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  1. slapshot added a post in a topic "LOCOMOTION"   

    Yea man SC builder's rule not sure where surf side is located but I'm located approx.20 miles from Savannah,GA.Nice looking build post more.
  2. slapshot added a post in a topic "LOCOMOTION"   

    I made a pack with my self about model forums in general, if you don"t have something nice to say than don't say it. That's a awesome looking willy you got there & the decals look like they were painted on. Is that a resin kit or did you fill in the front head lights?
  3. slapshot added a post in a topic Air cleaners   

  4. slapshot added a post in a topic How to make button tufted upholstery   

    I did a little mock up work with the button & tuck today.I think that once it is completed it will be pretty sharp. Thanks for bring it to our attention.

  5. slapshot added a post in a topic How to make button tufted upholstery   

    Well this is my first attempt @ duplicating the button tufted upholstery. I had to use straight pins because I have not been able to locate the rivets. If you use this on a vertical surface like the wall of a van interior, drilling the holes for the pins is not a option & cutting the pins flush with the back side of the foam & gluing may force the pins to back out.Not sure if it will work,the interior walls of my project is 2 x 2.5 & that's allot of pins.

  6. slapshot added a post in a topic Improving your modeling skills   

    Maybe we should create a elected panel of our best builders ( we all know who
    they are )to offer constructive criticism on our models. If you would like to
    have your model critiqued in a constructive way than post on a sticky created
    for this purpose. We could rotate the the panel by elections annually. If not
    than you can still post your builds in the normal venues.I know this is a
    rough idea And would need some adjusting. Just my two cents.
  7. slapshot added a post in a topic Clean Spray Can Nozzle   

    Nice tip clay. I to soak my tips but I use acetone. Really prevents those aggravating months for sure.
  8. slapshot added a post in a topic ugliest or worst fitting kit you ever built   

    For me it has to be the 1957 AMT flip vette. The best I could do was to just leave the front half flipped up.

  9. slapshot added a post in a topic Airbrush kits   

    I think that Jim & Art gave some good advice.The only thing that I can add is that Coast Airbrush has a Paasche h set for $46.00 plus shipping & they also carry lots of other hobby related products as well.
  10. slapshot added a post in a topic fat white walls and skinnies   

    Did you do any thing special to the tires surface like sand it down or use alcohol to clean it? When you mixed your paint did you add something to the flat white or thin it some? Thanks in advance.
  11. slapshot added a post in a topic How shiny should shiny be?   

    I like my models shiny. Shinier the better. Every model that I build I build it the way I would build a 1:1 if I won the lottery. People have been trying to make cars shiny since day one. Go into any Wal-Mart, Petboys etc. & you will see a lot of space dedicated to products that claim to make your 1:1 ride shiny. Also shiny shows flaws more readily than semi or flat painted surfaces. So the quality of the paint job is subject to more visible scrutiny. I think all representations of ones work is subject to the builders choice & ability to control the outcome whether it be flat ,semi or gloss. To throw one modeler under the bus because his model is too shiny in your opinion & toy like hints to me that maybe you do not know (edit)
  12. slapshot added a post in a topic C6 Corvette Z06 - Split Window   

    That's just to pretty for words. Did you shoot the blue over BC02 Orion silver & reduce it one to one? Sorry for all the questions. I'm going to be using HOK for the first time on my next project.
  13. slapshot added a post in a topic It's about that time!!!!   

    Here is a few that I just threw together for your visual pleasure and my insufferably large ego

  14. slapshot added a post in a topic compressors   

    Ben the air compressor was purchased at Lowe's for $160. You bet it like all air compressors makes noise.The pros about this compressor is that it recycles less frequently because it has a six gallon tank and the ability to regulate the air pressure & use it to run other non hobby related air type tools around the home. If noise is a issue you could check out a co2 cylinder like the ones used for inflating balloons etc etc. You might try a welding supply house or check out your local grocery store and inquire as to where they get there tanks from. Hope this helps .
  15. slapshot added a post in a topic compressors