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  1. When is the new Season? Would love to see it in action.
  2. How did you get the trailer rap like that? I been trying to come up with a idea for a while.
  3. Yep! Same thing I seen. Natural Gas? I've heard of those engines bit never seen one. I know the older forklifts run on propane as a guess,I never ask tho.
  4. Would look better if the rims were polish or Steele buds. The rims are painted buster brown,looks goofy.
  5. I'm in the south east and they are using Kenworth truck's now what's up with that? Like all ways no camera.
  6. It started off as a Bull hauler then a camper deal now a dirt track hauler.
  7. Got the car's on the way. Maybe this winter. Did you use any aftermarket parts. Did some searching with not much luck.
  8. How is the engine coming along?
  9. Never mind! He does have one.
  10. And Roy Don't get out much these days. And I been working 40 HrS weeks the last 3 months, I forgot about the post,sorry.
  11. Did KFS have one a few years back? How about P and P resin did he have a few too?
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