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  1. Thanks for sharing what your kit looks like. Hopefully mine is coming soon and will you let us know what you find out about your missing decals.
  2. Thanks Brian. There’s a couple model shows that is when ever they are able to have them again I plan to take this to but I’m dreading on packing it to take it to the shows.
  3. Thank you for your comments guys I appreciate them. Just to add a little more information on the build I hand drilled all the holes in the trailer grating. Does anyone know how many holes this trailer has?
  4. Nice build with a interesting load. You’re correct your old builds have held up very well over the years.
  5. Lol Pat I only wish. Here’s where I’m at with transporter #4. And I’ve done a mock up of what it will look like with everything set up.
  6. Nice Dodge! What kit did you use for your donor? I’m getting ready to build my 3rd one.
  7. Thanks JT. There’s a couple things that are making it where I can stay at this project one is I’ve been planning this project for 5 years, I have all the kits and Scratch parts Plus with COVID restrictions in place I have plenty of time to spend on it.
  8. Francis, The transporters are independent from the tractor and the transporters are all tied together with a single controller. The controls for my setup is on the gooseneck. Over the years I’ve seen these transporters do all kinds of loads and perform so really cool things. I’m making my way through transporter #4 and hoping to start painting tomorrow.
  9. Looks like they copy and pasted it from the front wheel. Must of been a car person. Lol.
  10. Awesome build with excellent detailing. Beautiful looking rig.
  11. These were old used cars by the time I was able to get a new car.
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