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  1. dad66 added a post in a topic aftermarket 1/8 scale   

    Thanks guys, TDR was who i was looking for.
  2. dad66 added a topic in General   

    aftermarket 1/8 scale
    I have lost the web address for a site that makes 1/8 scale ifs, irs, engines ect. Sorry I ran across the site months ago and now can't find it again. Wish I had more to go on. thanks
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  3. dad66 added a post in a topic Belly tanks salt flat racing   

    Thank You all for your replys. I must now save my money because I found so much more to drool over.
    Thanks again
  4. dad66 added a topic in General   

    Belly tanks salt flat racing
    I am looking for belly tanks and any other salt flat style kits resin or other, also web sites or other info.
    I have seen belly tanks by California resin works but can not find them on the internet. Anybody have an address?
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