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  1. Hi, thanks for all the nice comments­čśŐ... The body's are mostly ok, the chassis however, all the joints for the suspension parts brake off or are glued on, same with blue tinted glass. It's not 100% accurate to the real one but it's what MPC tooled up year's ago and has it charm...
  2. Old MPC , .. made from 3 bad ones.. all original parts..
  3. So here it is.. all done!! 80% plaster, 15% resin, 5% plastic.. The blackness represents it's shadow, .. made with cheap wood glue.. The dog is "3D" printed,... hence the 3 heads I guess.. Some "fire flies" in a jar... The slime is done with a 3D pen.. Someone left their teeth in a hurry... authentic "Hearse" shifter.. The finest of "Igor" speed equip. .. The engine, they're 2 Lindberg V8's married together... The 'tooth' is a ground for electricity, you know these old cars..! OuiJa board numberplate.. Made some mags for display.. Frankie likes his new home... Offcourse... it glows in the dark!
  4. And it all started with a 1/8 '32 Ford Resin body... It was given to me for free, it really was a bad casting so.. Taking molds from the Moebius Big Frankie kit and from a few other kits with plasticine, scratch-build everyting else, scuplted some additions with clay, had no idea where this was going to so this kept me busy for a year or so.. wanted to do something different... I made mostly everything in plaster...
  5. Started with a resin shift knob, made all the rest from clay & plaster, I took a cast from my ghost of the red baron kit for the helmet..
  6. Awesome!! I just finished my lil hot dogger... But this is just wicked!!
  7. Always looking forward to see projects coming together from John, great work!
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