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  1. I’ve been able to get the hood repainted yellow now I’m waiting on the weather to warm up again to spray the green on the fenders. Have been able to add a few more detail parts on the frame.
  2. I’ve been making a little progress I’ve finished the interior and now have the fuel tanks installed. I had problems with the paint on the hood and have started painting my spare hood and should be able to paint some yellow on it today. I also narrowed the rear fenders by 3/8” they were to wide for me. Now I need to repaint them. So I’ve been working just not gaining much progress with the rework lol.
  3. That looks awesome Brian. It’s definitely going to have that fleet look to it.
  4. Yea Warren I feel your frustration what looks like it should be a nice clean build and turns into a major building. Did you cut the fenders off the Brockway?
  5. Sharp looking Cuda Ken. Looking forward to seeing you finish this one up.
  6. Dave looks like you have been busy at the work bench lol. Another excellent build.
  7. Nice build Dave. I’m hoping to be able to see it this year at one of the shows.
  8. Nice build Alex you have your Ford looking like a real working truck.
  9. Nice start Scott looking forward to seeing which way you go with your build.
  10. Nice progress Tom I like what your doing with your modifications.
  11. Looking forward to seeing your progress Brian with your engine change out and single axle.
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