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  1. I'm still here! If the link is not working on the site that means the molds are shot... I take the links down when the molds are used up....If I don't answer you back I did not get an email.. (spam zapper is up high) Try again... PS: anybody want to buy a resin business ? Thanks, Kenny
  2. Tables are sold out!!!!! Be there!
  3. Finished the awards up over the weekend! Thanks to Garland Farris & Steve Hinson!
  4. About Time! I'll be watching this 1 ! I've started 4 but they end up as slot cars! Hard for me to find time to build these days.. That car has kicked my butt making molds! Marc put a ton of work in the rear of that master!
  5. I've been trying to get Harry to master a 71 from our Scamp body...stay tuned !
  6. it's based off the AMT GTO & 65 Chevelle wagon . Have not tried the Revell 66 but I'd guess that that might just work.. Harry said he tried the Revell GTO under it and it was a nice fit.
  7. Finally Harry & I got the 65 Tempest wagon done! Promo grille to so the headlights are correct. I'm going to have fun building 1 of these when I find the time!
  8. I was trying to remold and broke the windshield post so It'll be awhile. Have not had time to repair it...
  9. Here's a link to my stuff @ Bandit Resins ! Thank You For You Time! KDog http://www.banditresins.com/
  10. You haven't seen me with the resin burnout ! lol I would love to go to a show and enjoy it! Hard to do for me anymore...
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