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  1. I've started buying a few die-cast cars to fill in spots where plastic kits aren't available. I want to add some detail and modifications, but need to strip the paint off them. What is a good big box store product that will remove the paint? Any recommendations?
  2. I'd buy a few of these. Didn't some people race Gremlins in Pro Stock, too?
  3. AMT has made a lot of money reissuing it's Chevy, Dodge, and Ford vans so maybe they can backdate them and add the window/passenger vans? Even redo the Open Road camper version?
  4. The Nova redo seems to be selling well. I really hope they reverse engineer the 57-60 and the 61-63 trucks. They might even be able to use the AMT 53 Ford truck bed to make a stepside version. On a slightly different subject, why can't they also tool up a new grille and tailgate to turn the Chevy 55-57 trucks into their GMC versions? They have a license for GMC to make the Deserter truck. It seems to me that would be a very cost effective way to get some new kits to issue.
  5. I remember emailing Bob Johnson a couple years before Revell got bought up and asking him if they'd consider doing this. He just said to wait it was coming. I guess they finally got around to doing it.
  6. I so hope the full bumper Camaro does well and encourages AMT to do variations on the tired reissues they've been pumping out. I would love to see a 1977 Firebird Esprit and Rockford base version. I'd love to see the MPC Pinto hatch and wagon backdated to a small bumper version and of course the same for the Vega if it's still around. How about the Caprice backdated to a 1971? The Chevy and Dodge vans would be great as 1971s as well, bonus points if they offered the window van option as well. So many others come to mind.
  7. I've been thinking the same thing. I have a lots of ideas I would love to try an I'd love to get them all without paying collector's prices.
  8. My only issue with the 924 kit is that the bumpers don't seem to have a positive attachment. I ended up adding plastic behind to hold them in place. It's a simple and fun to build kit, the lines are good and the only other 924 I know of was a Japanese offering and I've heard it isn't accurate.
  9. The bright green 911 is on some aftermarket 19 inch wheels and tires and the solid grey one is on 17 inch steel wheels and low profile tires. They are also lowered about 1/16th of an inch as well. The bright yellow one is box stock. The only body modification was removing the whale tail on the grey on to make it look more like a base model.
  10. I can't believe it's been since 2016 that I started this thread. I still collect these kits when I come across them. I still haven't gotten the Capri, but I have most of the others. Since Porsche's are my favorite, I have a lot of them. I currently have one 924 built and about 5 still unbuilt and the 911s I have 5 built and a whole bunch unbuilt. In the multiple picture, the green, the yellow and the grey one are all the Monogram kits.
  11. I love all things Porsche, so these kits will be a must have for me!
  12. A couple of lights on the front and you've got a ride fit for chasing down Doc Brown! I'll be getting a couple of these,
  13. I've been away from modeling due to juggling a new job and rehabbing an 80 year old house, however when I heard they were redoing the Nova kit, I made a point of buying three of it. That's my way of encouraging and supporting the companies doing good work. I can only hope AMT does the same trick with their old 60-63 Ford F-100.
  14. I just finished a year of gutting and rebuilding a house and we moved in. Assuming I get my hobby area done, I want in. Everything is in storage, so I'm not sure right now what I want to build, but I definitely want to give it a try.
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