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  1. BrianC added a post in a topic Accurate Miniatures McLaren   

    Beautifully done Jim,
    I missed this too - however I will be saving the info you have generously provided as I have one of each of the McLarens and several Grand Sports to build. All will benefit from the info in this build.
    Thank you for taking the time to illustrate your techniques and to explain the build so well. A great reference for use with many other subjects too.
  2. BrianC added a post in a topic Please keep Grandad away from the tools!   

    I guess someone wanted to see what all those old AMT custom parts looked like full size !
  3. BrianC added a post in a topic MENG Hummer H1, first look   

    So if you are really good with a scalpel you can swap the 'o's and 'a's ... good luck with that !!
    One of our local hobby stores has a couple of these on the shelf for a cool $105 ......(Canadian)
  4. BrianC added a post in a topic $30+ kits - hows it affect you?   

    As all of the Canadian modellers have already pointed out a $30 kit is actually not a bad price these days up here. I am interested in many different subjects and I have recently purchased a couple of World War One tanks. None of the new military subjects come close to 30 bucks or even double that - try $80 or 90. It is probably no comfort to consider that most other disciplines in our hobby pay considerably more for the latest kit. Most are from 'foreign' manufacturers and not the domestic brands that serve the automotive side of our hobby. If you choose to look at it this way we are not that badly served....
    Trying to find a silver lining I guess
  5. BrianC added a post in a topic 1924 Fiat Mefistofele   

    Very nice Sir!
    I feel it would be a shame to hide the engine - it is such a huge component of the car - and a work of art in this model. Have you considered adding the straps in an open hood configuration? It really would be a shame to close it up forever! Just a thought - it is however your model and it will be in your showcase.
    I enjoyed following your build too .
  6. BrianC added a post in a topic Revell Foose C7 Corvette   

    Never been a Foose fan at all, however I do keep looking at that one... I like what I see and the grand kids are comming for a couple of week - maybe a 'first glue kit project...
  7. BrianC added a post in a topic Mercedes AMG GT-R   

    Sorry guys, it doesn't matter what colour you paint it - that's just ugly.
  8. BrianC added a post in a topic MPC/Round 2 - Pony Express is back from the grave!   

    Wow - the colours on the box art build are so seventies !  I remember the Ford dealers having the same colour schemes on pick-ups and full size vans too ! I was a new immigrant to Canada in 1979 ant this reminds me of that time and shopping for my first American vehicle. Truly there is nothing like seventies kitsch !
  9. BrianC added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix ...   

    I have a Buyers Choice Bonneville and I was curious to see for myself what it looked like. I also looked at Yura's build pics too.
    On my reissue  I notice the front fender badges are quite faint - the driver's side is almost indistinct. I would suggest that light sanding prep and a layer of primer will make them invisible - but they are there.
    The Bonneville script is in the grille but hard to see - it is visible in Yura's pics too - where he shows the headlight rework.
    Rocker panel ribs are there - maybe a dark wash on the foil or bright silver may help to pop the detail a bit better -  cant comment on any change as I do not have an original to compare it to. Same goes for the upholstery.
  10. BrianC added a post in a topic Pontiac - 1965 2+2 - First build in 40 years   

    Great paint Jim. I have always liked the 'stacked light' Pontiacs and your build is flattering to the car. Nice clean build.
    Wheels: I am a bit of an old fart so I have to agree with Harry on this point. (not to suggest that Harry is an old fart - that would probably get me 'probation'!). The 8 lugs just look good to me.
    After seeing your post I happened across a Bonneville reissue in my stash and took a look at it. I think I have found my next build. Thanks for the inspiration
  11. BrianC added a post in a topic Local Hobby Shp vs. Mega-Store   

    I am lucky to have two great "local" hobby stores - one in town and one about 50kms away. They are both supportive of our local model club and so I will support them with most of my purchases. There is a local Michaels store but their selection is small and their prices are a bit higher than the hobby shops.
    More importantly the hobby shops carry paints and glues that can't be mail ordered. Canada Post deems these as dangerous goods. If we don't support them the next closest centre with hobby shops is Vancouver - 400 kms away!
  12. BrianC added a post in a topic Anyone else here excited for America's 2016 Formula One team???   

    I wish them luck.... its an incredibly expensive series even to make it to the back marker / rolling chicane level.
    As a fan I lost interest in F1 in the 1980s Turbo car era and they have been lost to me ever since.
  13. BrianC added a post in a topic insrtuction request - Entex 1/16 scale Garrett steam tractor   

    Thank you both for your help, and sorry to bother you - I used the search tool after asking the questions - and found the answers and Harry's recent build that I missed.
    Someone had kindly provided a link in the build article and I have downloaded the instructions.
    cheers Brian
  14. BrianC added a topic in Wanted!   

    insrtuction request - Entex 1/16 scale Garrett steam tractor
    A good friend surprised me at our model club meeting last night with a gift of an Entex steam tractor in 1:16 scale. I recently hit the magic 60 and he knew this was a 'grail kit' of mine. Needless to say I was speechless for a moment or two!
    The only missing item is the instructions, so I am asking if anyone has a copy they would either be able to scan or photocopy - or know of an on-line source where I can download. I will gladly reimburse any copying and postage expenses.
    I am currently searching for good reference books or sites on the subject too so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.
    thanks for any help,
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  15. BrianC added a post in a topic NEW! An advance and detailed look at the final production version of the new Moebius Models 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit....   

    Thanks for the 'first look' Tim.
    I have been anticipating this one ever since the announcement a year or so ago. I am no expert but I am liking what I see - a lot.
    I just have to wait a while till we can get them in the great white north.
    Looking forward to seeing a build review or two - I hear Mr Anderson also has one too.