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  1. Ken have you checked out my RAM Power Wagon l just finished it’s in WIP and Under glass “Pickup section “
  2. Awesome progress Jeff! I can see that it is really going to look great with paint on it. All the little details you are adding are going to be very impressive. Looking forward to seeing your next update.
  3. Great details Ken on the engine and frame. I like how you have open up the doors. Based on how your doors look you really should do the same for the hood. Looking forward to your next update.
  4. Thanks Ken yes it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m looking forward to building it. Thanks Stephen Received the Gurney blue paint and ordered Dan Gurney decals for the Cuda.
  5. Thanks Steve. Thank you Dan. Thanks Larry Thanks I have already sent them and they were glad to see them. Thanks Peter for your comments on my build and for adding the link to my WIP.
  6. The RAM Power Wagon has been a very fun build for me and now it’s in under glass. Thanks for everyone’s support and help with the details that are on the 1:1.
  7. This is the A&N “Power W” 2500 pickup full resin kit with the extra engine and suspension packages. I found this kit to be very detailed with excellent fit ups for the parts. This was a fun kit for me. For more information about my build see the WIP post. As always your comments are appreciated.
  8. Great progress looking forward to seeing your painted cab.
  9. Sam you have to check on the upper part that overhangs. Check mine out.
  10. I’m getting even closer now to finish. I’ve got the interior in the cab now after several attempts it fits like a very tight glove. I’ve also been installing the front inside fender wells. Looking like I may be able to finish this one sometime tomorrow. Here’s what the test fitting looks like now. Thanks for everyone’s comments and support on my build here.
  11. Sam nice combination. When you are deciding on your frame length take the over hang on the trailer into consideration.
  12. Larry it’s worth trying. Lol. She might pick up on the noise when she starts it.
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