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  1. Clays first 019 build Tx Rose

    Would anyone be interested in a walk in sleeper. I been thinking about making them too sell. Like the one in photo with and with out the tool bays. Flickr is down rite now as soon as they are back up will post picks of what I have.
  2. Printed trailer

  3. Hitop Coe pete

    Look great, wish the would still have coe in the U,S. Or even U,k trucks,,,I think just saying.
  4. If you want too use the clear cover from a pie plate or toy box. I don't have one.
  5. Printed trailer

    Instead of complaining we should try to help out.
  6. Printed trailer

    I may have over reacted,she is maybe new to the hobby and home crafter and not having proper info and a ton of money she doing the best as she can. I've tried to get info from big companies all I got was a slap on the back with a see ya later. We shall see. Dr. Check your box.
  7. Printed trailer

    Will try to slap it together in the next few weeks for a little better look and were it will go. The 11.00 was a introductory price. And it takes about 4 weeks for me to get mine.
  8. Printed trailer

    Got off f/B,a lady name Mila Cox. little disappointed. The details are not that good. They need to be refined. It's a about 0.9 to 1MM. Not that flimsy but not that stiff. Yes it has a tail end. It has air ride,not all that great,need to look at that a little more. The airbags are soft/ rubber like. From the look of it based on a 96" wide. You can use the kit trailer for a idea on the floor and photos from the web. With shipping it was $110.00 a tad pricey for what I got. Don't think I will buy from her again. Maybe with a more practice she will get better. Quote
  9. Printed trailer

    In the mail a printer trailer. Needs a little sanding and filling. Think the kit trailer may work for some dinner parts. And is air ride. As a guess supper glue will work?
  10. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    I something use clear paint like nail polish.
  11. Hitop Coe pete

    Ho would be great. Wonder if it has a bunk beds or what. Would be nice to see the inside.
  12. B,P b train

    Never mind, found photos they all have one. What is the difference between the dollies? The kit dolly has what looks like 4 too 6'bar and others will have 10' or so.
  13. B,P b train

    I'm in Ga,the only doubles/combos is the U,P,S. Mostly guess work and photos. The pup trailer should it have one or 2 axles? It is 20 or so.