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  1. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi 240Z "Scarelady"   

    It could be a 432 if it had the S20 engine it.  The S20 is the same engine that was installed on the 69-73 Skyline GT-R's.  Here's a S20 in a 432 Z:

    Here's an OS Giken TC24-B1:

  2. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi 240Z "Scarelady"   

    I've never had the BRE kit, but knowing Revell, they are based off of the same molds...circa 1972
  3. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi 240Z "Scarelady"   

    Thanks guys!  I did a mock up with my Revell 240Z and the TC24 fit like a glove. I've actually better hood to engine clearance in the Revell kit than in the Fujimi one.

  4. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi 240Z "Scarelady"   

    Thanks!  I've got a sweet spot in my heart for '70' and 80's Japanese cars...I lived in Okinawa, Japan for 12 years when I was in the Air Force...and I love fabricating "Special One Off" performance versions of stock motors that most people have never heard of. 
  5. CrewDawg15 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Fujimi 240Z "Scarelady"
    I've been working on and off again with this one for the last 5 or so years.  I started out with a Fujimi 240Z kit, modding it extensively to bring it up to more respectable levels.  I also built a new engine from scratch...a custom conversion produced by a Japanese tuning company called OS Giken for the Datsun/Nissan L series strait six engines called a TC24-B1.  I replicated a F54 casting turbo L28 block and an early version FS5W71C 5 speed transmission.

    Thanks for looking.
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  6. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Thanks  sorry for the lack of pics in my earlier thread, but Imageshack decided to start charging for hosting.  Now, I'm going back to Photobucket to post on forums
    Yeah, I'm not known to just crank out the builds, LOL.  I took a job overseas when I retired from the Air Force, and resources were not plentiful   I'm back home now and plan on updating this build more often as this is a commission build, and I want to get back to my own.  I've got a lot more "Custom" engines planned, but need to get this knocked out first.
  7. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Been away for a while, posting my work on my FB blog page :  Crewdawg Works.  Chassis complete, engine copied in resin, and body work almost complete.  Here's some progress to get you up to speed.
    Scratch built S15 Silvia Seats

    Chassis progress 


    Body mods:  Hood underside bracing, rolled rear fenders, opening/closing sunroof, opening/closing headlights

    Thanks for looking!
  8. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    This update was a long time in the making. Fujimi molded an auto gearbox in the original chassis...that is why I deleted it from mine. So I hit up a factory service manual, and fabbed up a FS5W71C 5 speed gearbox. The bellhousing was a piece of cake to make, but the tail housing was a challange. I made multiple attempts before I got a box I was happy with. I'm going to cast this tranny in two pieces since a lot of Nissan trannys use tail housings that are of a similar design. That way I can use the tail housing over and over, with me only having to fabricate new engine specific bellhousings.

    Thanks for looking!

  9. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Thanks for the offer, but I have a plan in mind...just gotta see if it'll turn out the way I have envisioned
  10. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    That's a good question Ken. I did take the easy way out and made a cover for the spare. But looking back, I'll make a spare tire well. The Fujimi chassis doesn't have one molded in it because they use the gas tank to fill the space. I just need some time to figure out the best way to fab a well up, has still maintain the stamped look. If I was home it wouldn't be a problem...I'd just graft one from a parts bin chassis, but at the moment, I'm building this in a hotel room. The maid doesn't like the styrene dust that well, LOL
  11. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Thanks guys! Its nice to get back to building.

    I got around to shooting a coat of primer tonight, and was happy to see that I don't have to do a lot of remedial filling...just a couple of spots that I initially had trouble with.

    Now,the waiting game begins on the primer to cure before pressing on with the rest of the interior.

  12. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Bring'n this one back! A lot has happened since I left off...I pushed the button, and retired from the Air Force after 20 memorable years of service. That meant that I had to pack up the collection in Okinawa, Japan so I could move back into my house in Panama City, Fl.

    I'm planning on updating this one regularly as I've got some time to work on it now. My friend that I'm building this for wants a car with a stripped out interior...that meant a lot of fabrication. Then, I went to finish the engine bay. I initially made it too short. I extended the front by 3mm, built a radiator support, and added some more stamped details. Here's how its looking so far:

    Sorry for the bad pics as they are taken with my phone. Now, to wait for the glue to dry before I can finish sand the chassis before primer.

    Thanks for looking!

  13. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Tamiya....lets get it right.   

    Having lived in Japan for over 8 years, I can confirm that the correct pronunciation is ta-mee-ya. My wife is from Japan, and she got tired of translating things for me when we first got married. She told me that if i wanted to know what it said, I had to learn to read it. I taught myself to read and write both hiragana and katakana, and I'm starting to get the hang of kanji. The best way to explain how to pronounce Japanese words is to break it down in groups of consenants and vowels because that is how the hiragana and katakana characters are structured...kanji characters can be a single or group of those characters answer your question:


    Hoo-jee-me (most native Japanese speakers pronounce Fu as hoo, but Foo is also acceptable)


    Kyo-sho (the k and y are combined and not pronounced separately) I get scolded all the time by my wife when my southern ohioneese kicks in and I say Key-yo-to instead of kyo-to, or toy-yo-ta instead of to-yo-ta

  14. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Thanks Gray! I took a bit of a break from this one this weekend to work on some other commissions. I was hitting this one hard and heavy, and got a little carried away. Now that I've taken a breather, I noticed a few things that I want to re-do. That's just the way I am...the more I look at something, the more I see things that I could have done better on. That's what I always do on my engines as you can see in this thread already...the engine that I'm using now, is not the same engine I started off with

  15. CrewDawg15 added a post in a topic OS giken 510   

    Looking good Luis! The seatbelts are a nice touch. Looks like you'll be wrapping this one up soon...then you'll be chasing zombies