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  1. Painted the black on the hood.
  2. Thanks Cliff Thanks Ron Thanks Steven
  3. I think I have the pin stripes on now after trying a couple of attempts.
  4. Looking really sharp Ken. Looking forward to seeing you finish this one.
  5. Excellent build Alex and your correct it does have that farm truck look.
  6. Coming along nicely Jeff! I like your colors and I know that you will have the paint sags covered up when you get it all dirty lol.
  7. Thanks and for the chrome trim I’ve used the chrome pen from Molotow.
  8. Thanks Carl Thanks Joe Thanks Mike, I’m using Scale Finishes paint and Testors wet look clear decanted and sprayed with my air brush. Then I wet sand with 6000, 8000 and 12000 grit and then several applications of Novus #2.
  9. John hope you get to feeling better soon.
  10. I buffed out the clear coat and added some chrome trim around the windows and wheel openings. Did a test assembly to make sure everything is still going together the way it should. I’ve ordered some white pin striping today for the sides.
  11. Thanks Brian Thanks David, I just started with 6000 and worked my to 12000 grit sanding and then some novice 2 polish.
  12. I’ve clear coated and waiting on it to dry to buff it out. I’ve also ordered some white pin stripes to add on the sides.
  13. Thanks Bill, I didn’t open the grill on mine that’s Brian Schindler‘s build but it looks good.
  14. My paint order arrived 3 days before the ETA date so I was able to get the 3rd coat sprayed on and it is now ready for the clear coat.
  15. Thanks Carl Thanks Dennis. I’m really surprised how well the 71 Charger interior, engine bay and chassis fit.
  16. Nice progress Dave. I use a 1mm Molotow chrome pen for adding chrome trim on the interiors of my builds. Hobby Lobby sells them.
  17. This is a really nice set up Brian looking forward to seeing you build this one up.
  18. Very sharp and clean looking 442! Looking forward to seeing your outside pictures.
  19. I added a couple decals to the engine bay and made some new tail pipes.
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