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  1. Grrr... Seriously, Flies?

    The paint has hardened enough to assess the damage. After removing the carcasses, I think it will be salvageable one way or another. There are two big places and some areas where the paint is thin from the wings flailing. If nothing else, I'll call it patina!
  2. Resin Wishlist

    Chevy is pretty well covered in plastic kits, but one thing I really want is the '55-'57 GMC pickup. Also definitely the '73-'79 Ford 8' Styleside, a 6' bed and especially a step bed version. With the loss of Modelhaus, I would love to see someone put out the Ford '57-'60 and a '61-'63 stepside.
  3. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    I would love to have one. Mahindra has been licensed to build them since 1946 so it is basically a WWII jeep that has had 70 years of updates. It has the utility of a CJ-3 but with a modern diesel and enough electronics that it will start and run every day regardless of the weather. They are being sold as a competitor to all the side by side ATVs rather than new Jeeps. They aren't street legal, but in some states it is likely you could license one if you wanted to. My in-laws have been looking at RZR and Polaris ATVs for their farm and I'm trying to talk them into a Mahindra instead because it is a lot better for what they need. Jalopnik has done a few articles on them. https://jalopnik.com/heres-how-the-mahindra-roxor-compares-to-a-1948-willys-1826771078
  4. Grrr... Seriously, Flies?

    Long, ultimately pointless rant warning. It has been raining for weeks now here in Austin, flooding in a lot of it and this week the temperature dropped into the 50s. I have a glue bomb 1960 F100 that I've been restoring for 2 years. I stripped the original brushed on paint and the new paint ran. I stripped it again and painted it. The paint crinkled on the door. Stripped again and I got the first color on then got it masked for the two-tone and that day it started raining and it pretty much hasn't stopped. The truck has been sitting waiting and this afternoon I took a chance and sprayed the second color which went on great. I set it down to dry a little before removing the masking tape. I came back and there were two flies stuck to the paint. I haven't seen a fly in weeks and two just decide to drop by and commit suicide just as I'm spraying.
  5. You definitely operate with next-level skills!
  6. Time for a look at some different Pickup truck offerings ?

    I would buy these, but I can see how the market might not support them as full detail kits. Maybe they could be done as a series of simplified Promo style kits? That way they could be sold as kits and also as built up collector's items for those who collect vintage trucks and cars. Something I wonder is why AMT hasn't put out a variation of the 50 Chevy and 55-57 Chevy trucks as GMCs? The bodies are basically the same and it would give them some new kits to release with not too much investment. They already have a license from GMC. At least Moebius is filling the shortage of Ford trucks. I'm eagerly awaiting the '65 stepside and hoping they come out with a 61-63 to knock the eBay prices down on the old AMT ones.
  7. Toyota Fj Cruiser , New From Fujimi

    Exactly, it's like they looked at the classic FJ 40 and thought, "People really like this thing, it still looks good and the style is perfect." Then some guy said, "Nah, let's screw it up instead!"
  8. BRAT comes out ahead - so in we go!

    It's definitely one that I will buy if they reissue.
  9. 2019 Cannonball run ideas

    I'm trying to remember if this has been done, but how about a period Cannonball where the kits can only be from the 70s period that the original race was run? Maybe even have the mods to the vehicles be period as well?
  10. Aftermarket CB radio ?

    I don't know of any aftermarket ones, but most of the MPC annuals and a lot of the AMT one from the 70s came with one. Some of the reissues have them.
  11. Tamiya 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo....

    Gotta love this! You did a great job.
  12. Far far far from my cup of tea.

    It's clean and well done and I like it!
  13. AMT Ford Courier Pickup. Any good?

    The stepside bed was built and sold for an aftermarket fitment and fit on most of the small trucks of the time. A couple of LUVs and a Datsun 620 in my hometown had them. They were offered through the dealer as a conversion thing.
  14. What are your Bucket List Kits?

    The 1963 Nova wagon and the 61-63 F100s are definitely on the list for me. As well as pretty much any of the 70s MPC annuals such as the Dodge truck and van.
  15. Does old school Duplicolor touch up still exist?

    They update their product line periodically and remove the slower moving items. I've started buying two cans whenever I find one I need.