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  1. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Photo bucket: Class action suit?   

    I haven't posted that many photos, nor do I have very many stored on PB. If they want to charge me, I'll either find another low-price or free site, or simply not bother with posting. We've already got more than enough monthly subscriptions without adding another one. If it were cheap and even better if it worked quickly and well without taking forever to load, I might consider it, but the way they did this has totally turned me off of them.
  2. oldcarfan added a topic in General   

    Do You Recycle Your Old Builds?
    Obviously I don't mean put them in the recycle bin, but do you ever come across an old build and think, "I could do that better." Or maybe your tastes have changed. I came across an old Skoda Favorit that I bought when in the Navy a long time ago. It's one of those 1/24 Klik Klak kits. Funny I can remember that but can't remember the company that made it. Anyway, I bought it at the fleet landing gift shop in Napoli while waiting for the boat to take us to Capri. I had several other kits I bought there, but I guess they are gone now. I built it then, just snapped it together. I found it recently and decided to redo it into something more in line with what I would do now. I don't have pictures as of yet, but I may start a thread on the in progress page. Well the point of this was supposed to be about re-using old kits rather than throwing them away or blowing them up with M-80s, but I got sidetracked.
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  3. oldcarfan added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I just got a new to me DD, a 2008 Volvo V50. The thing's feels like a tank, thought it only weighs 3300 pounds. My Saab got squished by a runaway texter and I used the insurance check to get this car and a 2000 Volvo S70 because my new-driver son needed something to drive and apparently I needed something to waste money on! Lol, but not really....
  4. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Body filler   

    Evercoat is the superior of the two, but if you're like me, and only use a small amount before it goes bad, it isn't worth it. I usually get Bondo two-part because it's cheaper. While you're there, get a tube of Bondo spot putty. Once you've got the body work done and shoot that first coat of primer, you'll probably find a few scratches or sand marks you missed. Spot putty works great for that.
  5. oldcarfan added a post in a topic resin Cosma Ray by Greg Wann   

    Greg, how's it going? Do you have a list of your currently available production? I'm looking for a new project to start and not finish! LOL
  6. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Photobucket   

    If you haven't already saved all your photos from PB, I urge you to do it. I only had a few on there that I didn't already have on my computer, but the few that I did I have gotten back. Rather than mess with it, I just used the Snipping Tool on my computer to copy them and transfer them back to my files. By the way, we are not the only ones that PB is messing with. There are articles all over the interwebbs about them today. It seems they have been the storage site of choice for eBay and Amazon sellers and a lot of them make big money and are raising a rather large stink about this as well. PB may be trying to keep in business or they may be trying to pull a Shkreli and screw people over just because they think they can, but they've messed up
  7. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Not Paying Photo Bucket Post Pictures   

    Hasn't happened to me yet. Are they charging based on the amount of pictures you have on there? I only have about 25 pictures on their site and have never been impressed with the setup. Anytime I go, my computer seems to slow down almost to the point that it reminds me of dial up. I'll either switch over to something else, or simply quit posting pictures. Same thing with Facebook. If they ever start charging, I'll simply quit using it. It's not a lifestyle, it's a convenience and a convenience I could easily do without.
  8. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Got a new distraction   

    There comes an end to every story. I really liked this car, it did everything I asked of it and it ran like a champ. Not quite a year after I got it, I was stopping at a light and the person behind me didn't notice.

    She had good insurance and they paid of promptly. With that, I bought this:

    It's a 2008 Volvo V50 which my wife has named Olaf. Good condition and low mileage. I'll miss my Saab, but at least I wasn't hurt.
  9. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Motormax 1960 Ranchero mods.   

    It looks really nice. I saw two of these at our Walmart the other day and decided to wait. Came back later in the day and they were gone. I did get the Motor Max 1969 F 100 there today. Walmart generally has horrible selections when it comes to diecasts, usually only a few Corvettes if anything.
  10. oldcarfan added a post in a topic The Black Pearl   

    I love it! I'm going to be getting back on mine soon. It's been one thing after another lately.
  11. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Scale Pleasure Craft! Where are they?   

    I can't imagine that we will see any new boats anytime soon, but I would love to have a few. I built model boats for a few years for a display company, so I can still build any boat I need if I could ever get the attention span to do it.
  12. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Ferrari 333SP by Perry's Resin, wow!   

    Does he do direct sales on eBay? Anyone know what his seller name is?
  13. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1974/76 Ford Torino (Non 022 Code)   

    I like it! I remember a lot of my friends and I had these as our beater high school cars. I wonder how one of these would look as a pro touring/NASCAR for the street type of thing?
  14. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Revell Ferrari 308 in gunmetal gray   

    It looks good in grey. I've always wanted a real one, but not in red. Maybe in Fly Yellow, or something like B5 Blue.
  15. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1979 Trans Am - MPC / Round 2 (1/25)   

    I would use a really thin decal for the separations or a fine tip marker if you have a steady hand! As far as the tail lights, you could try some Tamiya smoke in the bottle. Maybe using a fine paint brush, dipping it in and letting it flow over the them.