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  1. oldcarfan added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I saw a restored Mustang II with classic license plates on the highway in front of me.
  2. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Help? Had a Sharpie accident!   

    It's bright white paint. I have an old, I mean 25 years, bottle of Novus. I just checked and it is still good. It is taking some of it off. I just found some sanding sheets so I'll give that a try too. Thanks, guys.
  3. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Anyone used C-1Models?   

    Thanks, I'll have to look into it. It looks like some of the stuff is out of stock. Hope he'll have more!
  4. oldcarfan added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Help? Had a Sharpie accident!
    I could really use some help. I've used Sharpies for detailing for a while without a slip, but guess what? If you sneeze, while using it, you end up with a nasty mark on your nice fresh paint. I have tried regular household cleaners, rubbing alcohol and such. I thought about thinner, but that will attack the paint most likely. Any ideas on something that will remove it and not disturb Dupli-Color paint? Do I have to strip the paint and just start over? Its not in a place where I can just patch it and go. Thanks for any guidance.
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  5. oldcarfan added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Anyone used C-1Models?
    I just came from the C1 Models website http://www.c1-models.com and wonder if anyone can either yay or nay them? They have some really nice things. Are they dependable? I've not ordered from an out of the US company before. How is the order process? I didn't see an order from us tab.
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  6. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1970 Toyota Corona 1600 sl ( from otaki)   

    You have inspired me. I remembered a similar 1972 Corolla that I have. I bought it 20 years ago to make a model of my first new to me car. I'm going to dig it out and see if I can do something with it.
  7. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Esci Dakar G Wagon   

    I have this same kit sitting in its box. I'll be watching to see what you do with it. Enjoy!
  8. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    Sorry about the slant six, I was thinking of one for a base model, not an AAR.
  9. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    For trucks: The Revell 50 Ford F1 into a 52 F1 shouldn't be too hard. The AMT 55 Chevy truck would be a nice 55 GMC. The Monogram 40 Ford truck and the Revell 29 truck would be nice with the stock parts back in them. Monogram's 77 GMC would make a nice Jaws Blazer. The Chevy Rescue Van would be nice with the window option again and the Dodge Van could be backdated to the original 73ish version, ideally with the window option again.
    Maybe some TV tie-ins: Pretty much any mid to late 60s Chevy Camaro and Belairs. They were used in Bewitched. I think I Dream of Jeannie used Pontiacs. A stock non-T/A Firebird and the Monogram 77 Chevy or GMC stepside could be a Rockford father and son set.
    The S/H Torino could be cool with one of the Revell NASCAR chassis under it. If they did the Mercury variant it could be David Pearson's 76 Daytona winner.
  10. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Honda Odyssey   

    Nice looking! The only thing you could add for accuracy sake is a puddle of transmission fluid under it. My parent's Oddysey is currently on its 3rd tranny. Apparently that is a regular thing for these vehicles. Rueful Lol.
  11. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    And a slant six! Lol
  12. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    Probably not a good idea for a model company to take advice from me, but here goes nonetheless! One easy conversion would be to get a 1974-6 Mercury Montego from the S/H kit, as there were only minor deviations from the Gran Torino. It would fit right in for a generic 70s era detective car. Another option might be a Gran Torino Elite or even a mid 70s Thunderbird or Cougar. I'm not sure how popular those would be, however. Of course I'm always up for a Ranchero and a wagon, of any year and since the chassis is already there, I wouldn't say no to a 1972 Gran Torino of any body style.
    From the 1991 Ford F-250 I could see an F-150. That would pretty much be just a matter of suspension and wheel changes. A 300 inch six for it would be cool, too. Also how about a nice O.J. Bronco from the AMT F-150?
    The chassis from the 1977(?) Monte Carlo from a few years ago, could probably yield a 1974 Chevelle, Cutlass, etc. One of the various Bandit Trans Ams that have come out could be turned into a base model Rockford style Firebird. It would also be nice to see a 1976 or so chrome bumper Z/28 Camaro and maybe even a lower level Berlinetta from this as well. 
    I just bought a 27 T roadster body from Flintstone, but I would love to see a styrene version based on the 29, maybe a Bonneville style rather than the more modern hot rod style.
  13. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 1970 Toyota Corona 1600 sl ( from otaki)   

    These old Japanese cars make really cool rat-style cruisers. Yours is really looking good!
  14. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 24 Hour build during the race: 2 Porsche 904's   

    As far as the Gulf blue, I built one of these years ago and found that Krylon made a baby blue that was a very near match to it. Don't know if it is still available though.
  15. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16   

    Good project!!