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  1. Dont really care what you think or say. Ive made my statement and thats it, nothing more to contribute. I dont need to watch his vids to learn anything about how to paint with particular brand paints, as I am more than capable of getting my own paint and learning for myself.
  2. Not factory correct. But I recommend this, thin with MLT 1:1.5 and if applied correctly it will not need a clear coat.
  3. Is it a solid colour or pearl, metallic ??
  4. X2 Been using Imgur for 6 years, uploaded 3000 images. Never had any real problems, they sort issue's out with the site reasonably quick. I find it a very reliable site for storing and hosting pics for free.
  5. https://icemancollections.com/products/copy-of-universal-frame-chassis-for-lowered-dropped-slammed-trucks-or-cars-full
  6. Its a great reference for all the different brands and colors, but it is misleading to think you will get results like he does on the spoons compared to actual model parts. The surface of the spoons are almost all a high gloss polished surface, so you can hose on any paint and once it settles and shrinks it will be very smooth and gloss due to the surface. Kit plastic is also different from what the spoon is made of. Also tests are done on spoons with high gloss black surface, again makes results look great. But again is misleading. Personally id rather see the tests done on actual model parts or car bodies that are prepared and primed. Because the results will be different. Anyone can hose paint on a slick spoon with any brand and have it look great. Not knocking the guy as he does a good service and is of interest and helpful to the modelling community. Just saying results will vary.
  7. Pegasus wide whites on the Crossbars. https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/pgs-1127w.htm
  8. Will be good to see where you put some these products to use. You can get Zoom On parts in the U.S from Scale Riders, pretty sure he could order specific products that he doesnt have in stock.
  9. Good to see you doing a build thread Steve, whilst the subject matter does not interest me I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into your builds. Also I think many people are thankful for the knowledge and skill you share through documenting wip process.
  10. Thats all well and good, but some so called builders dont have any builds posted to comment on.
  11. Coming together nicely Jim. Can barely tell its a 3D print after paint has been applied. Looks like it was built from styrene kit parts. Sure wish I had a nice chassis like that under my Game Box Kei truck, would have made lowering it so much easier and I could have got it slammed.
  12. Neither, will be going with TS-44 brilliant blue as I like the look of the blue on the box art.
  13. Does not take much for me to get bored with builds and I also like to run with idea's when I get inspiration. If I finish one here and there, thats a bonus. As long as im at my bench enjoying my time, thats all that matters to me. Havent seen one of these built, and after seeing @CabDriver Kei micro Truck and a box art post on IG , I was inspired to dig the kit out and have a suss. Needs some wheels and to be lowered a bit
  14. Have not been in the mood to prep the body just yet, but did get the stance rough set. Not concerned with under carriage detail so it was sacrificed to get it set low.
  15. What paint are you using David. Ive had similar issues when painting Revell's newer kits with Tamiya TS over Mr Hobby Surfacer and that was white styrene.
  16. Thanks, my bad for not going back a page. Sweet!! cant wait for this one now. Liberty Walk kits must sell well to keep producing new kits, they are up to 19 in series now.
  17. Great idea to keep yourself motivated David. Looks like you are of to a good start, keep at it.
  18. Thanks for sharing James, anymore details or pics of the LB Works Murcielago
  19. Aoshima Liberty Walk Lambo Huracan. SMS colour shift paint: Eclipse.
  20. I know its not really your thing or style Roger. My opinion, which dont count for much. Is to let the blower and breathers/air filters show through the hood it will suit the build.
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