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  1. I think it's a first generation RX-7. I really want one of those and some of the 911s. I'm really hoping the Mazda truck is 1/24th and not 1/32nd.
  2. This is really good build! I've been trying a similar thing with some Porsche 911s. I've got some Gundam decals as well and they are nice.
  3. I had the same issue last night. I assumed it was a problem with my computer! LOL
  4. Definitely no Super Clean or Purple Power they will eat the metal up. I've heard not to use Simple Green either but have no direct knowledge. Aircraft Stripper or even regular paint stripper generally work. As has been said, wash it after ward with vinegar and then use zinc-chromate primer or similar.
  5. So glad to hear your good news, and also it looks like you have a nice car collection going!
  6. If you can't come up with something, you might look up Kenny Terry on Facebook. He made me some Porsche decals and they came out really good.
  7. There are several on eBay. Search the automotive models category for ice chests. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-25-1-24-Beer-Pop-Ice-Cooler-For-Garage-Diorama-Model-Car-Junkyard-G-Scale/392314558844?hash=item5b57c5197c:g:qeUAAOSwmYxcQkjE
  8. A couple years ago Lowe's was selling tiny LED light strings to light up those little village displays. They looked like they could work in model cars and such as well.
  9. I created my decals and then printed them on a commercial Xerox laser printer. They are still translucent on clear, but not too bad. I just doubled the amount I printed and then layered them which made them work better. They still don't work very well on dark paint. If you do this, he ink doesn't run, but it can be scratched by even a fingernail, so be careful until you put a coat of clear over them.
  10. Is the software and ink supplies still readily available? I've been thinking about getting one, but not sure how easy it is to keep it going.
  11. I was thinking about this one, but being Jada, I kind of figured they would screw up the scale.
  12. I still have a couple of the 72 version left to build, but I would definitely stock up on them if they did the 1968 version especially if they do a step bed version too!
  13. One thing I really want to see are backdating kits for reissues. For example, they keep rereleasing the old AMT and MPC kits. How about a trans kit for the Trans Am, which I like but I want a base model Firebird ala Rockford Files or maybe a 1974-1976 Firebird? How about a 1972 Dodge van body to backdate the MPC van? Bonus points if they do the window van version. Also variations on the newly reissued Dodge truck?
  14. I basically gave up on NASCAR. I grew up on NASCAR and on motorsports in general. I would watch my uncle at the local tracks on Saturday night and the big boys on TV Sunday afternoons.The cars no longer are interesting to me and the drivers are so coached, pre-processed and pre-programmed that the whole race seems to be more of an infomercial than a race. One thing that would get me to tune in again would be to go with body-in-white based race cars. Take a Camaro, Mustang or whatever body off the assembly line, send it to the builder to add whatever would be needed to make it competitive, limit the engines so the cars would run maybe 150MPH and go racing.
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