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  1. Appreciate all the replies and comments.
  2. Looks like it going to be another excellent build showcasing your kit/part bashing ingenuity. Hope to see you complete the 65 Street Freak build first though.
  3. Another JDM build im currently working on that is inspired by a well known TV series car. Nothing serious and not concerned about scale accuracy, just a fun build that all about the visual. Again a modified 77 Nissan Skyline C210.
  4. Cheers mate. Dont know if I call it a pro street, inspiration is from Fast and Furious Dom's Charger and Aussie burnout cars. So I probably say its a JDM burnout car. 77 Nissan Skyline C210.
  5. Also completed a few of the builds within this thread. Cant be bothered putting them Under Glass, so il put them in here.
  6. Update on the Kei Box truck, applied the TS-44 which was decanted and shot through the airbrush. Also painted the wheel centre's, with Ammo Mig acrylic brass
  7. Yeah been available in Australia at various online retailers for a couple weeks, but I waited for BNA Model World to have them in stock. Its a high quality and detailed kit for sure, really looking forward to building them.
  8. Ive purchased from them multiple times. Very reliable with excellent customer relations.
  9. Completed this awhile ago, just never got around to posting it here. What an excellent kit, thoroughly enjoyed building it, assembly was straight forward with no issue's. Not really into Gassers. But I really like how this build turned out, especially the SMS paint. Thanks to Tim Boyd for his preview and review of this kit as thats what convinced me to invest in a couple kits. Pretty much oob, I just lowered the stance, added plug wires. Wip pics can be found here
  10. Dont really care what you think or say. Ive made my statement and thats it, nothing more to contribute. I dont need to watch his vids to learn anything about how to paint with particular brand paints, as I am more than capable of getting my own paint and learning for myself.
  11. Not factory correct. But I recommend this, thin with MLT 1:1.5 and if applied correctly it will not need a clear coat.
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