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  1. Resin crew cab body from trailer trash kustoms.cut off the 06 style front end from a diecast along with the wheels as well..a lot of body modifications to smooth everything out and built a whole new bed floor to show off some of the frame work.chopped off the headrest and built a console from the dash back with 3 subs.
  2. thank you! this was one of those builds I really thought I was in over my head on to ever finish lol
  3. This is my custom 96 Chevy s10 layed on the ground with a front and rear Lexus body conversion! Door handles and 98% of the interior is from the Lexus as well..billet wheels with a deeper rear lip and a cantilevered back half with an irs setup
  4. I got all of the body painted..working on interior,frame and engine now.should have it finished up in a few weeks or less
  5. I've been making some progress here and there. Starting to get closer to preparing it for paint
  6. Started a little bit on the bed today..it will be completely shaved with the tailgate having a slight slant to it
  7. Took a 99 Silverado crew cab resin and put the 05-07 style front end from a diecast on it.modified the ss bumper.some slight work to dail it all in while I wait on the parts kit for a bed and to start building a frame
  8. thanks! I surely thought this wasn't going to come out far worse then it did haha
  9. Thanks guys! For some reason it's not letting me tag anyone on this post
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