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  1. Like I did with pick. Click on the photo and will take you the sharing site that I use and have a look around.
  2. Not the camera a photo sharing site. When you load photos rite to the site you they give you ex amount of space. By using a 2ed party site you can send photo here by a link. Flickr is a photo sharing site it is free but still limited to about 100 or so photos. There is a another site people use can't remember the name.
  3. Are you using a photo hosting site like flicker?
  4. Oh,I'm using the frame from the 359 repop from the 80's. You got cab hings?
  5. Think I have the frame worked out. Using bits of this and that. Got a bumper on the way,now I'm ISO of the cab hinges.
  6. Amt 359. Does any one have a 352 for trad or even the front half?
  7. Thanks just what I need. Amy 359.
  8. 352 frame vs 359 info. I'm using a 359 frame need info. The 352 are the springs and bumper mounts molded into the frame or glue on?
  9. ISO cab hinges and bumper with the hings. May need more,still digging through parts. Clayton
  10. Guess you have seen my work before.
  11. Will do what I can. It's a mix of amt,revell. 352 and 359 parts.
  12. New idea found this in the shop. A junk yard hiding in the back.
  13. Think I'm in to. Kw snap kit with extra parts. Photo soon.
  14. I remember seeing those adds back in the 70'S and 80'S. Wonder if that will ever happened in this age.
  15. White would be a big help to.
  16. We're can I find kits like this one in photo? Can't remember if I got it from a builder or a caster.
  17. Is that a resin hood or did you chop a kit hood?
  18. So extending cow would give it a exhood look rite??
  19. When is the new Season? Would love to see it in action.
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