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  1. Thanks Francis, the cost impact has not been to bad seeing I’ve been picking up all the parts over the last 5 years a little here and a little there. Gator the length of the vessel is 32” long or in 1/25 scale its 66.6’ long and a 10.5’ diameter. As far as vessels go this is a short one but with a 3” heavy wall thickness making it a high pressure type vessel.
  2. Cool build. I didn’t know that Jifflox chassis’s exists
  3. Nice detailing Pat. I like your outside work bench too.
  4. Here’s a little mock up of the vessel on the transporters. I’ve still have to built 2 more transporters to build and the Mack to tow it.
  5. Here’s the start of building my vessel with the first of 2 anchor bolt rings that will be spaced 12” apart at the bottom of the vessel. 40 anchor bolts to hold it down on the foundation.
  6. Gator yes you’re correct I’ve got 2 sets (Old & new) of each that I’m going to use. Thanks for all the comments I’m starting on the vessel while I’m getting the 2nd transporter ready for paint.
  7. Small update for today added the hold down brackets on all sides. More to come I’ve got transporter #3 ready for paint just waiting on the weather to clear up.
  8. Jeff it’s a C2 splitter for a Oilfin Recovery unit. It’s a chemical plant that makes plastic.
  9. Herman your details really make the Frightliner look fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
  10. Here’s a sample of what I’m working towards.
  11. Nice work on your build looking forward to seeing it under glass.
  12. Thanks Brian. Worked on building the steering hydraulics for all 6 wheel assemblies. I’m getting close to being ready to paint this one but I’m probably going to have to wait on the weather to clear up.
  13. Tom this project is going to use up the entire length of road way that I have where the lowboy is. Here’s transporter #1 with black wheels.
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