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  1. Thanks Charles. Just a quick mock up of the frame, wheels and engine painted.
  2. Nice progress when you’re finished you will need to have a covered display for it.
  3. Chris it’s a KFS gooseneck and I found it on eBay a couple years ago. Thanks Vince. I was able to get some color on the frame and wheels today plus I painted the engine.
  4. I’m following to! Nice work so far looking forward to seeing what’s next.
  5. Looking good Gator! Do you have a load for your trailer?
  6. I’ve finished the frame and most of the engine. Started priming most of the parts also.
  7. Thanks Sergei. The transporters are different heights because they are different models the first one is a older model than the second one. You may notice that there are double the tires and smaller wheels on the old one to. I have 4 sections of the Italeri’s road in my picture.
  8. Timothy really like the look of your Pete. I’m very interested in picking up one of your Special Deluxe open door head racks. I’m going to need one for my current Heavy Haul project.
  9. Brian thanks for sharing the link for Keystone. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the frame.
  10. Brian any Pat thanks that’s the impression that I’m going for.
  11. Nice progress I’m sure you will figure out how to lower the cab.
  12. Looking good I’m sure you will get everything figured out for the duct work.
  13. Joe my prayers go out to you and your family for protection from Hanna. Stay safe. 
    your buddy Dan

  14. Brian this is going to be very interesting to see how you build your trailer . Did you make the drum section?
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