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  1. oldcarfan added a post in a topic FC3 Mazda RX-7   

  2. oldcarfan added a post in a topic 29 ford roadster [coming soon]   

    There's quite a few that I want on this list!
  3. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Mercedes 600SEL - why you no make quality?   

    There is a curious freedom that comes from building a cheap, poorly designed kit. If it turns out great, you're a genius, if it turns out bad, then it's the fault of the designer! LOL
  4. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Fujimi/Revell Ford GT40 kits   

    This is the kit that truly restarted my love for modeling. I had gone into a small store in Virginia and they were closing out some older kits. They had 8 Fujimi GT-40s for $8 each. I hadn't built anything in years, but I got one just because. When I went to check out she charged me $3. She said there was an additional discount so I bought the rest of them. That's a deal I couldn't pass up. I ended up buying a conversion kit for one, and a lot of Fred Cady decals. Beautifully designed kits! Sadly, they were lost a few years later by the movers when I left the Navy.
  5. oldcarfan added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    From last weekend in Dallas. I had been putting aside money my wife didn't know I had in hopes of finding some nice stuff. The Initial D came from an Animefest vendor. I've shared them elsewhere, but they are just too cool! The rest were from Wild Bill's Hobby. If you're in the D/FW area, it's worth a stop! He also has a good selection of Pegasus wheel and tire sets. I got 8 sets of them! I missed out on the Ram 50 and the BMW the last time they were reissued. I have the Dakar version of the G-wagen, but I couldn't pass this one up.

  6. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Hating Hurricane Harvey   

    A lot of friends decided to tough it out down there. Most have checked in, a lot of damage, some are taking shelter on second floors or roofs.
  7. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Sedan Deliveries   

    If they reissue this version, I will buy a few more even though I already have several previous versions laying around!
  8. oldcarfan added a topic in General   

    Initial D Kits
    We went to Anime-Fest this past weekend in Dallas. Anime is not something I really care about, but the wife and kids do, so we went. I did find something for me, though. One of the vendors imports Gundam kits and this time he brought some car kits. My wife wasn't there at the time so I bought 6 of them. I've been searching the forums, but haven't seen one built up. Has anyone built one? They are curbside, Aoshima, but the detail seems really good and they have some extra parts. I'm guessing from the extras that they may have been released in racing or rally editions as well. Incidentally, if I can put in a plug, Wild Bill's Hobby is still open in Dallas, one of the last of the old time hobby shops. If you are in town, it's worth stopping by.

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  9. oldcarfan added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    My new ride. Well, I've had it 2 months. A Volvo V50 wagon to replace my Saab 9-2 that was wrecked. Just took it on a 400 mile trip last weekend. She ran fine.

  10. oldcarfan added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Hating Hurricane Harvey
    We live in Austin now, so all we are seeing is rain and wind, but I grew up in Ingleside which was just hit dead center by hurricane Harvey. Most of my friends have checked in, but the damage is pretty severe. Anyone on here in the path and able to check in, let us know how you are doing.
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  11. oldcarfan added a post in a topic '77 Porsche 924   

    So nice!
  12. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Information on Monogram's Exotics Series   

    I went by the LHS yesterday and they were sold out of the RX-7. I'm waiting to get another. I would really like to see this whole line of cars reissued. Since I started this thread, I've managed to collect all except the Triumph and the Z car. I have 5 of the 911 so far.
  13. oldcarfan added a post in a topic AMT Ford Courier Pickup. Any good?   

    There are a couple of them aren't there? The AMT kit was pretty good. It was released with the stock bed originally. I think it was also released with a modified stock bed and camper shell as well. The stepside bed kit came out later if I remember. This bed was never a factory option on the 1:1 except as an aftermarket conversion. Revell also had a version with a step bed and other custom parts. I'm pretty sure it was a separate kit, I don't think it was a reissue of the AMT kit. The AMT version was released a few years ago in the stepside bed version. I don't know if it included the stock bed as well. They are usually on eBay, though the original issue stock bed ones are fairly expensive.
  14. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Mazda RX-7   

    Looks nice, I really am glad they re-released this kit!
  15. oldcarfan added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    Big Lots no longer carries overstocks like they used to. From what I've read, they have turned into another version of Dollar General, except with furniture. They sell things that are purposely made and packaged for their for their shelves. Big Lots used to be one of my regular 'treasure hunt' stops. Since around 2005ish they quit carrying models and strating carrying made for them generic toys and other BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH.