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  1. SD Rat Roaster

    I could use a couple of sets of the wheels and tires if you do them for sale.
  2. AMT 50 Chevy pick up question

    They've reissued the stock one several times now. I'm ready for a 2n1 or maybe a an updated street machine version with new style wheels and low-profile tires or maybe some 50's style salt flats wheels and tires.
  3. 1932 Ford Tom Gloy Lo-Boy Roadster

    Dude! You should be teaching classes on how to build! This looks amazing.
  4. Post the oldest kit in your collection

    I have 3 survivors builds from the summer of 1994. I was in the Navy and had a rented room that I used when in port to work on my car and build models and generally to get away from ship life. I had the room for two years and built about 30 models in that time and set up a 1:1 car for a planned One Lap of America run which ended before it started due to a semi truck driver falling asleep on the highway. Two boxes of them disappeared off the moving truck when I got out. Allied Movers had no record of them of course. I came across these old builds a while back when looking for something else. Somehow they had survived 20 years of living in a box in an un-cooled garage. Those old Johan display cases are really tough.
  5. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    I've got a extra Tamiya GT2 kit. This would make an interesting build of it!
  6. One Of My Holy Grails Found!

    Sorry for the lack of follow through. I got the parts and then set them aside, then promptly forgot where I put them. Anyway, here they are. Not too bad, but it looks like they will need some clean-up. The dash in particular is pretty rough. I'm thinking they are a repop of the original which is pretty much unobtainable. It's one of those things I bought to build later.
  7. Beautiful build. I've looked at this kit on the shelf, but haven't bought. I may need to now!
  8. Love the conversion. I would buy one if someone did it as a kit.
  9. Revell Porsche Diesel Farm Tractor

    I bought two of these as well and did one in red and one in a similar shade of blue. Not sure what I will do with them built up, but I'm kind of thinking of finding one of those Welly Porsche SUV's and doing a whole German lawn care service theme.
  10. McQueen's $1.3m Le Mans Porsche 911S in 1/32, by Arii

    Beautiful build!
  11. I've been putting together a list of both movie and real-world competitors from the Cannonball rallies. I've managed to collect quite a few for future builds. With the reissue of the AMT Subaru Brat, I'm wondering if anyone has ever made or is considering making a conversion to turn the BRAT into a Subaru GL as driven by Jackie Chan in the original movie? I found an obscure Japanese kit a couple years ago, but it was in 1/20 scale.
  12. AMT's original BRAT - Body work update!

    I love seeing your builds, both here and on your web page. I had just bought an original still-in-box MPC Datsun truck when they bought the reissue. I had no need for another, but I still bought 3 more just two do my part to encourage them to reissue old and unusual kits. I would definitely buy a couple of each of the kits you mentioned above, especially the California Sunshine.
  13. What went wrong???

    I paint outside with spray cans and humidity does that sometimes. You can strip and repaint or if the paint is otherwise smooth, sand it with fine paper and put a light coat over over it. I had that happen a while back in building a kit for a friend. I bought a second kit and redid it with nice paint, then I used the one with the issues and made it look like a sun-faded junker. Then I gave him two versions of his car.
  14. I've tried Westley's and it worked well. The last couple I built, I scrubbed them in Dawn with a toothbrush and then wiped them down with automotive paint prep grease and wax remover and that worked. Not sure how safe it is on resin, but I didn't have any trouble.
  15. My wife is open to buying one of these Cricut cutters. I've been kind of thinking about getting one for a while and I figured out an approach to get her on board. She loves to scrapbook and I've been occasionally dropping hints as to how they could be used to cut out really cool decorations for her pages. Now my questions: Do they have only pre-designed artwork and fonts or can you scan a picture in or design something and download it to be cut out? Do they come with software for your computer? Is there a particular model you might recommend or a cheaper or better competitor? I've seen people talk about using them before but haven't seen any personal experience. Thanks for any help!