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  1. Mack DM800

    Thanks! Hope to run by the hobby shop on the AM,will look around.
  2. Mack DM800

    Is this kit in the store's now or lucky find?
  3. I got the Robert E Lee too. Maybe a winter build.
  4. 1950 Ford F-8 Big Job

    Could be the same guy. He closed up years ago also.
  5. 1950 Ford F-8 Big Job

    Who made the cab? I was looking at a resin kit some Years ago,now the caster is out of business. He had a gasser tho.
  6. Steer Car- New Pics- 10/12/18

    Been trying to find it. Came across it on a fb page. There new set up you can't copy the link any more,or I can't.
  7. Steer Car- New Pics- 10/12/18

    Just watched a video of a car hauling poll's out of the woods. If I can find it will post it.
  8. See if you can look up cargo star. I think know he is on the board too. He is into international's. He may be able to get you going.
  9. 1974 Kenworth W900

    Are those kit rim or resin?
  10. Wilson Livestock Trailer

    Scissors or a #11 blade. Use a dab of ca glue. Takes a little time to figure out how too work with it.
  11. Wilson Livestock Trailer

    Got a idea! Next time use phone wire. Remove the outside part use the different color wire. There are 2 kinds the cheap stuff from a dollar store it kinda hard to work with and after a while the color part starts to crack and a little translucent. If you have a wal mart get the good stuff a little princely but it holds up good. And 10' last me years .
  12. Wilson Livestock Trailer

    Try truckpapper.com see if that helps. Welcome!
  13. Wilson Livestock Trailer

    Try truckpapper.com see if that helps.
  14. What is this?

    It's a vent.