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  1. Butch Hirst Cutlass

    Obscure NASCAR cars are the best NASCAR cars! I like it!
  2. Palmer model kit history?

    One thing that kept them in the kit business was the dime store trade. My grandmother ran a small mom and pop style store in the early 70's and she stocked some of them because they could be gotten for a 1/4 the price of the name brand kits.
  3. Hobby Towns cutting back on models?

    I went to one in San Antonio and the store was larger, but the merchandise was more generalized. They still had models, just not as many.
  4. 2018 Cannonball Run

    They are pretty cool. Japanese guys take old Dodge vans, lower them and race them around. https://jalopnik.com/5481898/crazy-japanese-build-serial-killer-vans-for-the-race-track-dajiban
  5. AMT New Releases April 2018

    I so wish someone would tool up that generation and the one before that of Toyota truck in 1/24th.
  6. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    This isn't a kit I need, but it is one I'll buy and enjoy!
  7. Hobby Towns cutting back on models?

    Notice: I may be panicking, LOL. We have three Hobby Towns and several Hobby Lobbys in our area. The HLs have been cutting back on the selection of models for a few years, but recently the HTs seem to have started doing this as well. Two of them are having a sale on some kits, and they don't seem to be restocking the way they used to. One of the employees said that corporate is experimenting with going a different way. They seem to be moving more to a general purpose hobby store with an emphasis on bringing in women and children. Can't blame them I guess, but they ran the old line hobby shops out of town and now we may be stuck with buying online.
  8. 66 El Camino - MADE IN BRAZIL

    You captured the look! Perfect!
  9. So nice. Is this a reissue? I remember having a kit like this back in the 90s. It got crushed by movers.
  10. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    Watching this. It looks great!
  11. Shelby Cobra

    Beautiful build! As far as the axles, I would take one to the hobby store and match the diameter to either some plastic or brass rod. Then you just cut it to the needed length..
  12. Enamel Testor's paint.

    Good catch! I would either keep them as a colector's item or put them on eBay and sell them for a good profit rather than try to rehab them. Unless you enjoy the challenge of making them usable. There are people who collect memorabilia like that.
  13. Anybody else just bought a Foose Cady for parts ?

    I was just at the LHS a little while ago looking at this kit and the Foose 56 Ford truck as well, trying to decide if they would be good to buy for parts.
  14. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.

    Cool idea!
  15. Volkswagon MKI custom

    I can vouch for this set. I ordered it last year and it is great!