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  1. I love all things Porsche, so these kits will be a must have for me!
  2. A couple of lights on the front and you've got a ride fit for chasing down Doc Brown! I'll be getting a couple of these,
  3. I've been away from modeling due to juggling a new job and rehabbing an 80 year old house, however when I heard they were redoing the Nova kit, I made a point of buying three of it. That's my way of encouraging and supporting the companies doing good work. I can only hope AMT does the same trick with their old 60-63 Ford F-100.
  4. I just finished a year of gutting and rebuilding a house and we moved in. Assuming I get my hobby area done, I want in. Everything is in storage, so I'm not sure right now what I want to build, but I definitely want to give it a try.
  5. Coming in late to this conversation, but I'm so glad to see this coming out. My dad had one on his shelf when I was little and I've wanted one ever since. For years I would stalk eBay, but never managed to get one. Now if they ever redo the 1958 and 1963 Ford trucks I'll be happy!
  6. He posted on Facebook a few times in the last couple of days. I haven't really talked to him recently. Hope he's doing well, he's a really nice guy and has a good product!
  7. The base kit has been released recently, and someone should be able to reproduce the decals. I don't know if it has the wheels or not, but the paint job makes me want to try hydro-dipping!
  8. I'm way past mocking the kit manufacturers for co-branding tie-ins. Anything that keeps them in business and hopefully gives them enough profit to develop new kits is okay by me. These types of deals allow them to sell to, (In this case) Coca Cola collectors that don't build models, but will buy anything that has the Coke brand on it.
  9. They are like AMT or Revell in that they reissue kits from tools that may be 5 years old or 40 years old, therefore you may get a state of the art kit or one that is just a step above a garage resin kit. Most of the ones that were tooled in the last 30 years or so are good though. Some of the older ones were designed to be battery powered and therefore have little interior detail.
  10. I've used the Short Cuts paint several times and always had good results. It seems to be a fast-ish drying enamel and flows well.
  11. We moved to Austin years ago for the schools and our oldest graduated last year and our youngest graduates in May so we started to look for something affordable. The house is 740 sq. ft. and the shop is 648 sq. ft. so it's not far off! We were planning to have to gut the house so we only bid $19k for the property. The appraiser said the shop alone was worth that. We've been driving up on the weekends and have realized it needs a lot less work than it first seemed. We've gutted the kitchen and bath, biut the living room and bedroom are only going to need fairly minor work. So happy!
  12. I am going to be seriously unable to build anything much for the next few months. I will be out of town most weekends. Now for the good news: We bought an old house about 2 hours north of Austin in a place called Brownwood and are rehabbing it for a planned summer move-in. Second part of the good news is that the old house comes with a new shop which means I have a 14x 25 area for 1:1 car builds and a 12x12 area for model building. In addition I will have an overhead storage are for models and stuff. So happy. We've started gutting the house and I'm collecting ideas for the shop.
  13. Years ago I was intent on adding more and more accuracy and complications into building. It was fun, but I began realizing that I had left the fun behind. I quit building cars and began building mahogany boat models again. When I came back to car models, I began building for fun only. I tend to only build curbside or lightly detailed models. I started buying up the kits I loved as a kid and am building them.
  14. I think it's a first generation RX-7. I really want one of those and some of the 911s. I'm really hoping the Mazda truck is 1/24th and not 1/32nd.
  15. This is really good build! I've been trying a similar thing with some Porsche 911s. I've got some Gundam decals as well and they are nice.
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