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  1. plowking740 added a post in a topic Mid night rider 99%done   

    I like it. looks like something satan would drive.

    Excellent work.
  2. plowking740 added a post in a topic back to building   

    I was thinking of using pinstriping. I picked up a spool of it at the hobby shop with all six different sizes of black stripe. If i need too, i will double it or overlay it several times for a thicker 'belt' I do like the idea of a ribbon for the convayer belts though, that could save a lot of problems dowm the line.

  3. plowking740 added a post in a topic back to building   

    every thing is scratch built ( except the truck, and the motor on the crusher.) its a detroit from an astro model.ive had a lot of trial and error in this but so far it has been a blast and even if i knew how much money i would have spent i think id still do it. just for the fact it gave me something to do on them cold winter days.
  4. plowking740 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    back to building
    its been a long time since i did any building and a few years ago, after talking with Dad, I decided to scratch build a gravel crusher I decided to model a Cederapids 555 Super comander which he had at one time and still has lots of the manuals and pictures that i could use for refrence. it has taken me 3 winters of work to get to this stage and then this spring I added a Mack Dm600 to pull it and give me some proper hight and dimensions.

    The more i build, the more that I 'rebuild'. the hopper is in its second design as well as the Detroit 8v71 that is the power unit. and i think there will be more in the future.
    After seeing some of the projects here i can tell that i have a long way to go but thanks to this site i have lots of ideas.

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