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  1. I wouldn't worry about the decals too much. There are just soooo many ways to decorate this monster right! Here's mine with some of "Donny's" skulls added for effect...
  2. Drake69

    Lincoln LIMO

    I keep expecting to see a swimming pool in the trunk. Nice job!
  3. Chesterfield County, VA Sheriff's Office and Fire Marshall...
  4. Pick up this kit... It has a close approximation of the engine you need, and builds up nicely like this...
  5. Two of my recent longroofs... Alternomad... Cadillac Hearse
  6. Part 2... Another fun build, but those stripes can be a royal pain.
  7. Another easy build, this one I used ModelMaster Italian Red after spraying it with primer. This red is much better than the original mold.
  8. I also added more detail to the interior... Not a bad build, just wish the stickers were better.
  9. I added BMF to the body lines and hood area, then painted silver trim around the taillights.
  10. This is the Polar Lights build. The glue on the back of the racing stripes and "53" were bad, resulting in stickers that would not stay on. Good thing I scanned them in before using them, as I can now print them on decal paper! Pictures without the stickers...
  11. Pro Tip: If you buy both the 68 and 69 kits, you can swap the bodies in order to get a vinyl roof 68 or a hardtop 69. The only thing that would need to be altered are the front side turn signals, otherwise they are the same.
  12. Let's see: Jo-han Heavenly Hearse - $65 Jo-han Cadillac Ambulance - $60 Fujimi Toyota Supra "Hi-Mechanism" kit - $75 Mad Max Interceptor - $50 So somewhere around $50 ~ $75
  13. Testors One-coats look great on these musclecars, and yours did great! One small thing, you might want to catch the bottom end of those "Superbee" decals before they curl out. Something like Micro-Set should tame them. Otherwise, awesome Mopar!
  14. Looks really nice! As a minor suggestion, get some thin sheet styrene, cut out some small rectangular pieces out of it, then glue them to the inside of your hardtop and paint them black. It will keep the top from bouncing around and allow it to sit better to the cab. Like this... And my tailgate has the same gap as well. Must be the nature of the kit. Great work!!!
  15. I'm pulling for the '71 Demon. I'd also like to see a '70s Maverick at some point, like around '70 to '72. I mean, they already did the Pinto wagon (a stock Pinto wouldn't hurt either!), so why not? Cosworth Vega as well, maybe?
  16. Ohh yeah.... that'll survive a high-speed collision.... ... at about 5 MPH....
  17. Yeah... that's hitting the WAY BACK button on those... I had all three, but Darth was my favorite!
  18. Thanks! I wanted to do it in flat black but ran out of that paint and haven't been to the store to pick up some more. I'd love to see more skull and barbed wire artwork on some of these cars as they are few and far between. I DO like the Aqua Blue though,
  19. Aside from the Jo-han Cadillac Hearse kit I just built, the only other kits I can think of that hasn't been mentioned yet is the AMT '71 Duster 340, which if I remember correctly, was considered one of the best molds to hit the market, and the '68 Dodge Dart Super Stock GTS, a personal favorite of mine.
  20. I was thinking of doing mine in silver and blue in that same pattern. I'll DEFINITELY have to do it like that now! Nice color combo!
  21. I really need to learn plug wiring skills. It makes the engine bay look so much better. Excellent!
  22. I'll second that. I was looking at it like, "Wow! Nice build for Revell, think I need to pull out mine and dig into it!" Good work!
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