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  1. Ever have a jinxed model?

    Yep - got one of those! About 20 years ago I bought a Tamiya 1/12 scale Yamaha scooter. It was from a guy in the Vancouver Car modellers club who ran a table in the vendor area and the proceeds went to the Salt Lake Model Car museum. I bought it as a "quick build" as it is a very simple kit to put together. I must have painted that thing five or six times - or parts of it and something goes wrong every time. I put it away several times and several times I have tried to finish it - with the same result. It has become an annual joke when we attend their spring model show that Jerry asks me if I have " finished that scooter yet ". I haven't stomped on it yet so there is still hope........
  2. Cortina

    I think Airfix had a Mk 1 Capri - again in 1/32 scale, and someome made a German Capri group 5 racer but I dont remember who....
  3. Cortina

    The only one I can think I remember , was an Airfix 1/32 kit from the 1960s. I think it was a Lotus-Cortina MK1. As I say I think I remember it but it was a long time ago and I am now quite old ! When Tamiya were doing their classics (Alfa, Jags etc) I was hoping they would do one but they didn't continue the series.
  4. Well I haven't built a model of it yet, but this is sitting in the garage waiting for me to license it for the summer. It's hard to believe that it's now 11 years old - and that I've owned it for 10 ! Gotta drive it more this year...
  5. I have the Entex version and Harry did build one. Together with Skip Jordan he helped me find kit instructions for mine. If you are interested to see his build along with another one do a search for "1919 Garrett". Both are great builds -
  6. Thank you for a great book - I was fortunate to find one under the Christmas tree! We have our first club meeting of the year in a couple of hours and I will be taking it along - so you may get one or two more sales hopefully.
  7. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    I personally don't have a lot of interest in quarter milers, but I am really enthused about the Power Wagon.
  8. Porsche 356B Coupe, Revell, 1/16

    The loudhailer looks somewhat like a siren - these were used as police cars if I remember and may be a hint of another version in the future perhaps? The centre looks a little funky though......
  9. Favorite Car

    An old man and his toy at an All Ford show.................its going to have to last my retirement !
  10. Dating Kits

    I was going to suggest just ask politely
  11. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    OK........Revell USA is gone, snuffed it, dead and buried. Only expensive imports from now on.
  12. hasegawa vs tamiya

    Some of Hasegawa's kits have very poor or non existent interior details - I have recently completed their VW pick-up and panel van and there are no interior panels at all. Reviews here show poor interiors in the new BMW's too.
  13. Hasegawa is asking what kits you would like to have in future

    There are lots of great suggestions listed here for new kits. Hasegawa has recently given us some great subjects that have not available in kit form - the BMW 2002 series for example. I would have considered adding them to my stash but for the inexcusable representation of the interiors. I dont even mind that they are curbside, but I refuse to purchase them in their current form and especially for the prices asked. So my point here is that no matter the subjects they choose they have to do a lot better before I consider adding any of their newer kits to my already overflowing basement. How about a re-tooling upgrade of your interiors Mr Hasegawa?
  14. Thanks Gil, I like the McLaren FI and I have looked at the reviews on-line and was not sure about the Fujimi kits however after seeing your build I wont be so put off buying one. Your build is great and the Gulf Racing colour scheme looks awesome too. I am happy with a curbside and the white decals look opaque enough over the dark base colour. I might have to try stretched sprue for the antenna as there aren't many cats in our neighborhood........