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  1. Done well Michelle, starting to see you develop your own style.
  2. Yep like that, the build style suits the subject so very well. And you always dial in the paint to suit the build.
  3. Very unique Gary, some well thought out custom work. Like the switch up of the engine and pumps, also the smooth clean style. Wheels are impressive, amazing what the 3D guys are doing nowadays.
  4. Cool Hand


    Brilliant paint job Dale, nice work on the undies too. Great to see some new builds from you.
  5. You know how to build a stinka mate, trick engine and killa paint. Well done.
  6. Great looking build Marcus, im with you and everyone else in saying here is to hoping one of the kit manufacturers release a full detail factory stock soon.
  7. Very impressive amount of detail work Curt, look forward to the next progress update and seeing it as a roller. Where you at John ??
  8. Cool Hand

    Show Rod Bash

    Great imagination customizing the Pie Wagon and converting it to a roadster pick up type of thing. All the parts tie together well and created a great looking build, paint work suits the build as always. Dual supercharged engine is very fitting for a show rod.
  9. Like all the customizing and paint work suits the style very well.
  10. The kit used. Trans kit. Engine kit. The wheels The paint.
  11. Great build Steve, you are another that has a unique style that I like and have seen your builds in Scale Auto over the years. Always cool to follow your builds on the forums.
  12. Looks great Larry, colours work well together and like the separation of the colours on different parts of the car.
  13. As always super clean, super detailed, excellent build in my favourite colour combo.
  14. Very tidy build, good job on all the detail work
  15. So glad to see this build on the forum. I seen it in the 2019 Scale Auto contest cars, and thought it looked super cool, the customizing, the choppers and the paint work. Drawing is just a cool as the model. It has your signature style for sure, thanks for sharing Gary.
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