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  1. So here goes... What makes you decide to buy a certain model kit, is it? -subject matter/theme; muscle cars, sports rally, cars, pickups, hotrods, racing, classics, boat, plane, other...? not really. but I like oddball stuff, eg, I would buy an old Heller Mercedes panel over an AMT Camaro -does the box art sometimes make you purchase something you really didn't plan to, if so, give an example of such a kit? No -does the manufacturer brand influence your buying choice, and if so, which is your preferred and least preferred and why? Not really -what do you love about building a model kit and what's the least favorite part of the process? I like most parts however the sanding and filling of aircraft fuselage joints being the least favorite -does a high parts count scare you as too much of a challenge, or does a low parts count make you feel the product could be toylike? No - a mix of both is good -what type of kit do you prefer (glue, snap, full detail, curbside)? Any - depends on what it is -do you like building options, and if so, what (engine upgrade, choice of wheels, decals, other)? Not important to me -if you wish to give manufacturers a "non-subject matter" suggestion what would it be? For modern car subjects include die cut window masks! 1959 Cadillac 4 door hardtop - (flat top) 1930 Bentley Speed 6 1930 Alfa 2300 Monza 2008 Ford Mustang GT500KR Shelby Daytona coup replica Jaguar XJ13 replica Citroen DS23 Pallas
  2. Fred : I did notice that the resolution was low compared to what looks like an original in the lower part of Rex's photo. James: thanks for the heads up - as it turns out I would need to create an E-bay account to purchase them - something I have not done yet as I have purposely avoided E-bay in the past. Thank guys!
  3. Thank you Rex and Kevin, just what I was looking for!
  4. I think I remember seeing a 1/24 decal sheet for the Terlingua Racing team. I have searched the places I know make decals and have not found any so far. I am getting old and it is quite possible I am imagining things........ Can anyone confirm that they were and hopefully still are made and point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  5. I really hope the magazine returns, there will hopefully be a strong demand for it. I could only find one specialty automotive book store in Vancouver BC (300 miles away) who regularly stocked MCM in the past. Consequently I did not buy many copies I hope you can make the distribution to retailers more widespread, as I do not do subscriptions at all.
  6. Thanks for the info Scott, it is a great looking model and hopefully I might get to see it at one of the Vancouver area shows - when we are able to have them again! I am in Kelowna and there are a number of us who travel down tho the coast for the spring and fall shows. Obviously not this year though!
  7. Great build Scott, Are the fairing graphics paint or an aftermarket decal set? That color scheme sure changes the bikes look!
  8. I was in a real slump a few years back and I was barely completing a model car per year. I picked this up and it got me back in the groove again...had a blast trying new to me weathering techniques.
  9. I don't see the scale model building hobby dying, but it has changed a lot since the 1960's. If you view the hobby from a purely car modelling perspective it has shrunk dramatically. In general there are a lot of new companies producing a very wide range of subjects, however not many are automotive subjects and some like the ICM 1/24 scale kits ate double the cost of a Revell or AMT. . Most modern cars are just appliances to get you from A to B and are just plain boring. Sure the new supercar segment is cool but a 1960s Ferrari is a lot cooler. (OK subjective opinion here!) The range of military vehicle kits available in 1/35 is astounding, and there are at least a half dozen or so new brands producing them. Most are 'adult priced' and are very complex - not beginner stuff. The aircraft segment has been similarly well stocked with new subjects and manufacturers. I think the science fiction genre is where most or the newer builders end up - both my grand kids have built Revell and now Bandai Star Wars kits - and had a blast doing it. One is 9 and the other 11 and they enjoyed the few they have built. Our local hobby store - yes we are lucky and still have one - sells a lot of Gundam, which has surprised the owner who really did not expect that. His sci - fi section has increased in size and at the expense of the automotive section. I think the hobby is quite healthy, especially if the cottage industries and aftermarket segment is included. However I build all kinds of things - I found that is the secret to keep my interest in building from stagnating. If you are in a slump try something new or different. It's amazing what is available out there..
  10. Yep - got one of those! About 20 years ago I bought a Tamiya 1/12 scale Yamaha scooter. It was from a guy in the Vancouver Car modellers club who ran a table in the vendor area and the proceeds went to the Salt Lake Model Car museum. I bought it as a "quick build" as it is a very simple kit to put together. I must have painted that thing five or six times - or parts of it and something goes wrong every time. I put it away several times and several times I have tried to finish it - with the same result. It has become an annual joke when we attend their spring model show that Jerry asks me if I have " finished that scooter yet ". I haven't stomped on it yet so there is still hope........
  11. I think Airfix had a Mk 1 Capri - again in 1/32 scale, and someome made a German Capri group 5 racer but I dont remember who....
  12. The only one I can think I remember , was an Airfix 1/32 kit from the 1960s. I think it was a Lotus-Cortina MK1. As I say I think I remember it but it was a long time ago and I am now quite old ! When Tamiya were doing their classics (Alfa, Jags etc) I was hoping they would do one but they didn't continue the series.
  13. Well I haven't built a model of it yet, but this is sitting in the garage waiting for me to license it for the summer. It's hard to believe that it's now 11 years old - and that I've owned it for 10 ! Gotta drive it more this year...
  14. I have the Entex version and Harry did build one. Together with Skip Jordan he helped me find kit instructions for mine. If you are interested to see his build along with another one do a search for "1919 Garrett". Both are great builds -
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