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  1. Sean one last week,a whole new look,don't really care for it.
  2. I had a daycab but having a house full of kids no telling were it is. Maybe in the trash and no one told me.
  3. Are those spring loaded or have a ratchet like grip(like pumping handles)? The ones I have the handles have to pump like a caulk gun.
  4. If so that can keep it. I'm a builder not a collector. Think those people sitting on those kit waiting for the price to go up,then the repops hit the shelves. I seen that happen to the IH dump truck.
  5. Working on the same idea or something of the short. Got to finish the trailer.
  6. Some times the old glue booms are not bad and some times fun.
  7. Never mind! I Bing it and prefer the older style.
  8. Any one know if the revell cityliner will be back on the shelf??
  9. How is that model master lacquer paint? Some say it is junk. All I can get my hands on is wall Mart or drive 45 miles one way, Kinda thinking about a little road trip any way just in case I get called in to work,,,if you know what I mean.
  10. We're did the tires and rims come from? Looks good.
  11. The cab lines and rivets are close. Seems like there were 2 different molds. Or maybe the the mold was retooled or clean up between the two. Hard to explain. Thanks all.
  12. I remember his post a few months ago the web site was down and having trouble. I have ordered from him be for and got shipped rite out.
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