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  1. I know Fireball sells some KCs and Cibies, but I'd like to have some Super Oscars for a rally project. Does anyone do those in resin or 3D?
  2. I've had Dodge vans on the brain lately and it reminded me of something I think I heard a couple years ago. I can't find anything about it so maybe it was imagination. I think I remember a rumor about an early 70s Ford Econoline being a possible new kit, but haven't heard anything else. Could it have been Moebius? They've got a lot of the same parts already tooled up in their Ford truck kits. I'd sure like to see one. Similarly is there a Ford Transit available in 1/24th, maybe diecast? I'd like to do one in a Japanese tuner style thing.
  3. If they used modern technology for tooling, is it possible they could recreate the original body and the later 90s style in both a window and panel style to go with the rest of the original tooling? Maybe the way they recreated the Chevy II Wagon parts? They could do a nostalgia 75-ish Street Van with all the custom van accessories and some cool mural decals, then do the window version as a Cannonball ambulance and even add extra seats for a family van. For the later version, they could do special Dajiban version with a nice set of 16 inch Watanabes and some BF Goodrich wide tires. Add some Ferrari disk brakes, a pair of racing seats and steering wheel and maybe some toolboxes for the rear. Throw in some carbon fiber decal for the hood, and Japanese decals for the body. You'd still have to shorten the wheelbase, to be accurate, but if they put in score marks inside we could do it. They'd probably sell tons of them in Japan. Plus, all the extra parts could be sold as a separate parts pack kind of thing.
  4. They've re-released the Dodge van many times and I appreciate it, but how about backdating this kit into it's original version? The other thing I'd love to see is that same van in it's final iteration. I'd really love to do a Dajiban!
  5. I came upon this on another forum and it reminded me of Christmases as a little kid. I remember getting a lot of these. I preferred 1/25th kits, but not having a lot of money, anything was appreciated. I wonder if the molds are still around? I'd buy a bunch just for the happy memories they'd bring.
  6. That seems to be an issue here. Kids like to play with them on the floor while their parents shop I guess.
  7. I checked a CVS near me today and found this. Whoever stocks them must have just put it on the shelf as it was spotless and nothing was broken off. A Maisto Nissan Skyline in 1/24th and it has a surprising amount of detail.
  8. All the CVSs in our area have them, but they've been kind of stuck in a rut with lots of Mopars and street rods. I check often hoping for a Porsche or two, but they are rare it seems.
  9. I've been cleaning out my parent's storeroom and came across a box of my old stuff. This was in a box I forgot about a long time ago. It's 1/24th and the box is a bit squished. The second picture is stolen from the net. My actual question is whether this model is based on an actual race car.
  10. I've heard the molds for all of Monogram's Exotics series are still out there somewhere. Here's hoping that whoever has them will decide to reissue them. I've got several of the 911, and one of every other kit except the Datsun. They really are nice kits and only need better tires. They make excellent slump busters!
  11. I've started buying a few die-cast cars to fill in spots where plastic kits aren't available. I want to add some detail and modifications, but need to strip the paint off them. What is a good big box store product that will remove the paint? Any recommendations?
  12. I'd buy a few of these. Didn't some people race Gremlins in Pro Stock, too?
  13. AMT has made a lot of money reissuing it's Chevy, Dodge, and Ford vans so maybe they can backdate them and add the window/passenger vans? Even redo the Open Road camper version?
  14. The Nova redo seems to be selling well. I really hope they reverse engineer the 57-60 and the 61-63 trucks. They might even be able to use the AMT 53 Ford truck bed to make a stepside version. On a slightly different subject, why can't they also tool up a new grille and tailgate to turn the Chevy 55-57 trucks into their GMC versions? They have a license for GMC to make the Deserter truck. It seems to me that would be a very cost effective way to get some new kits to issue.
  15. I remember emailing Bob Johnson a couple years before Revell got bought up and asking him if they'd consider doing this. He just said to wait it was coming. I guess they finally got around to doing it.
  16. I so hope the full bumper Camaro does well and encourages AMT to do variations on the tired reissues they've been pumping out. I would love to see a 1977 Firebird Esprit and Rockford base version. I'd love to see the MPC Pinto hatch and wagon backdated to a small bumper version and of course the same for the Vega if it's still around. How about the Caprice backdated to a 1971? The Chevy and Dodge vans would be great as 1971s as well, bonus points if they offered the window van option as well. So many others come to mind.
  17. I've been thinking the same thing. I have a lots of ideas I would love to try an I'd love to get them all without paying collector's prices.
  18. My only issue with the 924 kit is that the bumpers don't seem to have a positive attachment. I ended up adding plastic behind to hold them in place. It's a simple and fun to build kit, the lines are good and the only other 924 I know of was a Japanese offering and I've heard it isn't accurate.
  19. The bright green 911 is on some aftermarket 19 inch wheels and tires and the solid grey one is on 17 inch steel wheels and low profile tires. They are also lowered about 1/16th of an inch as well. The bright yellow one is box stock. The only body modification was removing the whale tail on the grey on to make it look more like a base model.
  20. I can't believe it's been since 2016 that I started this thread. I still collect these kits when I come across them. I still haven't gotten the Capri, but I have most of the others. Since Porsche's are my favorite, I have a lot of them. I currently have one 924 built and about 5 still unbuilt and the 911s I have 5 built and a whole bunch unbuilt. In the multiple picture, the green, the yellow and the grey one are all the Monogram kits.
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