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  1. I'm not good at writing how-to's, but since I've got my Vannonball entry done so I'm going to show my wrap up pictures. The Revell VW Vanagon kit is nice, but it is old and it fought me the whole way. The molds were showing their age I guess. The clear parts were molded with a lot of flash on every piece and all the parts could use some better locating tabs. I'm going to hit the high points as I didn't take many pictures. I figured the guys would go high tech, so she has two laptops, a bank of scanners and other interception gear and radar detectors. I used three Porsche 911 seats out of the Revell 911s for the guys to be comfortable. I modeled the van's markings on the AUDI and VW transporters used by the race teams, combined with a little inspiration from the Polish Racing Drivers of America.
  2. Austin can be a car spotter's paradise. Here's a couple of cool things I saw this week.
  3. Regarding this kit, does anyone make a decal set for the engine, or maybe even a set of decals for the record-setting Bonneville Go-Kart that RMR sells?
  4. Send me an address and I'll send it to you. Probably won't be able to get it out until next weekend though.
  5. A couple weeks ago I found a replacement for a kit I built and lost a long time ago! I was searching local Facebook Marketplace for a 1:1 Land Cruiser and came across a 3 month old ad for this. The guy said it had been started, he had lost interest and it was missing parts. He was asking $20 and I snapped it up. It was missing the hood, but everything seemed to be there, it even had 3 extra matching wheels and tires for some reason. I just opened it up to look at scratching a hood and found that it has a clear hood included so it has everything I need to build it. Very happy!
  6. There aren't any more 2 door SUVs for the same reason there aren't any 2 door hatchbacks or coupes and for the same reason sedans are fading. The market isn't there anymore. Right now 4 door SUVs are the hot thing. In a few years probably something else will be the hot thing.
  7. I've seen resin RB26's for sale on eBay. That would make an interesting add-on.
  8. Love the4 build, love the subject! Good job, dude.
  9. My grandma had a 5 & 10 way back when and she had sold these kits. My uncle was always taking them off the shelf and building them. They really were sorry kits, I remember that.
  10. I don't know who this is, and I'm not tying to seller shame anyone, but I offer a helpful hint: If you are going to Hoover up all the clearance kits from Hobby Lobby in order to try to resell them for a profit, at least remove the clearance sticker!
  11. Does anyone have an old build of this kit? I'm wondering if the vinyl interior parts attack the body the way vinyl tires attack polystyrene wheels?
  12. The '70-71 was unibody, the '72-up was a new body on frame chassis so that won't work.
  13. I built the Testor's release of this last year and then promptly dropped it while putting it in a case. I'm still finding parts of it occasionally.
  14. Nail polish or even straight acetone generally removes tampo printing without touching the underlying paint.
  15. Looks like you have a nice place! Our youngest will be a senior this next year and after that we are planning to move a bit north of Austin to a place similar to this.
  16. A high school friend had a 77 Pinto as his new/used first car. For the time it wasn't all that bad, definitely better than the equivalent Vega or Gremlin but maybe not as good as a Corolla which I had. I grew up in coastal Texas and the Vega's started rusting while sitting on the new car lot. The Pinto he drove had the bullet-proof 2.3 engine and though not fast, it was fun when driven fast. I'm watching Hobby Lobby and Hobbytown to see if they decide to carry this kit.
  17. When they reintroduced the Camaro in 2009 it was interesting but flawed, sacrificing everything for fleeting style, but that is typical for GM. Rather than doing a facelift in 2016, they should have taken the opportunity to address the flaws and maybe use the 70-1/2 split bumper as a touchstone for an updated look.
  18. Anyone have insider info on what is coming to the shelves to replace these?
  19. I got a couple of the AMT speed boat, the Lindberg boat, a Suburban and a few more just because.
  20. I got a one of these too. I like it, but it definitely is a product of the 50s.
  21. I've pretty much bought everything from them that I need, but I did get a couple of extra of the El Camino with the minibike and the AMT 'wood' Chris Craft yesterday just because they were $7.49. I may go back and some more of the Datsun, the Scout and the Jeep truck.
  22. I noticed that The Race Of Gentlemen guys tend to wear period style headgear. Maybe do a Google image search and look through them for ideas and inspiration. Most seem to wear either the leather flight caps and goggles or a half helmet.
  23. I could use a couple of sets of the wheels and tires if you do them for sale.
  24. They've reissued the stock one several times now. I'm ready for a 2n1 or maybe a an updated street machine version with new style wheels and low-profile tires or maybe some 50's style salt flats wheels and tires.
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