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  1. BrianC added a topic in General   

    Model A coupe reference
    For anyone interested in the model A kits and the upcoming coupe in particular, the latest Rodder's Journal (No.67) has an article on four different model A coupes.
    Each has a different drivetrain - Ford Y block, Buick, Olds, and Desoto - and as usual the photography is excellent.
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  2. BrianC added a post in a topic This Day In History: American Graffitti Released.   

    I remember going to see it at the theatre when it was released in the UK. I new nothing about the movie - just liked the posters - hey it was a car movie! Took my then girlfriend along and ended up paying almost no attention to her....boy did I get you know what for that!
    still one of my favourites - bought the sequel about 6 or 7 years ago on dvd - good but not as good as the original.
  3. BrianC added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    I really like the little short box.
    Can anyone tell me if the Model King version will be available in retail hobby stores in Canada.
    I ask only because we did not get the Model King version of the 57 Ford a couple of years ago.
    I know I can mail order if necessary....

    thanks, Brian
  4. BrianC added a post in a topic Does this Land Cruiser exist in kit form?   

    I think I saw a couple of closed cab pickups of that model done by Meng in military scale - with what looked like anti-aircraft guns mounted in the bed
    check with your favourite plastic pusher in the 1/35 scale section.

    cheers Brian
  5. BrianC added a post in a topic Harry's new Mustang.   

    I have been a Mustang freak ever since getting a 1965 Dinky toy as a kid! You have to know how cool the original looked to a kid growing up in the rural U.K in the early 60's.
    I really like the 2005-2009 body style and never warmed to the 2010-2014 evolution. The bulbous, heavy look of the back of the later car doesn't match the sleek front. I will admit to being biased - I am lucky enough to have a 2008 Bullitt edition in the garage
    I was impressed with the new car whenI saw it at the Vancouver auto show a year ago. I am going to have to drive one - just to see how the new rear suspension works - and what difference another 100 HP feels like!
    I am a little biased - I have a 2008 Bullitt edition in my garage. It's my retirement toy, never winter driven.

    Harry - please show us what you picked...?
  6. BrianC added a post in a topic Porsche 910-023 - Scuderia Lufthansa... 1000 Kms de Nurburgring 1968   

    Very nice build Curt, did you use the decals for the front cover or did you paint it ? I have the kit and decals but I thought I would paint the front cover. I started prepping the body a while ago - a long term project !
    I have not found many pictures of this car - I see you built it as an open car which I was wondering about.
    Got any on line links for reference material ?

    Great build - and inspiration too - thanks for posting it.
  7. BrianC added a post in a topic 53 Hudson Hornet   

    Thanks for posting - your build and the pictures are very inspirational. If my attempt is even half as good I will be delighted!
  8. BrianC added a post in a topic "NEW" MPC Dukes of Hazzard kit not what you expected   

    I like to think that I am a 'serious' modeller and I can get deeply involved with a detail build. I also like snap/pre-decorated kits too - they provide semi instant gratification when my latest serious project runs into a problem - repainting the body for the third time or something just doesn't fit. That's the time for pushing the frustrations aside and throwing a snapper together. I find this keeps the creative juices flowing and the hobby fun. I recommend it to everyone. Snappers don't have to be just for kids and beginners.

    I have never built or bought a General Lee kit - just never appealed to me but I could see this kit in my stash for one of those quick fun and relaxing builds.
  9. BrianC added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac news   

    Well that's great news about the drums and wheels - just makes me want it more......

  10. BrianC added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac news   

    Well I hope its the 8 lug wheels - neither Trumpeter or AMT have done them as well as I had hoped! They're begging to be done crisply.
  11. BrianC added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac news   

    Of all the new releases by Mobius, (and they are all good) I am looking forward to this one the most! What an elegant motor car!
    Thanks for the updates.
  12. BrianC added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    OK already - you're going to get my money!.... and a bunch of it too by the looks of it !
  13. BrianC added a post in a topic Kits you have, that you will never build   

    Well, when I bought each of the kits in my stash, I intended to build it - I even had an idea in mind at the time of exactly how I wanted to build it.
    I also build other subjects - aircraft, real space and even have a couple of sci-fi kits.
    My problem is my enthusiasm for each tends to vary a lot - and the pile of 'things I will build' tends to vary too. I also have a pile of 'why the hell did I buy that' which also has kits that come and go - all depends on the mood of the day!

    Its still fun after all these years - and that is the most important factor.
  14. BrianC added a post in a topic 1957 Ford "Sleeper"   

    A great look - cleanly built too!
    It's good to see your efforts rewarded - congrats on the trophy.
  15. BrianC added a post in a topic What was the best model kit you ever got for Christmas?   

    I have been transported back to my youth this year - July 1969 to be precise. I received Dragon's 1/72nd scale Apollo 11 Saturn V. I don't get many models as gifts - this has to rank at the top!!