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  1. PLEASE READ COMPLETELY..THANKS...I did these proposed Mockup boxes along with the Dyno Don, Grumpy's Toy and the Dodge Power Wagon for Dave Burket in 2011 and 2012 along with others,I have no knowledge about any of these EVER being produced as The Model king Dave Burkett and I were spitballing possible new kits, here are some others I did at the same time.That doesn't mean ANY of these will EVER see the light of day as the time involved and the tooling costs.So don't think because there is a mockup artwork that these will be made these all were just concept ideas and Dave is feeling the waters for input with the Dyno Don Grumpy and Power wagon Concept Boxes..Don't get me wrong I would LOVE to see them all done LOL

    Model King 33 Willys Pisano.jpg

    Model King 33 Willys.jpg

    Model King 55 Chevy Gasser.jpg

    Model King 61 Pontiac Drag.jpg

    Model King 68 Hemi Cuda.jpg

    Model King Bagshaw Challenger.jpg

    Model King Bagshaw Dart.jpg

    Model King Dodge Demon Stock.jpg

    Model King Dodge Demon.jpg

    Model King Ford Ramp.jpg

  2. i found out last week at my hobby lobby that a lot of kits were MISPRICED lately you should have asked them to check that, it's 29.99 at my Hobby Lobby, they had the new revell nickey chevy camaro all priced at 19.99 and they had the new 57 ford gasser wagon at 39.99, i asked and 57 ford gasser should have been 29.99 they changed the price at my Hobby Lobby,but me and my girlfriend did buy all the revell nickel cameras at 19.99 plus 40 percent off they only had 2 LOL. But seriously they have screwed up the price on models. the Lawman is only 24.90 from model roundup and only 24.99 ay my LHS


  3. That so called company has some of the nicest people and they do take care of their customers,they do everything themselves and only have a small group of people so it may take time to get a problem resolved.. the flash in the pan company as you say has been around many years and they have contracts from some of the biggest movie companies in Hollywood to all the major U.S. auto makers, Having owned and started SLIXX decals with Gene and Bill I can tell you how hard that is to negotiate contracts and licensing, that drives up the coast of these kits besides other factors and are they are doing things others are not. They are getting into the car and truck model business in a big way and it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars for tool and dies. I have worked with them and Dave Burkett over the years I put the Melrose Missile and Butch Leal deals together for Dave.I just get tired of people bashing the model companies, we are lucky to have models produced in this day and age, kids are not that interested, it's us older people that go into hobby shops and the model industry is a nitch market at best period.. and no model company is ever going to make a perfect kit period !!.and monogram and revell's prices are about the same within a few bucks as moebius...and we may not have any or very few model companies in the future if the costs keep escalating, i'm not paying 40 or 50 bucks for a monogram revell or moebius kit if they go that high...just my 2 cents also.

  4. Ed Sexton doesn't see to get it, Roger Harney had a passion for hot rods and cars he designed the 29 ford roadster and the Stacy David 32 was his idea before he passed away, so they are doing what he didn't complete, and after seeing the first quarter of next year, they need some fresh blood in there, they are out of ideas !! and they think that Foose and now West Coast Customs are the ticket LMAO.No one wants anymore PT Cruiser reissues or more dodge challengers...IMHO...all the Foose cars look like 4X4s with the big wheels..I think since Bob Utalwski left and Roger's unfortunate passing, their car brain trust is gone and they are out of touch...IMHO

  5. The kits only sell to a very small part of the hobby at best, and the licensing is out of control for what they want, remember everyone wants their cut, when I was one of the owners of SLIXX decals we quit doing NASCAR because the amount of money they wanted for licensing was getting "stupid high" plus a lot of requirements to boot.. and the profit was not there, plus now it's gotten so bad to the point of having to get licensing for every tiny decal on the car, I can't see a quarter of a million dollar plus investment on totally new tooling for a current NASCAR kit, the return is not there, The old stuff yes that would be great, but don't count on seeing it, even the die cast is dead pretty much.just saying thats all.

  6. Well I picked up the new Sox & Martin cuds today at my LHS and they still didn't fix the rear wheel well flares on the body, Come on guys !!!, the kit has all the parts for the stock version except the stock tires and stock decals,. The drag parts are nice, the carbs for the tunnel ram are a little flat, the decals give you a complete side red decal for the paint, the slicks to me are undersized, they left off any keystone mag wheels detail on the rims caps, Side windows would have been nice since no pro stock is allowed to run without them.But Revell fix the rear wheel flares issue, at the prices we are paying for these kits now we shouldn't have these glaring errors,just saying. Anyway I still think in some regards the Johan Sox & Martin Pro Stock Cuda kit is better detailed in some areas and it's 44 years old. I'm not saying the Revell kit is bad at all, they just did what was economical to get a pro stock kit out of their new tooling with just a few drag parts and decals added.

  7. You have to realize that the plastic model market industry is a nitch market and the tooling is exorbitant for anything these days be it a F-14 or a new Corvette, It's a business which I have been occasionally involved with for decades off and on, everybody has a wish list and we as modelers do get what we want sometimes, but from a business side you have to look at how much you can get in variations on your tooling and maximize your return on investment, that is why Round two is doing just that instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a complete new tool,It's important to the model companies to have our general input but like Moebius or Tamiya etc, they do research to see what the potential market is for a new product, so when you write I want to see this or that you need to ask yourself how many others would buy it and does it justify say a quarter of a million dollars to tool up a new kit to sell say a few hundred kits .We are so lucky that model companies are still here look at the diecast industry, you can't give die cast away for the most part, that's why most drag and nascar teams don't even produce a 10th of what they did 10 years ago, the cost and licensing is gone out of site on many things, So when you see any new product it's great thing, and Moebius is carving a great place for it's self with the new products, It just bugs me when things are announced it's never enough to some "but I want this or that".I'm just glad that we still have this industry around they keep giving us some great stuff, will i ever build my 3000 kits I have "NO"but I can dream.. Ok off my soapbox LOL

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