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  1. If it's the one I have, it has no engine. Basically a nice unassembled promo. but the hood comes off and you can add an engine.
  2. I was thinking about the Chevy II wagon I recently bought and about companies cloning old kits. That made me wonder if someone, say, Round Two were to get the rights to Johan for instance, could they clone some of their offerings with new technology? Maybe use new scanning and 3d printing to make mold inserts or whatever. Though simplified, Johan had some accurate body lines. It'd sure be nice to get a new copy of the 1970 Javelin or Maverick. I don't know how the tech has proceeded, but several years ago I worked for a company that was starting to use that tech for small-run plastic parts for some military applications.
  3. I'm gonna have to find one of these! Nice work.
  4. I could see this as a separate community build!
  5. I'm hoping to have my shop put back together in a month or two. For me, Rust To Rome, Musketball, or Moonshine Runners would be my choices.
  6. Maybe do them kit car style, say a Countach with an LS Chevy, or a Ferrari with a Coyote V8.
  7. How about a Rust To Rome style event? Clapped out luxury or exotic cars with rust and dodgy maintenance?
  8. With my favorite Krylon and Duplicolor Touch Ups being hard to find in my area, I'm thinking of switching to an air brush. The only easy to access paint is craft paints from HL or Walmart. I have some questions that maybe someone can answer. I figure to use windshield fluid or alcohol to thin it. Once dry, can flaws be sanded like lacquer or must it be redone? How is the adhesion? Will masking tape cause it to pull away? Finally, can it be clear coated with Duplicolor or other non-acrylic clear coats? Sorry for the newbie questions.
  9. How about a Totally Inappropriate Cannonball? You know, cars that shouldn't be raced long distance. Such as dually pickups, tiny cars with tiny hand grenade engines, maybe huge old luxury cars. I'm thinking a 90s era limo, maybe a Yugo with a high revving 1200cc engine, or a Ford F-350 lowered and filled with a NASCAR engine.
  10. Krylon's Dull Aluminum was always my go-to for engines and suspension pieces. Guess I'll have to locate some and stock up while I still can.
  11. We have the usual chain auto parts stores, but their selection of paints has been dwindling over the years. They used to be able to special order cans, but not so much now.
  12. Does anyone have an online or mail order recommendation for Duplicolor spray can colors? They're getting hard to find in stores now. I know it's old school and everything.
  13. I'm still one of those who prefer spray cans over airbrushes. I've been buying lots of models, but not building many for the last two years due to restoring a house and shop. Now that that's mostly finished I'm starting to build a model building area. One thing I'm doing is buying modeling supplies and Krylon was always my go-to for paint. Now it seems hardly anyone carries Krylon anymore in my area. They usually have a few cans, but it's mostly Rustoleum on the shelves. I did notice Home Depot is carrying a Behr line of spray cans in limited colors. I'll give them a try sometime, but it looks like I may have to go with an airbrush after all!
  14. Anyone make a short bed or just the sides for sale?
  15. This is great! Here's hoping they'll release this again. I'd love to do one as a Dajiban.
  16. I love this. You could do a tutorial on the roof rack and the load on it. Is that all scratch built?
  17. This is great work! Did the 417 decals come with it or did you order them? I need something similar for a project.
  18. You guys did a great job on these. I'm hoping they'll see the light of day again soon!
  19. I used to put the tires in hot water and then put them on the wheels, but now I use a sanding drum in a Dremel and open the tires up until the wheel slips inside. It seems like it doesn't cause the tire material to attack the plastic as much.
  20. Is that a mid-50s Dodge delivery van? It would be so cool to do it with a 'Tiny home' style interior and a Hellcat drive train.
  21. Not on the road, but just pulling into a parking spot. Someone was having a bad day.
  22. If anyone is looking for a conversion idea for this kit, you might google the Ford B-100, a Mexican SUV version.
  23. I recently found a box of old unassembled kits from the 90s and found a few of the issue with the camper shell and the one with the dually wheels. I also found several of the 90s F-150 kits as well. I'll buy a few of the new issue anyway because I like to encourage the kit manufacturers to keep on with the issues, but don't really need them. Anyway, I've started making plans for future projects.
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