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  1. I find it hilarious that this discussion is still ongoing. I have nothing worthy to post as im sure my contribution will be debated that my opinion doesnt matter LOL!
  2. Its certainly interesting to see who participates the most in these types of discussions.
  3. Well said mate, certainly explained it from a different perspective.
  4. 100% agree. Pretty much summed it all up perfectly. Very well said, thanks for putting in to words I wouldnt have been able to come up with. What ever keeps you entertained I guess, some prefer the discussion. Each enjoy it in their own way. Most of us have fun, fun, fun building something and sharing what we have been up to. Well thats my reason for coming to this forum to share and observe model cars being built.
  5. The Supra seems to build up nice too, from what ive seen. I cant resist when it comes to a JDM kit with an engine.
  6. I use an Iwata HPCP, so I will be trying to buy one, I think its cool as and very different which I find interesting.
  7. Alright so the parcel arrived with a donor kit for its engine. Also will be using the Foose kit to get some ideas for a new scratch built frame, as I want the new build to have a very low stance. Did think about using the FD-100 frame, engine and running gear. But couldnt bring myself to part out the kit. Wheel's ive already shown, paint will obviously be same as the original build. Got most of the body parts of the tree's and done a bit clean up work removing nub marks etc. Now its ready for some temporary and sub assembly. Here you can see why I was thinking about using the Foose frame. Very close when you compare the two. But me being me and a glutten for my own punishment, I will prefer to build my own frame to suit the new engine, lowered ride height and Pegasus wheels. So basically my plan for the replica is. The exterior will look the same as the original build except for a lowered stance and new wheels. Interior will remain same colour, but will be changed up with some new parts. More on that when I get to it, as I havent quite worked out plan for it yet. And as mentioned new chassis/frame, engine and running gear. It's going to be a fun challenge.
  8. Excellent work on all the detail painting and that paint job is very impressive. Well done
  9. Supplies and tools from BNA Model world and Rhypla Builds.
  10. Ok here is where im at, I got the contents out of the box.😄 Waiting for a parcel to arrive, finger's crossed it's tomorrow. Then I can finalize and lay out the plan.
  11. Yeah totally agree. Its hilarious to always see discussions like this one go of the rails, because one person has the skills and knowledge that is far superior than others and that give's them the right to dominate the discussion. Happens all the time as they relish in getting the last word.
  12. Cool, been looking forward to this. I will get to the bench over the next day or so and lay out the plans.
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