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  1. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    For American subjects, I'm not a fan of big rigs, but I would like to see some of the 30-40s COEs. I sent suggestions for some of the less common pickups such as the already mentioned D-100 and also the Studebaker and International pickups. Also since Revell is doing the first gen Bronco, it would be nice to see a first gen IH Scout.
  2. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 80s Malibu wagon   

    I don't know of any wagon that will be a direct match for what you are wanting to do. Rocketfin still lists Perry's kit on their site but I don't know if it's in stock. Probably you'll have to scratch it up. The only wagon kits I can think of are the Revell 66 or AMT 64 Chevelle wagons. Not close at all, but the roof structure might be usable if modified.
  3. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Hobby Town   

    There are three Hobby Towns and one actual hobby shop in the Austin area. One of the Hobby Towns just opened about two miles from my house. I rarely buy from them because of price. When I do it is usually supplies. If I'm going to pay full retail price, I'll go to King's Hobby which is old line and locally owned. Hobby Town is not bad as such, they are sort of the McDonald's of hobby shops. The selection is the same no matter where you are in the country. If nothing else, they are better than Hobby Lobby, I just wish they would do coupons like H.L. does.
  4. oldcarfan added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    The only certain predictions are that someone(s) will say, "Why is it so expensive? That kit used to cost 25 cents down at the drug store when I was a kid!" and others will say, "None of these interest me. Why don't they put out  kit of the 1961 Trallfazz Belchfire 500? Bet they'd sell a million of 'em!"
  5. oldcarfan added a topic in General   

    How many Can Am Kits Were There?
    I came across the busted remains of an old Can Am model that my father built back in the 60s sometime. I'm pretty sure it was a modified slot car body that the manufacturer put out as a curbside. Whatever it was I remember he had built a chassis and engine and hinged the rear deck. I was hoping to restore it, but there were only a few pieces remaining. 
    It started me wondering how many different kits were made of the cars that raced in his class and he other road racing classes. This is all by memory so I have no pictures at this time.  The only ones I could come up with were the AMT Elva-McLaren, an unknown Lola T70 and I think there were some other Lola's too. I think Monogram or Amt put out some Scarabs and there were Fujimi's GT 40s and the old J-Car and GT40 MKIV. There have been some Chaparrals by Monogram and Porsches by various companies. 
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  6. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Dajiban Van   

    Here is a Dajiban website. It's in Japanese so I don't know that they are saying, there are some interesting photos!      http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/r_q_collectibles
  7. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Dajiban Van   

    I need to get back to mine. I lost momentum when I lost the windshield!
  8. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Any decals for the Monogram F-150 Stepside?   

    Alrighty then...
  9. oldcarfan added a post in a topic '29 Ford Roadster   

    I like what you are doing here.
  10. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Computer troubles again!   

    Yep Windows 10 did it for me as well. Over all it is better than Windows 8 by a huge factor. That and a tendency to do weird slash things to some pictures seem to be the only issues on this site I have come across. I'll be getting a Lenovo Think Pad next month, so I'll see if it is computer or software related.
  11. oldcarfan added a post in a topic OK, the Revell Model A coupe is on the way, any word on Round2's Model A Roadster ?   

    I built the 80s reissue version a while back as a stock Model A. I'm looking forward to this reissue with all the parts added. I'm thinking that the combo of the AMT and Revell kits will make for some interesting builds.
  12. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Computer troubles again!   

    Well, the situation resolved itself after a few days of not going on the site. It's happened before, just a glitch I suppose. I have a cheapy Asus laptop with the latest Windows. Nothing special.
  13. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1/25 Police/Fire/Ambulance Red Beacon Light?   

    If you have a Radio Shack or similar in your area that sells parts, you can find individual old school LEDs in red that work really well if you make the base part out of chrome foil.
  14. oldcarfan added a post in a topic AMT ' 68 Galaxie Foil Done!   

    Looking good as usual! I really like your theme projects.
  15. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    For a new kit, I bought a Tamiya Peugeot Rally car in 1992. I bought a Modelhaus kit a while back for $85 and a Monogram Land Rover a few years ago on ebay for $60. Now I buy Hobby Lobby clearance kits occasionally, though I am allowed the splurge purchase if we get an income tax refund.