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  1. NIce job! Does it go together pretty well? I need to get one of these to go with the Porsche tractors.
  2. Our HL got some in and with the coupon they were about $12 each I think.
  3. I've been collecting Porsches for years and I have 17 unbuilt 911s mostly Monogram, Revell and Otaki. This one is a built up that I got at a model show back in February. It was in good shape but missing some chrome and needed a new paint job. It was originally painted with the old Testors racing orange and I happened to have an old can so I just touched it up. My building progress has been glacial this past year so I'm counting it as a victory.
  4. Even after being distracted by the Porsche tractors that I bought this weekend, I made a little progress on the Vanagon. I got the decals finished and printed and got them on the van. For the interior, I got some of the electronics and surveillance package designed. I've also come up with some wheels and tires. Anyone know of a source for 1/24th radar detectors? I found some on eBay but the supplier doesn't accept payment for some reason.
  5. My thing for the past few years has been Porsches. I've collected 16 911s and built 7 of them so far. I've been trying to get some work done on my Cannonball project, so naturally I went out and bought two new projects. They are the Revell Porsche Diesel Jr. tractors. A little Google time showed me they came in red but a few were blue for some reason. Maybe a bigger version? Anyway, I bought them Friday from Hobby Lobby using the 40% coupon. I bought one, put it in the car and went in and bought another so I could use the coupon twice. Anyway, I highly recommend this kit. It's a snap kit, but very detailed and really nice for a change of pace. Side-note, I actually did make a little progress on my Cannonball van. I''ll post a a picture of that on that thread.
  6. Just speculation, but I think the A's are guaranteed to return eventually, just because they spent so much money on them and they sold quite well. I'm hoping that they will update it to a 50s style with an Olds or similar rear end and maybe even add a stock version. The Blue Beetle/Bandito will certainly return in some way or variation because they spent money restoring it.
  7. I wouldn't buy them in 1/32 scale, but if they were to resize them to 1/25 or 1/24 I'd buy the heck out of them. That Malibu police car especially. I've been wanting to do one of those as the baby blue 1979 9C1 Malibu that competed in the 1979 Cannonball race.
  8. My favorites are the Monogram Exotics from the 70s. They made the Porsche 911 and 924, Datsun 260Z, Mercedes Benz 450SL, Ferrari 308 and others. Great curbside kits for the beginner and fun kits for the advanced modeler to relax with. I actually emailed Revell a couple years ago and got a fantastic response from the guy who designed them. They are mostly out of production, but the 911 shows up occasionally on the release lists.
  9. I was by the local Michael's yesterday and they had the Escalade and for some reason they had 8 or 10 of the AMT1965 Ford Galaxy with the stock car option.
  10. I would prefer the MPC Pinto as it's a better kit, but I'll take whatever I can get!
  11. My guess for most repopped kit would be the AMT 1953 Ford F100. It seems like that kit has always been on sale! Not that I'm complaining, I love it.
  12. I always paint. For a white interior I would use Duplicolor White sandable without sanding it and then spray the appropriate shade of white over that.
  13. I have used the less bright for the door trim and the ultra bright for the drip railing trim. I thought the contrast made for a more real effect.
  14. I've not had much luck with it. It didn't stick well or burnish down well and the black coating started to come off.
  15. I've been looking at that kit for a while but always put it back. Is it same one that came out in the 60s as the Empi Inch Pincher 2?
  16. I try to collect Porsche kits.My LHS had the Revell of Germany issue of this last year and I missed out on buying it. It looks like this is a repackage of that kit and the price is great, made even better by the 40% off!
  17. I went by Hobby Lobby to get some paint and of course had to pass by the model kits. This one surprised me, I wasn't expecting them to be getting the Porsche tractor. One followed me home to add to my Porsche collection.
  18. The real ones are becoming expensive collector's items now. I wish I had bought one a couple years ago. Has anyone bought from Airtrax? What sort of payment do they use, CC or money order or PayPal?
  19. It figures, I just got two of the D-50s this past year at a model show. LOL The Ranger, S-10 and all those seem to be no-brainers. The tooling is paid for and most likely is in good condition and those trucks and SUVs in 1:1 are starting to enter the nostalgia 'Oh-I-Had-One-Just-Like-It!' stage and people are starting to buy them to fix up. There was also an AMT S-10 Blazer in snap-tite that would be nice and Revell (I think) had a nice S-10 Syclone. AMT also had a nice Courier that I would like to see again. I would love to see the Chevy truck backdated to a 1967 and the Dodge van backdated to a 1972 or so with the window van option.
  20. I'd watch that! As far as modern NASCAR, I wish they would either keep the chassis and use a stock body or provide each team with a body-in-white and have them build a car on that. I would also prefer they drop horsepower and speed by maybe 25% so they can actually race.
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