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  1. Video was already shared in this thread days ago.
  2. Got the basic chassis done.
  3. Looking good in the mock ups there Keith, like your wheel choice. Going to be a tuff machine.
  4. Attached the grille and headlight fascia. After taking some measurements from the stock frame was able to start laying out and planning the chassis/frame. Decided to use the 23' CL's and settled on the ride height which lead to the need for rear wheels tubs. So bit more measuring and using a masking tape template was able remove some material from the bed floor and side walls for the tubs and then check clearance with the wheels. So far is good. Not too low just right.
  5. Got the chassis painted with Mr Hobby 1500 black surfacer. And sub assembled as a roller.
  6. So finally after a bit of messing around got the wheels done. Applied some of this clear lacquer after washing the polished rims. Made a masking shield. For blacked out area's used this acrylic primer as it was the just the right sheen. And main reason was to easily remove the excess and not effect the clear coat. Read that the tyre's were difficult to put on the rim, 100% agree it was quite a challenge. Also flat spotted the four rollers. Building at this rate its going to probably take me another two years to complete LOL!
  7. Few things from Spotlight Hobbies, Casey will be happy to know that I now have the revised version of the 69 Charger kit LOL! And few supplies from BNA.
  8. Done well, very clean and detailed up with H.D up grade kit. What paint did you use on the tank and tail fairing ??
  9. The one with LED lights is good and does the job very well, the only problem ive had with mine is the plastic they are made is not hot solvent resistant. I use general purpose thinner to clean the airbrush after use, any spillage will melt the plastic. So I lined the bottom with 0.9mm glav sheet which protects the plastic, makes clean up easier and the LED's reflect of it and make the space even brighter Also duct taped around the filter shroud creating a better seal improving efficiency.
  10. Nice one Roger, really like the style of this build. Was Tamiya Smoke applied over the front and rear lense's or did you use another technique ??
  11. Got a delivery today from Lucky Models. Even with EMS from Hong Kong still worked out cheaper than buying the kits in Australia. Only difference between the two kits, is box art and the Iwata version has 2 parts with the Iwata name on them.
  12. So im slacking, but have done something. Got the stock chassis cleaned up, prepared and ready for paint and assembly, want to get this done first then I can work out some measurements for the custom chassis.
  13. All polished ready for a coat clear lacquer.
  14. Really enjoyed the latest video, what an amazing collection and display.
  15. Polished with some Autosol Comparison so far. Dug out the all the rims and removed the valves as it will make polishing easier and will scratch build some new better detailed valves. Drilled 1.5mm holes for replacement valves to locate into, all 4 are currently in the GP thinners overnight and will be stripped and cleaned tomorrow.
  16. Goes to show that with a bit of imagination, creativity and skill a simple kit can be turned into something fun and really cool. Very well done, looks great.
  17. Issue 2 Issue 2 parts After seeing Mr Obsessive's build , I liked what he did with wheels to make them look more like the 1:1's. So I thought id use the spare wheel to practice on before doing the 4 roller's. That way if I mess up and it dont work I can hide it in the boot/trunk. So dug out the parts from issue 64 which is the spare wheel. Dunked the wheel in some GP thinners, to strip the paint. Worked a treat and was easily removed. Then used a steelo pad to clean it up to this stage. Next will give it a polish.
  18. At the moment I can only say the quality of the parts is very good and I did thoroughly inspect all after getting each issue. I guess fitment and construction will be determined along the way of the build. Yeah followed Bill Geary's build and will be using some of the things I learnt from his wip thread. Yep its going to very weighty for sure. Going to be a monster compared to everything else ive built.
  19. Stocked up on an essential item, think im set for life LOL!
  20. Issue 1 complete, with added grille from issue 4. Used decanted Tamiya TS-6 Matt black on the grille's.
  21. 1/8 scale. Here is a comparison to 1/25 body
  22. Issue 1 has the lower grille which il paint matt black. And the main grill is in issue 4 Issue 4 parts. So got both grille's out of each issue. Gave them a quick scuff with some sanding sponge. And etched primed.
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