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  1. My MKIII Supra, from the Tamiya kit, along with a "stolen" 7M-GTE engine from the Tamiya Soarer kit. Kit is curbside but pretty detailed. I used thin felt as upholstery for the burgundy interior, and the Tamiya Light Gunmetal matched my 1:1 ride. I REALLY HOPE it's as detailed as the "High Mecha" kit I have and have yet to build. I'll buy at least 3 of them if I can get ahold of 'em.
  2. Yup... mine's on its way.... along with my Monaco CHP. I plan on making them into VSP (Virginia State Police) cruisers.
  3. If it's the Toyota Supra, it'll be the MKII like this...
  4. Dropping this pic here, for those of you interested in opening the trunk. Looks like the top interior part will need to be smoothed out to clear out the injector pins. I'll probably use modeller's clay to shape the inside supports.
  5. I agree with the Moebius version of the truck body, which is why I'm still getting it/them. It's not as tall as the actual body, but it looks real close. As far as casting goes, since I've never done one, I couldn't put a good pricetag on it. But since you'd still need a truck kit with separate cab/bed pieces, I would say anywhere from $25 to $40. Again, just a guess. Like I said, it would make the truck body more accessable to the pickup kits already on the market. And, thanks slusher! I'm gonna look at those grilles now!
  6. Cultman has their kits in stock, but Model Roundup is running a little behind. They should be shippng my 2 kits out by this coming Wednesday, June 10.
  7. I did some good research on the Emergency! TV series squad truck, and now I intend to get the Model King/Moebius Ford F-100 Utility Service and the '78 Dodge D100 pickup (or, if I can get one, the '73 Dodge D100 with the correct grille) and combine them. What I'd like to know is has anyone thought about picking up the Service Truck kit and create a resin of the utility bed? Since so many truck kits are coming out where the truck bed is separate from the cab, it would allow a modeller to make any sort of service truck he wants. My grandfather worked for Crenshaw Trucking Company, in the sales department for the eastern seaboard. Crenshaw sold utility bodies, shipping boxes, truck bed accessories, and all manner of modified truckbeds tailored to companies, as well as Fire, EMS, Police, and government agencies. I imagine it'd be pretty profitable since EMS/Fire/Police kits are becoming popular. (EDIT: Yeah, I know the dimensions are off, but it still would be neat to have a Fire D100-type service vehicle!)
  8. Just getting a feel for what others might do with this, but does anyone have plans to open the trunk on this kit? The designers have already mentioned that the panel lines are already traced inside the trunk lid, and a sigil decal is included on the sheet for those who want to do this alteration. If those of you decide to do this, are there any good sources of 1:25 scale weaponry that can be fabbed for the "arsenal"? Knives, crosses, crossbows, and other hand weapons should be fairly easy to fab up, but shotguns, pistols, and rifles could probably be sourced from police kits and such. And as for "barbed-wire covered" baseball bats... Heh heh. Ohh, the "hero car" has a false bottom in the trunk to hide the weaponry. Don't forget that when making the trunk area.
  9. Sorry that it's been awhile since I've been here, but since I moved into an apartment complex I lost my entire workarea and a lot of my tools and paints. Now I'm stocking up on a few models so I can prep for my next build (when I can set up my workshop again!!!), and I invested on the Moebius Models LIS Jupiter 2 kit as an alternative to car building. The kit alone was close to $100, and the only official lighting kit that goes with it is between $175 ~ $350, and I am NOT PAYING for that! Out of the various light strips on the market right now, is there a strip that has these qualities: 1: Variable speed rotation 2: One-color lighting (white or blue, not cyclic rainbow patterns) 3: Length adjustment by cutting the proper length of strip as needed 4: Under or around $50 5: Non-complex wiring (preferrably plug-in outlet and not battery powered) that can work with fiber optics or other LED internal wiring simply I know there has to be someone here that has worked with these strips before, and can readily point me to a good alternative. I would invest in scale figures and other odds/ends, but some of those are even more outrageous. I will get the decals, paint template patterns, and possibly the metal displays for the data wall and terminals, as those I can justify for detail. Any ideas?
  10. A while back someone PMed me about putting up my Blackbird Sportwagon pics again, and since it's my favorite wagon build...
  11. I wouldn't worry about the decals too much. There are just soooo many ways to decorate this monster right! Here's mine with some of "Donny's" skulls added for effect...
  12. Drake69

    Lincoln LIMO

    I keep expecting to see a swimming pool in the trunk. Nice job!
  13. Chesterfield County, VA Sheriff's Office and Fire Marshall...
  14. Pick up this kit... It has a close approximation of the engine you need, and builds up nicely like this...
  15. Two of my recent longroofs... Alternomad... Cadillac Hearse
  16. Part 2... Another fun build, but those stripes can be a royal pain.
  17. Another easy build, this one I used ModelMaster Italian Red after spraying it with primer. This red is much better than the original mold.
  18. I also added more detail to the interior... Not a bad build, just wish the stickers were better.
  19. I added BMF to the body lines and hood area, then painted silver trim around the taillights.
  20. This is the Polar Lights build. The glue on the back of the racing stripes and "53" were bad, resulting in stickers that would not stay on. Good thing I scanned them in before using them, as I can now print them on decal paper! Pictures without the stickers...
  21. Pro Tip: If you buy both the 68 and 69 kits, you can swap the bodies in order to get a vinyl roof 68 or a hardtop 69. The only thing that would need to be altered are the front side turn signals, otherwise they are the same.
  22. Let's see: Jo-han Heavenly Hearse - $65 Jo-han Cadillac Ambulance - $60 Fujimi Toyota Supra "Hi-Mechanism" kit - $75 Mad Max Interceptor - $50 So somewhere around $50 ~ $75
  23. Testors One-coats look great on these musclecars, and yours did great! One small thing, you might want to catch the bottom end of those "Superbee" decals before they curl out. Something like Micro-Set should tame them. Otherwise, awesome Mopar!
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