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  1. 2019 Silverado

    I don't mind the looks - better than the current Fords. Hopefully its built better than my 2010 GMC 2500 which has the build quality of a Lada (Russian built Fiat)
  2. Now THAT is a beautiful car. I wonder if there will be a customer version. Mr Tamiya , Sir, please can we have one!
  3. What's In The Box, BMW 2002 tii

    Well I'm really disappointed - the interior is quite visible through the large windows and the total lack of detail kills it for me. Come on Hasegawa you should know better.
  4. Next Tamiya 1/24 car is...

    Yikes that's ugly.......
  5. Tribute to a friend

    Thanks guys, your compliments are appreciated. Safe Holiday weekend to all.
  6. Tribute to a friend

    Four years ago our local club lost Jim Thomas, a great modeller and a good friend, to a brain tumor. He was a talented builder who would always share his techniques and encourage you in whatever you were building. His main interest were military subjects, however he built a wide variety of other subjects too. There were several un-finished projects on his bench, two of which I was given to complete, a P-47 and this Cobra. This Monogram Cobra needed only final assembly. Jim had all the painting and detailing done, all that was left was to join the main components. I would like to share his work with you.
  7. Photobucket Problems

    So if I am understanding this correctly I should be able to upload a photo directly from my PC without needing a third party host site? Without limits or restrictions? testing:... .
  8. Accurate Miniatures McLaren

    Beautifully done Jim, I missed this too - however I will be saving the info you have generously provided as I have one of each of the McLarens and several Grand Sports to build. All will benefit from the info in this build. Thank you for taking the time to illustrate your techniques and to explain the build so well. A great reference for use with many other subjects too.
  9. Please keep Grandad away from the tools!

    I guess someone wanted to see what all those old AMT custom parts looked like full size !
  10. MENG Hummer H1, first look

    So if you are really good with a scalpel you can swap the 'o's and 'a's ... good luck with that !! One of our local hobby stores has a couple of these on the shelf for a cool $105 ......(Canadian)
  11. $30+ kits - hows it affect you?

    As all of the Canadian modellers have already pointed out a $30 kit is actually not a bad price these days up here. I am interested in many different subjects and I have recently purchased a couple of World War One tanks. None of the new military subjects come close to 30 bucks or even double that - try $80 or 90. It is probably no comfort to consider that most other disciplines in our hobby pay considerably more for the latest kit. Most are from 'foreign' manufacturers and not the domestic brands that serve the automotive side of our hobby. If you choose to look at it this way we are not that badly served.... Trying to find a silver lining I guess
  12. 1924 Fiat Mefistofele

    Very nice Sir! I feel it would be a shame to hide the engine - it is such a huge component of the car - and a work of art in this model. Have you considered adding the straps in an open hood configuration? It really would be a shame to close it up forever! Just a thought - it is however your model and it will be in your showcase. I enjoyed following your build too .
  13. Revell Foose C7 Corvette

    Never been a Foose fan at all, however I do keep looking at that one... I like what I see and the grand kids are comming for a couple of week - maybe a 'first glue kit project...
  14. Mercedes AMG GT-R

    Sorry guys, it doesn't matter what colour you paint it - that's just ugly.
  15. Wow - the colours on the box art build are so seventies ! I remember the Ford dealers having the same colour schemes on pick-ups and full size vans too ! I was a new immigrant to Canada in 1979 ant this reminds me of that time and shopping for my first American vehicle. Truly there is nothing like seventies kitsch !