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  1. Black Sheep Squradon was at the top of my list to , I never missed it.
  2. Black Sheep Squradon was at the top of my list to , I never missed it.
  3. clean the resin parts with Westly's blech-white tire cleaner , let them set in the cleaner over night then wash with soap and water then you can prime and paint .
  4. This is a KW tow truck I am working on I is all from the parts box and scratch built. let me know what you think
  5. Peterbilt needs to do the samething with the last 359 built.
  6. The only truck frame I can think of thats not straight is some Macks
  7. You can get I-beam that is the right size and remove one side so you will have channel .
  8. The box with the black truck is the later version. The Diamond Reo kit is one of the best fitting kits from AMT that I have done.
  9. I have seen a lot of trucks with Daytons on the back and Bubbs on frount ,I always thout that was because getting the wedges even on the frount took more time then mounting the budd wheel. I have mounted Daytons on a Mack B61 that a friend has and the rear is not very hard to get right but the frount takes time to get even because any wobble in frount wheels can be a problem.
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