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  1. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    There's passing on expertise and critiquing work and then there's saying thnings lile "the car sits so high it looks like its an SUV."

    So, tell me, what does that do to help me? What do I learn from that?

    Now. If the guy had said something like:

    "Well, the car is sitting a bit high. Some early modlers have this problem, to give the car a more realistic stance what you should do is..."
  2. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    Irony much?
  3. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   


    Monitoring another thread around these parts it seems that the idea and consensus is that some think I was being granted a favor by having those comments issued to me in the most unconstructive way possible. Some even felt my work wasn't good enough to display.

    Seems this is a place full of old men who're masters of their craft in this hobby. I'm a Jr. Varsity second-string football player in a Jr. High School team trying to play with the NFL. I'm clearly out classed and out of my league here.

    Might be back, might not be. I've no problem with criticism, critique all you want but I do have a problem with attitude and presentation of those critcisms and if that's how an established poster treats a n00b then I don't think I want to know the kind of critiques I'd be served after being more rooted in this.... "community."

    As I said there's criticism and then there's just being an [donkey].

    It's one thing to say I need work, improve my skills, take more time, offer suggestions on things (I'm still trying to "master" buffing on some old/discarded bodies I have.) It's another thing to take my work and rip it to shreds as that poster did. It's like taking the first draft of someone's writting and ripping it up for minor grammar errors. We all have to start somewhere and those models, for now, represent the "best" I can do. The "Christine" model represented some of the most time I've spent on the model and the most work I've done on one to get the two-tone look of the roof/body and the body/fins. It was ripped up because it looked like the smoked glass was brushed on (it wasn't) and something to do with the hood's fit (which I've no idea it fits like that it sits flush with the fenders and the detailing chrome lines up, near as I can tell it's "supposed" to be like that).

    So, whatever.

    As I said, I may be back. I've got other issues IRL to work out first.
  4. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    No what you did was act like a big jerk walking up and kicking over sand castles and saying, "I did it because it looked like ######."

    There's constructive critcism and then there's being an ass.

    For example. In stead of whinging abount orange peel and pointing it all out how about being, I dunno, nice and saying something like, "Looks okay but I see some orange peel in the paint. To prevent that you should try doing this..."

    And then offer suggestions on how to correct it. Instead of being a disocuraging jerk.

    You offer nothing, you just come in offer strong critcism and left feeling proud of yourself. Congratualtions. You're so great, awesome, and special in your tearing down of an amature modeler. I'm sure some of the first models you ever did looked TEH AWESOME! After your first try.

    Aren't you so great! You so perfect just simply saying something makes a persom gleam from the osmosis of your awesome to do it better.

    Stuff it.

    And, sorry, about the pictures. I did the best I could with what I have. It's sort of hard to buy something as useless as camera when you've got a stack of medical bills to pay off from having brain surgery three months ago. Sorry I let the Great God of Model Building down.
  5. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    Fine and good. Now learn what constructive criticism is as opposed to just being a jerk.
  6. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    I'm in Olathe.

    Eh, I'm not worried about the guy's critiques. He can have his opinion but he could've been less, I dunno, harsh with them. Esp. The stuff about the blurry pictures with the camera, I mean it's the freaking camera's doing not though it's possible re-sizing them jumbled them up. So what? I think they look nice, couple others here said they looked nice. That's fine. I'm not making them to win prizes or make them look real I enjoy building them and they look good enough to me. As for the "orange peel" stuff. FWIW, I've yet to completely master buffing it out to perfect the finish on the model as I'm getting back into the hobby after a several year hiatus and the buffing/finish stuff I was never good at perfecting.
  7. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    Sorry I'm not freaking Model Master Picasso and I don't have $20,000 600 Gigabit HD-IMAX camera.

    I do this for fun and to kill time not to make people think I built a car from scratch out of tiny parts.

    Clearly I should think twice about sharing my work here in the future.
  8. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    You can buy one. If you've an Ertl/AMT kit it may not work for you the KITT kit I had was made by some Japanese company (Aoshima, I believe) that has the light as an add on. It's an LED circuit board and the kit is made to accept it with mounting holes for the scews and a hole for the switch.

    Here's a link to a place that SELLS THEM, you may also be able to find it on eBay or other places around the net as I cannot vouch for that website (I only used it for an example/to show the light board.)

    FWIW. The light comes on with all of the lights on for like half-a-second then it does the swooshing back in forth as in the show. (No sound.) I beleive there's around seven LEDs so it's a real nice effect.
  9. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic Ecto-1   

    I had that kit as a kid and wished that it had within it the "option" to build the GB1 car. I hated the LED boards, the colored sirens, one of the sirens being lifted well above the roof of the car, the extra greebles on the car and the "2" of the No-Ghosts signs. I wish I could have that body but have the first movie decals/greebles.
  10. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic My Models   

    Well, looking it over closer to 8 weeks for all but Ecto-1 and the General Lee, those two I did quite some time ago. So the Ghia, KITT, Christine, the DeLorean, the Mustangs, Herbie and Mirthmobile were all done between now and some time in late May.
  11. Trekker4747 added a topic in Under Glass   

    My Models
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  12. Trekker4747 added a post in a topic AMT 1951 Chevy Belair Convertible   

    Very nice, my karate instructor in highschool gave me one just like it for my birthday.