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  1. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    Mine never got those, so I hope they will have them soon!
  2. I don't have a picture, but the recent release of the Pinto Cruising Van includes the old Pro Stock bucket seats.
  3. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    A Maverick and a Vega would be good as the original kits don't exist anymore except as high-priced eBay fodder. To make the tooling go further, I would want to see a stock version as well as a drag version. Start with the 1970 version and the tool could be updated to make the facelift 1974-up versions later.
  4. Model A p/u

    I tried to build this as a kid back when it was orange, then a couple of years ago I bought this release and built it again. I learned the lesson and glued everything closed too.
  5. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    My grandma bought a new 1971 after my grandpa died and drove it for several years with no trouble. She then traded it for a new Cordoba and later a Volare. She seemed to have a thing for malaise!
  6. VW Golf GTI, Mk1. “Silver”, Revell

    Does the Revell kit come with a LHD dash as well as a RHD?
  7. Porsche 911 Turbo .

    Beautiful! This kit is on my search list, as soon as I get finished with my Monogram, Revell and Fujimi 911s.
  8. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    That looks great! I have the Maverick version, I wonder if the bumpers from the Comet would be usable on the Maverick?
  9. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Well guys, my entry isn't going to be crossing the line on time. I am about to the point of final assembly and am missing a box of parts. Sorry.
  10. Too bad Round-2 doesn't do modified releases

    I've always thought AMT is missing out a chance by not adding variations on the 55-57 Chevy truck. I wouldn't mind seeing the 58 and on versions. The ones I want is the GMC trucks of the same years. It wouldn't require much in the way of additional tooling and it would give them a whole new line to reissue over the years.
  11. Ed Roth's '56 Ford Pick-up by Revell

    I used one of the 80s releases of this kit to build a stock truck. I used the bed from the amt 53 f100 because it is much closer to the real one. Does the ROth version include the stock parts and also does it have the small rear window? If so, I may have to get one.
  12. Is there a kit of the Ice Charger?

    I think I saw a Jada one at Walmart a while back. It was listed as 1/24th, but like most of Jada's stuff it looked oversized.
  13. Glue Gun Glue Bomb.

    Yes, it's the Monogram Porsche flatnose Cabriolet. I got two of them off a Facebook page. It's turning out to be not as hard to remove the glue since y'all suggested using Iso Alcohol.
  14. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I would like to get in on this as well. I have a kit that would fit the rules, except it's a curbside and a bit of a glue bomb. Would that be acceptable? If not, I'll look this weekend for another.
  15. Glue Gun Glue Bomb.

    All I had was some regular first aid kit Isopropyl, but it did seem to help. Got it apart, thanks to all!