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  1. Can anyone tell me what a 1939 Cummins HB color would be. This is actually for a Hotrod 39 Ford pickup we plan to do a 4bt swap in but can't seem to find the info. Thanks y'all.
  2. They are 1800 mi from me right now. Let me see if I posted it here anywhere.m
  3. My Dad owned one. Yellow upper with brown lower. 1963. I think it had a hot stick.
  4. These are free for the pickings if anybody wants to try their hand at them. Just post lotsa pics please.
  5. "Steamy Pete" Steam powered Peterbilt heavy haul. Fun fantasy truck with lotsa brass...brings a new meaning to "Road Train"
  6. I guess a rig in a sense...1986 Chevy Suburban 1 ton 4x4 Dually with custom 5th wheel pup.
  7. KWhopper Cab over motorhome with train boot between sleeper and trailer for full access.
  8. These are a few trucks I designed over the years... 1st is my B81 Heavy Haul. 1st few pics were the final product.
  9. You know...I have seen this pic before. Upon further examination...look up vintage school buses or vintage buses and find the frontend that matches. It is probably something like a greyhound or trailways judging from the sign space on the roof. I think someone had an assload of buses and hacked them together IMHO. PS...check International Harvester buses.
  10. I wouldn't mind buying a few kits and building most of these. I threw in the non flatfender trucks because they may be easier for the first truck. But easy is not alwayz the best lol.
  11. Been wanting to do a kustom G506 pickup and never thought of using that cab. Thanks for the idea...
  12. Yes. You are on the right track. All trucks built during the Second World War were Civilian cab and chassis with rugged front clips. All companies did this and coleman generally built the front axle kits to make them 4x4 or 6x6. Check out OLIVEDRAB.com for more info and pics on them. http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/cars/ has a front rear and side views in one of their pics. Should help with the front clip.
  13. Just wanted to get a list of kits still available or discontinued. Resin...plastic or hell die cast. Going through a kick of designing hotrod trucks and came across some sweet antiques I would love to build. Scammells and Leylands. Even domestic US trucks. Basically I would like a comprehensive list of any truck or cab to build a 1:1 truck that was produced before 1960 in scale. Hows about we even throw together a list of donor kits and parts and pieces you guys have found that work. I love classic trucks and am sure other people would love this list. Pics are welcome.
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