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  1. ha ha funny story is I actually heard about this website when I was there. Your not going to get any screaming deals there but they have a lot of stuff and an old school hobby shop vibe
  2. He passed a while ago. Got a couple things in my collection from him. His style of building is missed. RIP
  3. looks good. nice clean work. any chance you will cast some of these?
  4. Sorry but I should have included it's for insurance purposes not sale. I recently moved and am getting renters insurance. I valued the sealed kits at $15 and the open but complete ones at $10 but how do you value ones missing various parts?
  5. How could you possibly come up with a value for a kit that has had parts taken out to "kit bash" another kit? Like missing wheels and tires or missing a complete motor and transmission? These kits are not vintage or really hard kits to find. It's about 30 kits.
  6. Have you ever seen posts by member "Bricks on wheels"?
  7. Where did you get the wheels and tires? Mock up is killer!
  8. Man! That intake and carb set-up. Anyone have pics of the kit parts??
  9. Honestly Harry I feel for you in this situation. I have had a couple heart related issues and it can be tough at times to deal with. Look at it this way, life is the favorite model of your choice. Everyone would like to be a Tamiya or heck even a Revel or Monogram. Sometimes life is a Palmer. It sucks to build and will not be 100% accurate but it's still fun to build and enjoy. Stay strong and keep building my friend. We will all enjoy the under glass pics.
  10. I had some type of grand mal seizure a few weeks ago and lost some vision, hand coordination both on my right side. The state took my drivers license because of it. MRI revealed a spot on the portion of my brain which controls my motor skills so at this point for me it would be easier for someone to stop by the house rather than me try to bug my wife for a ride to the post office.
  11. I can pretty much guarantee I have the intake and air cleaner your looking for. I really don't want to mess with shipping so if you are ever in Ft Worth let me know and you can swing by and take a look. I have a metric ton of parts.
  12. What kind of tires are you looking for? I buy a lot of junkyards off Ebay and have a ton of tires and other parts.
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