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  1. All the work you put into this build shows mate, that is one bad ass looking truck. Well done.
  2. Box art Wheels are from another kit, but this what they are. Painted TS-55 dark blue, cant all be black as much as would like them to be. Whoa! nearly flooded the tail pipe.
  3. Havent taken water reflective pics of a build for awhile, so not as good as some I have shot in the past.
  4. Amazing how many cool kits other manufacturers have produced when you go looking, more than likely have to import some from Japan though. Agree mate, kinda like the 3n1's. Yeah they are odd balls, but alot of fun if you dont take them to serious and just enjoy them for what they are. Something different and great shelf models. Cheers, for explaining it another way.
  5. As always a super clean build. Well done mate. Got to like it when a Tamiya kit has an engine with as much detail as this one.
  6. What they said. Good seeing something different and another builder enjoying the Aoshima kits.
  7. Appreciate the comment Dan. Thats how they roll with this style of car in Japan. I guess you could say I built it in the Shakotan style. Which means a low down style car and I assume running the smaller diameter wheel helps to get them to sit lower.
  8. Just a fun build. Really like building these Aoshima kits to help maintain the skills and have a creative outlet to release and escape all the craziness of life and the world we all live in. Started with a Gran Chan kit and built it my way. Box art. Didnt want to use the kit supplied wheels so went with these instead. Painted with my favourite , Tamiya TS-14 of course. No wet sanding, no polishing. Just a quick coat of NXT Tech Wax 2.0.
  9. Chisel style exacto blade. Yes, but need to be careful not to over do it or slip. Thinking maybe the bumpers blacked out. But still have grille, tail light trim and window trim all chrome. And now will I leave it as is or go gloss. Having tough time deciding on interior colour too.
  10. Excellent build Dale Yes agree with you ole mate, it is a great kit to build and in Lowrider style too. Good to see you still coming up with the killa paint work.
  11. If only we could all be as good as you Steve. People like you take the fun and enjoyment out of the hobby. Mr, I, me, mine. Get over yourself.
  12. Tim Boyd would be the one to ask. As he wrote an article in other mag many years ago about the history of 1/24-25 motorcycles included in model car kits.
  13. Excellent build Guy. Rear suspension set up turned out great and looks the part. Simple clean interior goes well with the paint. Paint job is killa, lots of hours of taping and patience there. Cant wait to see your next Lowrider build.
  14. Always enjoy watching and following a Franklin build.
  15. Wow so many outstanding and interesting builds, did know this topic existed. All just wips at the moment [
  16. Thanks, may be a bit ambitious to get it all smoothed out being black. But we will see how I go. Not bad for the first go round. No where near as many touch ups going to be needed, as I thought alot more were going to show up. Still a bit of work, but not laborious thankfully. Mainly a bit more block sanding and small amount of filling. Applied two medium coats of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 black.
  17. Filling in a set of lights like the inspiration. Prefer to use super glue and a bit of styrene. Slowly getting it filled in and smoothed.
  18. Got out the chisel blade and started removing the side trim. And after that used a few other things to help start smoothing it all out.
  19. Havent done a wip in this section of the forum before, so I will start of with a simple build. I love the Impala's not matter the year. Whilst searching for some other things came across this and thought yep thats what il do to one of the kits I have. Simple and clean. So with that as a base for some inspiration.... Grab the kit and some wheels and set it up to see where to go from here, umm lots sanding ahead. The wide whites only come on the Crossbars that im aware of, changed them over to a set of Chrome Reverse Will be a curbside build.
  20. Too many projects on the benches today/this weekend.
  21. This build should be in the diecast section.
  22. Another quality build from you mate, super low just the way we like them.
  23. Cool Hand

    Post # 18,000

    Impressive post count for sure, what I find more impressive is the total of builds Jim has posted. Wow! well done Jim.
  24. A bit late. But thought the o.p would like it maybe. Quick build, not far from finished.
  25. Built this awhile back, a fun kit to build. The kit. Lowered with aftermarket wheels, Other than that, its oob.
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