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  1. Today I worked on the landing legs and little more work on the fenders also cut out the side boards on top. I’ve painted some cheese cloth to use as removable cover over the load area. I’m thinking I might have a way to make it open and close to. That’s tomorrow’s project lol.
  2. Wow Tom everything you have done so far looks just like it does it that brochure picture. Looking forward to seeing your next progress updates.
  3. Thanks Bill Thanks Jeff. I should do that so far I’ve just been looking at them as I’m driving by. I did see a Load King trailer just like the one I’ve been working from for reference.
  4. More details on the bottom assembly with the pneumatic cylinders. I’m getting closer to being ready for some paint.
  5. I’ve been tackling the hardest part of this build and it’s the operating bottom gates. I’ve been able too get both gates to open and close at the same time. I still have some clean up to do and I’m going to add the air pneumatic cylinders on both ends for operating the gates. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.
  6. Thanks Jeff and your exactly right and with this one being my first completely design and build trailer it’s been a very fun build so far.
  7. Leif looks like you ran out of paint I know that feeling and don’t like it but it happens. The color looks great on the tanker.
  8. Nice color blue Bill. I hope you are able too match your color when you get your new paint order.
  9. More progress on rear end it just needs mud flaps. Added the front fenders. Next will be the bottom dump assembly. Here’s today’s progress pictures.
  10. Leif your mock up looks good. Looks like you’re about ready for some paint on the trailer now.
  11. Still adding more details on the rear finished the rear fenders and tail light frame. More progress on the way lol.
  12. Thanks Warren Thanks Patrick. I agree but there’s a lot of different angles to deal with on this.
  13. More progress on the rear of the trailer and my first mock up with the cab.
  14. Nice progress on both the cab and trailer Leif. Looks like you could use some shelves.
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