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  1. Nice save on your paint job John. Looks great.
  2. Thanks JC Thanks Trevor, I will probably do the same thing with my 74 Cuda I have in my stash. For the car transporter I’m trying to figure out a 8 car hauler seeing I have a 5, 2-6, 7 and 9 car haulers . Thanks John I’m rethinking the 383 I thought I still had a Gibson 383 but it’s a 340. I’m thinking I may make the 340 into a 318. Yea this is the reissued JoHan under the Testor label.
  3. Still another awesome build Ken! Now you need a pick up to tow it.
  4. I’m starting with the Testors 71 Cuda kit that is lacking a lot of details so I’m going to make it a Barracuda and change out most of the parts with a Revell 70’s T/A Cuda kit. I’m going with a 383 engine and front bench seat. This is going to be car number 4 for my 1971 car transporter that I’m planning on building in the future. Hears what I’m starting with so far.
  5. Nice start Gary as you already know there’s a lot of pieces to cut and fit but it’ll look awesome when you’re done.
  6. I’m sure that the PE work is testing your passion for building this ship but it’s worth the effort and it’s already showing it. I rode on buses like that for a project I was working on it’s to new for the school bus I rode on lol. Looking forward to seeing you scratch build this one.
  7. Awesome progress Joe! I know you will get the seats perfect.
  8. Very sharp looking Ken ! I missed your WIP I was on vacation with very limited internet and time. Awesome build.
  9. Lots of tiny details on your ship Jeff. Did the PE pieces come in the kit or are they aftermarket? What year IH bus are you going to build. I might of rode on one like it lol.
  10. Jeff you did some awesome trashy work on this one! What’s next on your bench?
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