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  1. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Monogram Tom Daniel SweeTee   

    Really ooking nice. I love the Tom Daniels kits!
  2. oldcarfan added a topic in General   

    Wish I had the skills to build this Montego!
    I stopped at HL this afternoon to get some some supplies for my kid's project that I'm going to be taking over. Anyone know how to make Champa and Beerus masks for an Anime Con? Me either, but my wife said do it, so I guess I'm going to learn!   Anyway, I checked out the clearance aisle, just because. The MPC NASCAR Cyclone is on clearance for $16 along with a lot of other nice kits. If I didn't already have 3, I would have gotten more. I then came across this really cool car and thought how it would be nice to model. Then I remembered I don't even seem to have the time to finish a snap kit lately. Sad headshaking LOL. I thought it might be something of interest to people here.  http://www.roadkill.com/1969-torino-turns-into-a-1971ish-road-race-monster-montego/
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  3. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Revell Foose F100   

    Hearing about the axles isn't a turn off for me. I'll be getting a couple. I might even get around to building them this decade!
  4. oldcarfan added a post in a topic MAD Chevy/ GMC long beds   

    I could sure use one.
  5. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Ferrari 340/375MM - '54 Carrera Panamericana   

    Really nice! You've done great work as usual. I wish I had your skills. Have you looked at the Monogram or AMT 53 Corvettes? I think both have issued versions with Essen Speed Shop markings from when the team raced Carrera. I don't know how accurate they are, but it is a fun build.
  6. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Survivor(ish) Resto: MPC '74 Dodge Charger NEW PICS 5/21   

    Looks nice. My dad's friend across the street bought a brand new 1972 in that color when I was little. The only difference I can see was that his had a white vinyl half top. Love it!
  7. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 64 impala limo done   

    I like it!
  8. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1963 Porsche 356 Carrera------Update! 5/22/17   

    Model car archaeology! Love it! Looks like you are having fun and that's what the best part.
  9. oldcarfan added a post in a topic How can I convince them we need a hobby shop here?   

    It would be hard to get someone to build one. Hobbytown for instance does demographic studies before they allow a franchise. As others said, you might try starting one as a hobby and see if it grows into a business. I know a couple of people who run 'informal' hobby stores in their areas, buying kits and supplies online for friends who don't have access to order for themselves and making a small profit from it. They also put ads on Craigslist and in the local papers that they buy old models and collections and then resell them either locally or online depending on the situation.
  10. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Forum Trouble   

    I've had this problem as well. I'll try the right click thing and see how that works!
  11. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z   

    These are the cars of my youth. I took them for granted and am now beginning to really appreciate them! I really like how you've done this. Just great!
  12. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Revell Full Detail/Glue NASCAR Kits   

    I lost interest in NASCAR years ago. At least the modern version. What I still love is old NASCAR. Since licensing seems to be the hold up in so many stories of coulda-been stock car kits, why can't a kit maker take some of the old chassis tools they still have available or better yet, tool up new chassis in the style of 60s, 70s and 80s racers. They could be used/modified to fit currently available street stock kits to build up vintage racers? They could do a chassis with a generic period correct roll cage, a seat, wheels/tires and all running gear except brand specific parts like engines. I know there are a lot of reasons why not, but still..
  13. oldcarfan added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    I already tried that. I paid $65 for a MIB Landie a few years ago and waited patiently for them to re-release it. No luck. Someone elses turn!
  14. oldcarfan added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    If we can't bring more new blood into the hobby, that may be where we are headed.. Just a bunch of old guys sitting on a pile of kits like Smaug in his lair... LOL
  15. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Honda Accord, Muscle Car?   

    A lot of people also use the term muscle car for pony car. My dad has always been very specific about that, it's a pet peeve. A muscle car was larger, based on a standard passenger car line, with a big engine and performance parts. Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, Barracudas, Challengers or Javelins was a pony car. People call Mustangs muscle cars nowadays and it still irritates him. LOL