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  1. Lee it’s nice knowing that you have your brother there for support and help when needed. My older brother gives me new ideas on my builds to.
  2. Ken your chassis and engine are looking awesome. Looking forward to seeing more progress.
  3. Getting closer Jeff did you get any before pictures of the truck showing it as day one nice and shiny? Nice progress on your cement curd application.
  4. Nice touch Pat that’s going to look good. Are you going to paint it or chrome it?
  5. Helmut awesome build up of your Mack truck and dump trailer! And that was 40 some years ago. I only remember building mine back then and I have no pictures and my truck was blown up by my younger brother lol.
  6. Nice start Ken looking forward to seeing more of your progress.
  7. I received my yellow paint and had some nice painting weather. Sprayed almost 2 oz more of the yellow on this car hauler. Test fitting and checking to see how it looks with all the colors on. I still need to do the interior it’s going to be gray. Thanks again for all your comments I appreciate them.
  8. Another excellent build Ken! Enjoyed following your build on this one to.
  9. Thanks Ken. Thanks Jeff Thanks Carl I really appreciate your support guys on this build. Today I built the engine and worked on the exhaust stack.
  10. This will be a very interesting build. I’m planning on getting one of Gary’s steel fronts for the DM 600 and also using the Montone dump body from the AC sometime in the future.
  11. For the most part I’m done with the truck part of the hauler. I’ve reworked the front supports moving them out past the head lights also added more braces and a ladder. I know that the convertible Challenger with the top do is not what you would see on a car hauler I’m just using it for now as a place holder until I build one of my other 70’s Mopars. I’m not sure yet which one I’m going to build to replace the convertible.
  12. Thanks Mike Thanks Chris check them out now. Thanks Jeff. The PE deck plates look better in person than in the pictures. I’m going with the kit Cummins in this one. Check out the reworked front supports.
  13. Only 1152 holes drilled on this one Chris. I’ve been working on the front support and not sure if I like it narrow I’m thinking about moving the up rights out so they line up centered on each ramp. Like in the photo lol.
  14. Thanks Lee Today I started on the upper deck on the truck. Still need to add the front supports. I’ve also got some more details to add to the main section to.
  15. Great job Ken looks awesome! So now how are you going to build up your second cab? Where are you able too get this resin kit?
  16. Great build! Now you need a truck to deliver it to the owner.
  17. Thanks Carl Thanks JT Thanks Larry Thanks Mark, not to many drilled holes required with the new one the trailer is checkered plate. Thanks Brian
  18. Thanks Jeff Thanks Lee Thanks Carl I was able to get some black paint sprayed yesterday on the frames and yellow on the cab and trailer. I’m using Scale Finishes paint and have more yellow on order. There’s a lot of yellow paint on this build. lol. I’m going to be working on the upper deck on the truck next to get the remaining 2 cars on.
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