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  1. I’m keeping in the running but it’s not easy right now for me to make any progress on my build. I’m hoping for next month to have something to share.
  2. Yea I’m still working on finding some time to get this started.
  3. Thanks guys now I need to find some time to get on the work bench.
  4. Thanks Bill and Jeff Jeff I was not aware Dave has them. I will be checking them out.
  5. I’m looking forward to starting this project. I’ve picked up wheels from AITM and 4 SPMT transports from KFC. I’m going to build a 65’ x 10’ refinery tower for my load. Here’s what I’m starting with so far.
  6. I’m entering a heavy haul Mack DM800 that will be towing a large vessel on 4 modular transporters.
  7. Excellent weathering looks like the real bulldozer that just keeps going.
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