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  1. On my Butch Leal AWB project, it was necessary to make all of the decals. The white lettering was the toughest as each letter had to be cut out and trimmed. I spent hours on just getting the script "FLASH" cut, trimmed, and applied. If you can avoid it, I'd recommend it. I wouldn't want to tackle that element of the project again. I also had the ghost line problem too. My solution was more filling, sanding, sanding, sanding, and more sanding. You should see my forearms now! I look like Popeye!

    Your body is looking really good! So good, it's almost a shame that it has to be covered with paint! I'm enjoying your build immensely!

  2. This is a great project. Earlier this year, I completed my Butch Leal '65 Plymouth in 1:18 scale diecast. It was the most difficult project I've ever undertaken but worth the effort. You'll be happy with yours too once it's done.


  3. Marlowe, solder will of course work but I think Plastruct is the answer for a tube chassis.

    If you have a decent HS near you they should have a rack. Solder will end up weighing a ton.


    Thanks for the advice. I looked it up on the Internet and yes, now I remember seeing it at my local hobby shop! I'll check it out. It looks like it might be my solution.

  4. Very well done! I particularly like the gradation paint job. I have a project I'm planning that is going to require a completely scratch built tube chassis. I'm still trying to figure out what is the best way to do it. I'm thinking of using solder in different thickness diameters.

  5. At first I was confused. I read it like it was a diecast and you were just showing it to us. Now I see that you altered a car to be what you wanted.

    I feel the fool.

    Well done indeed sir. Welcome to the forums and if you build drag cars we'll get along just fine.

    Let's see some more.


    LOL! Not your fault, I should've made myself more clear. Before all of the custom fabrication, it started out like this...











  6. Great job, looks just like it should, good details. Do another one!! Thanks.


    Thanks for the compliments! It thrills me to be able to share my build with collectors who can appreciate what it is. I'm gathering research to do the Maynard Rupp Chevoom Chevelle rear engine funny car now. As challenging as building this Butch Leal Funny Car was, with all of the modifications and scratch made pieces, the Chevoom will be even more difficult still. If I'm able to pull it off, this Butch Leal car and the Chevoom will be the crown jewels of my collection.

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