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  1. I’ve been working on the rotary engine and just need to paint the fan and attach it. I’ve wired the 4 spark plugs and 2 other wires that go over by the battery. I’ve painted the chassis and exhaust system and just have it mocked up for now. I believe I’m done with the interior the door panels will be attached to the body.
  2. Thanks John I’m not sure if this one will be ready for the show next weekend. A lot will depend on how well the paint turns out when I spray it and the drying time. I’m going to use Model Master Black Metallic Enamel.
  3. Thanks Carl but I don’t think I can do the military models.
  4. Worked on the interior getting the center console installed and the steering wheel. I added a chrome bar behind the seats it was something that I added to my 1:1 car. I also was able to cut open the hood and did a mock up and it still looks like everything is going to line up nicely. I checked to see if the wheels are centered in the wheel well and they are. I still need to cut the axles down so the wheels will be inside the wheel wells. Thanks for looking and sharing your comments.
  5. Thanks Brian Thanks Jim. Let me know if you have any questions I’ve built 6 of these trucks now. Thanks Steve. I’m sure you can do one in 1/32. Thanks Jurgen Thanks Chris Thanks Larry Thanks Brian. My new WIP is a replica of my old 1:1 Rx-7 I had back in 1983. Thanks Don. Thanks Mario
  6. More progress on the front air dam and after adding some primer I can see where I need to do some more sanding. I also started working on the interior by cutting out the door panels and the center console on the Monogram tub and replacing them with the Tamiya ones. I will also be using the seats from the Tamiya kit. So far everything is changing from one kit to the other with out to much trouble. After I get the air dam finished I will cut open the hood.
  7. Looks like you are going to have another one ready for the HAMS show John.
  8. Awesome scratch building with lots of fine details. Looking forward to seeing more progress pictures.
  9. Jeff your continuing with awesome progress. Your getting close to finishing this one up. Do you have another build lined up yet? My new build is a Rx-7 like the one I had back in 83.
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