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  1. jreagan0415 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Richard Petty's #43 Pontiac Grand Prix for trade
    I have an AMT Richard Petty #43 STP Pontiac Grand Prix kit that I would like to trade. I had this in the trade section and wasn't getting anywhere. It is factory sealed and in mint condition. For pics email me and i can send them in an email. I am open to just about any muscle cars.
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  2. jreagan0415 added a post in a topic Mufflers   

    never mind I found what I was looking for on Detail Masters web site, they're not Flow-master but they look close enough.
  3. jreagan0415 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Is there anyone that has cast Flow-master 40 series and or Hush-Power style mufflers, if so where can I get a pair???
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