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  1. Datsun-Tank

    Nice, loving it. How's the snow Downeast? I'm originally from Surry
  2. Revell 2016 releases

    Cool, I had a 66 shortbed fleetside with small rear window in the early 80's, C20 straight 6 3 on tree and rusty as all get out. I may just have to get a few of these
  3. Hoods and misc parts needed

    The wife likes the Cragar s/s wheels, the other Nova is for me and I just want something that looks good and from that era. I have the OLD PRO kit but will be buying another 1 or 2, possibly AMT or REVELL. This will depend on what kit the hoods will fit.
  4. Hi all, While I sit here and wait for this stupid storm to hit us in CT. I am looking for a couple of hoods bot for early 70's Novas, an L88 style and a low cowl style. I am also looking for slapper style traction bars and some decent looking 70's style mags. My wife always wanted an old school Nova, jacked up with side pipes. thanks for any help Rich
  5. Back To The Workbench in 2012

    Love the Tahoe, where'd you get it? I'd like to replicate my 95
  6. They do have 2 M1A2 Abrams under the VS tank Rc link as well as a Leopard 2 A5 Marui also has some RC tanks 1/24th scale
  7. Try here Artistic Hobbies and they have 1/24th scale RC tanks including some modern armor Rich
  8. Porky Yes as far as I can see for now, I need only the axle housings. i will have to do a complete inventory soon
  9. R&D Unique? are they still around? Who else has fallen to the economy?
  10. Military style tires

    I thought maybe Modelhaus made some, I'll have to wait til they are back from vacation to check their website. Thanks guys I found some listed on the Star models site made by Hendrix resin. Sent an e-mail to Steve Kohler to inquire about them Thanks to all for your help
  11. Hey porky As soon as i get the $$ I'll be ordering the hood and sleeper top. Any ideas where I can get the drive axles? This kit will sit for a bit since I've been out of it for a while. I want to brush up on my basic skills on some smaller easier models first.
  12. Hi guys I need some advice I have a Revell Peterbilt tri-axle wrecker kit that is missing a few pieces. I would like to know where i can purchase a hood and the drive axles, also would these items work with this kit? My link My link i have the fenders and both styles of grill that came with the kit. Thanks Rich
  13. Looking for a ship model

    Found this build article so there was a kit made of the Cannon Class DE's CAnnon Class build Rich Found these kits, you can see if your LHS will order them for you My link These 2 kits are Cannon class De's that were sent to the JMSDF after WWII My link
  14. Looking for a ship model

    Try the links on this page SteelNavy Hope this helps I'll keep looking also Rich
  15. Military style tires

    Those might work, will have to see the o.d. of them tho. Don't want them to be too tall