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  1. Could be, I am building this for "fun". I am using as much of the kit components as possible.
  2. Here is the truck mocked up. Still in rough form: (FYI I still need to install an engine into the Autocar)
  3. So far so good. I had to separate the back part of the fender from the hood. The W9000 kit is fitting up well.
  4. Back in 1977 a friend of mine had a magazine about big rigs. It had everything from Autocar to FWD. The magazine had a cool photo of a KW C500. So after 33 years I am finally able to start building one.
  5. My Fuji America Touring Bikes: 1976 1980 1985
  6. Years ago I rebuilt a CH-47 Chinook model. I needed to fabricate windows. I noticed that a 2 liter pop bottle had the contours I needed. I used the old part as a template and made an outline on the bottle, then cut out the new parts. I may be able to do the same type of thing here. (If I do it I will post instruction for you).
  7. That figures I will probably figure out a way to vacuum form a window.
  8. Thank you - this was the look I was going for:
  9. Thank you, I still have pieces of the original truck somewhere -
  10. Actually, this is the second time I built a gravel train. Back in high school, (1981) I built one and added lights. Unfortunately that kit was destroyed. When I was in the Army. This was an attempted to build an updated version of the old AMT kit. I went to a local gravel yard and took photos and measurements. I think I added a scale 8 inches to the top of the cab and 6 inches to the bottom as a skirt. I widened the radiator and lengthened the hood. This was based on on actual truck.
  11. Yes. So far it seems pretty close to the true form of a T2000.
  12. It's looking good. I have not build a complete kit since 1995 so I am in the same boat. Jump in feet first with the airbrush. I am warming mine up as we speak!
  13. It was a real kit-bash. If I remember correctly the chassis was Revell G and the cab was AMT. (The cab had much nicer detail than the R/G. The firewall was R/G as was the engine. This was built pre-internet so I had to get reference material from KW. Some of the engine bits were from a Monogram S-10 model.
  14. I built this back in 1995 for a small local contest. She is a little dusty, but it was a fun build. I have a matching lowboy for a trailer.
  15. I had to round up some parts. Primer today and top coat later this week.
  16. LoL! It is brass sheet and brass piano hinge soldered to the brass. I used to be an airframe mechanic so I just pounded it out.....in 1988 I reworked the cab and radiator to the proper dimensions.
  17. I have been building trucks since I was 10 (1975). I stumbled across this site and it has motivated me to finish my an Autocar Constructor I modified from an old AMT kit. I started this in 1988! Here is where I am at today. I plan on painting it red and displaying it as part of a gravel train.
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