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  1. Thanks JT Thanks Bill You’re right Brian I need one like Ken has. Lol. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Excellent build Surgery! I also enjoyed following your WIP
  3. Looking forward to seeing your custom built General Joey. Do you know what colors you’re going with?
  4. Thanks Brian, yea I’ve drilled all the holes with my pin vise and only one blister so far. I’m getting closer to finishing all the holes I just need to finish the bottom section.
  5. Thanks Chris, I gave my fingers a rest on the drilling and worked on adding some structural support to the back upper section and finished the stationary struts with pins to lock the upper and lower positions. I also did another test fitting to make sure the cars still fit. I’m at 1800 holes drilled to date.
  6. Stephen great improvement! I like how you shorten the cab wheel base and pushed the trailer wheels to the back of the trailer.
  7. Looking forward to seeing you build this one Ken. What colors are you going to go with?
  8. Thanks Tom, I’ve got all the holes drilled on the top level now I just have to do the bottom section. I’m at 1625 holes drilled. I started building the rear hydraulic’s and supports for the upper rear section. I’m going to drill some holes in the stationary supports so that I can pin it in the upper position with a car on it.
  9. Thanks Jeff, between yesterday and today I’ve been able to get another 500 holes drilled. Just another 500 holes to finish the other side of this top section. Lol.
  10. Thanks Bill I’m going to order one of these drills. Thanks Sam. I could not leave it the way it was. The wheels on my Barracuda were not touching the way it was before. I’ve been drilling on and off all day today and was able to get 450 holes drilled finishing the one section.
  11. I’ve started the drilling on the ramps. The base kit has 2782 holes and with my modifications I’m going to be over 3000 holes to drill. So far I’m at 175 holes drilled. More to come.
  12. Nice build looking forward to seeing your progress.
  13. Thanks Helmut, I had 20 years working on many different construction work sites and 20 years of visiting construction work sites. Thanks Larry Thanks Gareth, I’ve been talking with my brother about the fleet and he told me the same thing. I’m thinking maybe the Dodge Ramcharger or one of the 4x4 Dodge pickups or maybe one of each. Lol.
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