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  1. The Marauder was made by Mercury from 2003 to 2004, they made at total of 11,052 over that time. They came in 4 colors, silver, red, blue, and black. The main differences from a Crown Victoria are the 302 horsepower 4.6 dual overhead cam engine from the Mach 1 Mustang, front and rear bumpers, interior pieces, and the rims. I've owned two now, a silver 2003 and my current dark toreador red 2004.
  2. I've got a couple of those Vic's. The interior isn't close enough to the Marauder interior to work for me. I've been considering having some of the Marauder specific parts 3d printed for the 1/18 scale Vic's. It's my own version of a kit that I'll always want but will never be kitted by a manufacturer. I can dream though.
  3. My wife and I went out and bought all of the kids Christmas presents in one trip. It's the first time we tried Christmas shopping like this and it wasn't as stressful as previous years. We used to buy throughout the year and always had too many presents and spent more than we planned. I hope this becomes a new family tradition.
  4. You know that I actually believed that joke for over an hour. I had to google it and then found out that it was a joke. I bought the old magazine at a swap meet and was really excited to learn of a cool product. I was already planning to use some to clear a couple bodies of detailed Moebius Chryslers.
  5. They are the same as far as I can tell. Get the latest reissue, it has the new tires in it that look very nice.
  6. It does look like a very well built model. I'll plan on buying it from his estate sale for 20.00 in 10-20 years. I can wait.
  7. The picture is my DTR, I've had it for about six months. I love the car, it's almost everything I could ask for in a car. Why did you have one for only a week?
  8. I know that the newer body style would have been much easier to make multiple additional kits from. The Mercury Marauder version would sell well, at least to the Marauder owners. Like the Hudson's have. I am a typical Marauder owner that has to have multiples of anything Marauder related. I would buy 15 to 20 Marauder kits of they made them. I get the possible rational for making this kit, Revell must have had most of the work done before the Lindberg kit came out. There is no other reason why they would kit such a bland car that is already made by another company.
  9. This is just a hunch, but I Google'ed the zip code the op has for a location, it's in New Jersey.
  10. I agree with the above quote. I build to the best of my abilities and I know that for now the important thing for me is to have fun building when I have time to do it. When my kids are older, I will start to really get serious with attempting to raise my skill level. On a related note, in my experience at shows, forums and talking at hobby shops, model builders are a thin skinned group as a whole. Look at this forum, and this post. Almost all grown men that for some can't handle constructive criticism even when it is obvious that they need it. I'm not perfect, my builds certainly aren't, and when I have posted a build I openly ask for advice, criticism or comments. I know that I have lots of areas that I need considerable improvement. I once saw a 60 year old man whine like a girl that he didn't win a lhs model contest because his glue bomb, brush painted truck was judged accurately. Just my $.02, and take it with a grain of salt.
  11. In the link the truck was for sale at 8,000. Not too bad a price for something that rare. Almost neat enough to belong in a museum.
  12. Tom, I have some insight into the dealer that you are looking at. The dealer most likely buys only from the US Government auctions. They are held all over the US and territories like PR. They also auction the cars off via gsaauctions.gov as well as other websites. Take a look at the site I listed and you can see that a government owned car in PR sells for considerably less than it would in the US. I would strongly consider one of the Crown Vic's. The gas mileage would be lower than what you are probably used to, but they honestly would last forever. The government owned ones are the best without spotlights and mostly have full cloth and carpet in the interiors. Since you keep cars a long time, it would suit your needs well.
  13. That stinks about the Toyota, but those Volvos are great cars. I have always wanted to pick one up.
  14. I took my son to a LHS that's closing, they have a sale on everything in the store. My son picked up some gaming figures. I bought 2 kits and some decals. I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up the 70 Torino and 2 AMT parts packs of the new blue streak drag tires. I was surprised to see them and I bought the 2 sets they had, averaged out to the cost of one set normally. I didn't even use a coupon.
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