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  1. I recently read that some aftermarket manufacturers were beginning to produce itmes for this model. I have not located any as of yet. Anyone have specific info?
  2. I had not thot of using thread. Good idea. Will try it sometime.
  3. :) Love the Starliners. My 2nd car was a 61 Starliner. Have plans to build it sometime lol . I really like the color choice. And the Spider Caps set the 60ish theme real well. Keep up the good work.
  4. Feel like a kid treated to a whole candy shop. Starliners and Birdcage Maseraties all in one day. Love the exhaust tips on the 1:1 Starliner. Keep those 'Liners coming.Love the dogdish caps on the model.
  5. Exquisite. Beautiful Birdcage. I have never heard of ABC Brianza. How about a little more info. Thanks
  6. Always had a love for "Birdcages". Had a lexan body in my teens. Don't know what became of it. Good job.
  7. I like this 'cherry red' 'chero. Good resto. I too like the wheel treatment. It gives it a period look mild custom hiding the engine swap.
  8. What type of clay did you have under the bad winshield ? Also did you remove the broken piece b4 you applied heat? I have wondered if something like this was possible
  9. Mercy Snakes (pun intended) , I love the engine compartment detail. Hoping to get one of these b4 2 long. Keep up the good work.
  10. This model captures the esence of the Show Car Era. Super job.
  11. Being a tri-5 Ford fan, I'll echo Cobreman's comments. The wheels caught my eye in the opening photo. Keep us droolin' on this one . Good work.
  12. Used to work for a forklift dealer. We sold Cushman industrial vehicles (electric and gasoline powered). I think there was a tricycle Police vehicle we sold. With our gas prices these may become necessary if they're able to be licensed on road.
  13. This is probably the status of my old '61 Starliner if it's not crushed already. Good job.
  14. Love it. I had a '61 back in the day. Was a 2bbl 352 with 3 speed. I have a '60 & '61 model of both years, plus an original '60 that's in a custom wip at the moment. I saved pix for reference. Good job. Keep it up.
  15. This is a good post. Some of the items I have been using already. I found a pack of small dice recently @ Hobby Lobby in the doll house section. Noticed some 'coke' cans there recently. I use the jewelery pins with a formed circular ends with the crimp tubes and styrene tubing for 4 link systems. I bought some quilting quarter fabric recently to make upholstery. From an automotive supply group I bought some vinyl masking tape and used it for seat belt material. It is very flexible. I also use 4mm,6mm, & 9mm rings for gauge bezels. light rims etc. I made a couple of dome lights using them, filled it with clear nail polish after painting it blue. I've also obtained samples of wood veneer (attached to a flexible backing) for wood grain use. Keep looking, there's all kinds of goodies out there.
  16. Very interesting idea and excellent build. I would say thia would have been more from the mind of Edsel Ford, if he was old enough.
  17. A few years ago I was servicing a copier at a firm near New Palestine, IN. that used a process like this to make wood grain covering for plastic parts they made for auto manufacturers. It intrigued me as this does. Will being 60's psycodeklc painting I guess. Thanks for the article .
  18. Fotki has removed the image url for use on other sites from under their Share drop down menu. Any body know the new procedure?
  19. I like this build. These style models stir a quirky sense of humor within us. Keep up the good job.
  20. My 1:1 is a well worn 2000 Toyota Corolla. 198k on the odometer. Had a Toyo salesman tell me it was just in its prime. Sure hope so. Not complaining about it - been a real good car. No pik to post tho.
  21. Sincerest apologies for the piks not coming thru. Not sure how to correct. Any help would be appreciated.!!!
  22. Built this farm truck from AFV 3/4 ton 4x4 WC57 . My dad had built a 1:1 in the late 40's We used for years on the farm. Pretty much indestructable.
  23. Good looking build. I think the use of the truck as that type of vehicle is great. It's something one wouild have seen.
  24. I like the realism created by the detail on this model and the setting it's shown in. Good job.
  25. Very interesting build. The color in unique and neat. I like longroof builds. Working on one now.looking forward to more of your stw builds.
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