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  1. Cool Hand added a post in a topic Need some helping using airbrush   

    Rough surface is pebbling, most times it is caused by the paint drying before it lands on the surface.
    Factors that can cause it are:
    Air temperature.
    Shooting to far away from the surface.
    Incorrect ratio of paint to thinner.
    Other possible causes
    With dual actions, too much air not enough paint.
    And too much paint which causes over spray that gets drawn into the airflow then onto the surface of wet paint.  
  2. Cool Hand added a post in a topic 87 Buick   

    Aligned/attached the nose the best I could, then spent alot of time filling(with super glue) and sanding.
  3. Cool Hand added a post in a topic 87 Buick   

    Thanks for the comments.
    Not really, but it did take a little bit of work though, I removed front inner guards from the body and rear wheel tubs from the chassis and then modified stock suspension to get it lowered. And being that it was built curbside I didnt have to re-build/re-work what was removed.
    Yes, but I donated the engine else where.
  4. Cool Hand added a post in a topic 40 Ford TESTOSTAROSSA   

    Another one of your builds that show's your creativity and skills, done well mate.
    Like the blue oval Ferrari logo. 
  5. Cool Hand added a post in a topic 60 Impala   

    Excellent build mate, always look forward to seeing your newly completed builds as its guaranteed the paint job will be killa and show your creativity and skills when it comes to laying down the paint.
  6. Cool Hand added a post in a topic 87 Buick   

     Appreciate the comments.
    Decal on rear window say's Lead City Customs.
    It was built as a curbside so it has no engine and chassis wasnt detailed just painted matt black. 
  7. Cool Hand added a topic in Under Glass   

    87 Buick
    Built from this kit.

    Curbside build 
    Body: Tamiya TS-14 gloss black.
    Interior: Tamiya TS-29 semi gloss black, XF-1 flat black and XF-19 sky grey.
    Alclad chrome applied to grille, headlight surrounds, shifter and steering wheel.
    Wheels: Aoshima


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  8. Cool Hand added a post in a topic 65 Chevelle Wagon   

    As always mate clean build and well detailed, agree with others that the venetians are a great addition and look the part.
    Kinda has a sleeper look to it.
  9. Cool Hand added a topic in Under Glass   

    67 Chevelle (Lowrider)
    Another build done in the exact same style as the 72 Chevelle I posted recently. 
    This was built back in 2012 for a community build(2012 Lowrider tour) on this forum, but it seems I never posted it in the Under Glass section.

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  10. Cool Hand added a topic in Under Glass   

    72 Chevelle (Lowrider)
    Built this couple years ago but never got around to sharing on this forum.
    Basically it was a quick build to get the creative juices flowing again and get me out of a rut/slump and motivated to build again. 
    Total build time was around 48hrs.
    Being that it was built quickly, it has no chassis detail or engine so pretty much a curbside.
    As some of you might recognize its done in a style(my trademark colours you could say) that I have done many times before on other builds.
    Body: Tamiya TS-14 gloss black
    Interior:  Tamiya TS-49 bright red which was over-coated with Alclad ALC 314 klear kote flat 
    Pegasus #1109 DZ's chrome with spokes painted/airbrushed with Tamiya X-1 black

    Normally dont polish or wax my black paint jobs, but needed to get out the polishing cloth's and wax on this one.
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  11. Cool Hand added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    1 car and 1 motorcycle
    Pretty sure some of you have seen the chopper before.
  12. Cool Hand added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    Any chance you could share/show some pics Roger.
  13. Cool Hand added a post in a topic Revell Uptown Charger questions   

    As far as im aware they are all the same just re-released with different box art.

    Link's to instructions.

  14. Cool Hand added a post in a topic Mother's Worry Times Two - pics Actually Added!   

    Which link did you copy and paste ??

    I copied and pasted IMG link.

  15. Cool Hand added a post in a topic Size Matters!   

    Thats all well and good if you only upload one at a time.

    But when im uploading 20 or more at one time, if I can reduce my upload time even if it is a few seconds then im all for re-sizing pics before upload.
    Just my personal preference.