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  1. Have a 59 El-Camino in line to go on the bench soon, looks to be two of us taking on the foil work challenge.
  2. Excellent build, all the extra work you put in certainly shows and paid of big time. And of course I really like the colour combo. Well done.
  3. My builds and kits are for my enjoyment in the moment of now, I dont care what happens to all my modelling stuff once im gone. I will be too dead to care LOL!
  4. Some excellent work done on this build, definitely makes me want to get the re-issue when it released.
  5. Got the foil work done. Last wip update for the Sunny, will be Under Glass in a few days.
  6. Thanks Steve. Yeah on the home stretch. Very cool little ute's, worth getting a couple for sure, quick easy fun builds. Thanks D, hoping I can keep the motivation and momentum on going. Thanks Chris.
  7. Dash detailed, havent decided on the steering wheel yet.
  8. Chassis painted and partially assembled. Started to assemble interior, just need to detail the dash.
  9. Finished up roughing in the rear suspension. Found a scratch built air tank and compressor in my spare parts, so only had to make the solenoids.
  10. Whilst waiting on the surfacer to dry, starting working on the rear suspension. Used 1.6mm rod when I first set the ride height. Scratch built some airbags to go over the rod.
  11. Wasnt really feeling the oob box seats. So went and looked in the Aoshima spare parts to dig out some of my favourite seats. And as I done on the recent GC10 Skyline build, removed the head rests. Bit to wide on the base so had to narrow them up a bit. Much prefer the low back bucket style seats. And same usual boring process done, preparing and applying surfacer.
  12. Thanks for the comments on the Sunny. Yeah its the price to pay for wanting a lowered stance with aftermarket wheels. Agree super nice kit, Hasegawa produce some great quality kits.
  13. Detail, details and detail painting are sure going to bring the build to life when they are all combined.
  14. Dont worry about it, just continue to post as per normal. Only difference is it will take a bit of time for posts to be approved. Stay on topic and be very mindful and cautious of the words you use.
  15. To fit the wheels to the Sunny, some chassis modifications where needed. Started by doing a quick rough layout. Which was used to help scratch build a new back half frame. No pictures of building the frame, but here is a comparison between oob chassis and modified back half. Modified the diff with some new brass axle tubes. Also modified the front cross member and scratch built some new struts and stub axles to allow for the fitment of the aftermarket wheels and lower the stance Once all that was done was able to make some wheels tubs out of plastic cylinder containers. Used part of the bed floor and sheet styrene to raise the floor up and over the frame. And that is where the build stalled out. Thinking il work on getting the interior components painted and detailed first. Then il go back to finishing the chassis work. Once all that is done, should be able work on exterior details and get it complete.
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