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  1. Nah mate, modern alternative use a silver sharpie 😄
  2. The instruction manuals is one of the best ive seen, the 3D format is great. Did you use the kits supplied tyres on both sets of wheels ?? Those 20 inch Bazreia's certainly look good and fill out the guards. Liking the VXS-210's that bit more though.
  3. So this was the first model I built way back when, I cant remember what year. But if I had to guess id say about 20+ years ago. Some how I managed to save the box lid. Been kept in a display case, so its still clean and tidy. Built box stock, but a mate gave me the wheels for it. Paint is Tamiya TS-24 purple Many years after it was built ,I scratch built a trailer and I needed a tow vehicle. So I chose this build and scratch built a tow hitch. Other than that it has remained the same as when it was built. I bought this kit a few years ago with the intention of building the same model again. And seeing this community thread come up is the perfect time to get it done. My plan has been to also go with centreline wheels again, but this time round il use Pegasus CL's. Will determine what size will be used when I do first mock. So thats what my build will be. Cant wait, going to be alot of fun.
  4. As others have said, good to see you show the pics again. Its keeps this place interesting when members bring and show something different. Done well making a race car look like a tidy tuned street car. Nice colour choice, wheels suit the car well and its just how I like a build, low ! Look forward to seeing what else you build.
  5. Good to place to start, engine is looking the part so far. Interested to see what it takes to lower this kit. Hope you can share some pics to show the process.
  6. I think deadlines can be good motivation, end of the year would be plenty of time for me. But maybe make it 6 months for people that dont have alot of spare time.
  7. Great idea, id be happy to join in if you can get a community build up and running.
  8. Liking the idea, look forward to seeing build progress.
  9. Order from BNA Model World. Display cases and some detail up parts from Hobby design.
  10. Have wanted a 76 glasshouse for years but never been able to find one, got lucky and found a couple recently. Also got some more things from Plaza Japan. My LB Works R35 GT-R collection is complete now. And can never resist getting more wheels to add to the collection.
  11. Order from Plaza Japan arrived today, stocked up on my favourite Aoshima Nissan skyline's and got a 430 Cedric for something different.
  12. Not much done, just a quick coat of surfacer to see if any further tidy up work is needed. Found a old spare parts engine I got from a mate many years ago. Thinking it could be freshened up and used in this build.
  13. Seems to be a well thought out plan, always enjoy seeing how you guy's can pull parts from various kits and work them into a custom build. Look forward to seeing this build come together.
  14. Great looking build, excellent job doing all the extra detail work.
  15. On the home stretch now mate. Wise colour selection's, look forward to seeing it all pieced together. Liking the stance in the mock shots, if you can get the wheels mounted on the suspension at that height it will be spot on. Usually do the same when I use those type of wheels, cut that inner lip off as it will also help the wheel tuck that bit more. Doesnt take much effort to hold and cut through with one those saws.
  16. Tried to add a bit more detail to the bed so is wasnt flat and smooth. Used some .010 sheet on the sides and strips shown below for the floor, front panel and tailgate. Roughed in for now, next the finishing work before its all glued in and together and shot with some 1500 surfacer. Thats black CA glue in the rear door line used for filler, it helps with seeing the body work.
  17. Its encouraging and motivating to have so many interested in the build and im very thankful for that. It just one of those idea's where you want to have a go and see if it works. Fingers crossed it goes to plan, one step at time. Purpose made scriber blades that cut super clean and precise with very little effort. The different widths can be useful for different tasks. The 0.2 are good for deepen door lines, 5 or 6 passes is all that is needed. As shown getting into corners and tight spaces much easier with a scriber. 0.1 is around the thickness of photo etch saw blades, but the scriber is more sturdy and wont flex. The tape adheres very well, but easily to remove and leaves no residue behind. Has a hard edge which is perfect for running the scribe along to get a straight clean line, do a couple light first passes. Can leave the tape or remove, then do more passes to deepen the line. The roof was scribed clean through in about 15 passes. Hope that helps.
  18. Trying to make it look some what factory built, but allow myself a bit of artistic license being a custom. Would do my head in going for dead nuts accurate LOL! Not the first time ive done a scratch built a bed, had a little practice with past builds which helps a lot. Very versatile tool worth investing in set. Thank you, hope its looks the part when I get it finished Yeah thats the one Misha, I purchased the black set. Popular tool so have to shop around to find set in stock. Thanks, as long as I can keep motivated, not over think and keep it simple within my skill set I might get it completed. Its a great kit, so many ways it can be built. Look forward to seeing how you go about your build. Thanks Jim slowly getting there. Thanks, hoping I can make the idea a reality. Sounds like a plan, interested to see how compatible the two kits are and if any major surgery is needed to kit bash them together. Thank you Alan for the detailed explanation on how to do a rhd conversion. Kinda had an idea for a custom dash, but now you have provided a process which will keep it some what stock looking that sounds achievable might give it a go and if I mess up il go back to the custom idea. Still havent 100% figured out what the plan is for the B- pillar, Interesting idea with HD/HR though.
  19. Thank you very much Dennis, appreciate getting a comment from you. Im getting some inspiration from your wagon build as to what I can do for an engine. Border Model line engraver set.
  20. Liking the idea's so far Nigel, nice and low with those wheels and centres painted gold will go very well with body paint and interior colour.
  21. Yep, you got things suss'd mate. Excellent styling bringing all the ideas together.
  22. Another tuff black beast, I like your build style mate. Excellent build very well planned out and super clean.
  23. Looks like you had fun with this build, all the little extra detail work turned this into a great build. Look forward to seeing your next JDM project.
  24. Nailed it, great execution. Another quality build, done well mate.
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