978 is welcome. Especially 1959 Dodge, 1958 Ford, Edsel, Mercury..... 1960 Ford.... 1965-1970 Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Chevy of course.... and although not full size, mid-seventies Malibu, Cutlass, Century, and LeMans Safari.
  8. Dear All, What is the best finish to replicate Porsche 928 wheels? I am converting Tamiya's Porsche 928S into a regular 928, which is not easy to find. Therefore I designed and printed the tele dial rims. I am thinking of using Alclad2. I have no idea how the finish will look like since this will be the first time for me to use it. I am torn between ALC-103 (Dark Aluminium) and ALC-102 ( DurAluminium). Any suggestions? Walid
  9. Well, we have been living the age of ugliness for about 20 years now...... Ugly style..... Ugly music..... ugly furniture......ugly cars..... And now an ugly truck, so what???? Walid
  10. I have been dreaming of such a kit for years. Who makes the resin body? Regards walid
  11. Such a gem deserves Chrome Tec services.
  12. Nitto/Entex: http://hankstoycars.com/porsche/nitto-the-porsche-collection-japan-porsche-928-unbuilt-electric-kit-1-24-nib-1/ Gunze Sangyo https://importnut.net/models/porsche-928-gunze-sangyo/ Italeri https://www.italeri.com/en/prodotto/2092 The first two are long out of production. The third is currently back in program. Regards Walid
  13. "Someone offered me a Gunze Sangyo High-Tech" I wonder why didn't you use the Gunze Sangyo kit from the beginning. It could have saved you a lot of hassle modifying the body. Walid
  14. I read they want to concentrate on new kits. If they are taking suggestion here is my contribution: 1956 Continental.
  15. I presume it is lacquer since it is written it contains acetone.
  16. After a long break I decided to build a kit to motivate my kids. To finish quickly, I decided to use a spray can for the exterior. I achieved the best results previously with automotive repair spray cans: dry quickly, unbeatable shine and easy to apply. This time I picked up a different brand. The paint itself is OK but it comes to quick and runs no matter how fast I go. I will have to stop without a clear coat since it is thick enough. But I want to avoid this in the next kit and revert to my air brush. What is the easiest way to decant a spray can? And which thinner should I use for thinning and cleaning? Acetone?? Regards, Walid
  17. Your best choice is to convert on of These:
  18. Maybe, but the young establishing date makes me suspect the entire action was planned in advance. Walid
  19. Funny, this company was established 19.1.2018...... only 4 months old. Walid
  20. Art, Do you really think Revell will have hard time selling '58 or `59 Ford? You can take the sales of the '59 Skyliner as a reference. If they can sell this ancient kit, why would it be difficult to sell a newely tooled '59? I am not talking about Mercury (although I think a '59 Mercury will sell as good), I am talking about Ford. And you may add '54-'59 Continental to the list. Revell AG sells 1/24 kits for about $25 in Germany, including 19% VAT. This includes the models produced with Revell US tools, like the '58 Corvette. Revell US has been selling Revell AG kits for years at the usual price level as their own kits. Why would the Price jump to $35 when the same practice continues? Walid
  21. No, I am not aware of that. I have just read it here. Walid
  22. Nice model. If I am allowed to advice I would suggest sanding/polishing the paint, use a suitable glue for clear parts, and if you can, BMF will improve the result significantly. Walid
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