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  1. Thanks Bill for the information. Where can you get the Parafilm ? Looks like it works great for masking.
  2. Your masking for your paint scheme looks awesome. Are you using paper for your mask?
  3. I picked up his 6.2 Hellcat it builds up nice but figuring out how to route the belt was fun. Lots of internet pictures to figure it out.
  4. Nice work Ron. All the right hand car’s I’ve driven had the fuel pedal on the right side.
  5. DJ you can check out my WIP titled BRBO Dan Gurney race hauler. I’m real close to finishing the truck and trailer getting ready to start the Cuda’s.
  6. Differently a very nice improvement! Jeff you should be glad you cut the hood now and using a new metal hood wow I was not expecting that. Looking forward to seeing more.
  7. Thanks Mark. While waiting for my Plymouth letters I’ve been working on some of the accessories for the race team.
  8. Awesome progress Tom looking forward to seeing your next update.
  9. Thanks Tom. I’m waiting for A&N to release the TRX later this year maybe.
  10. Nice progress Brian. Check out this link https://pin.it/Zv5JKVY
  11. Thanks Brian I’ve been able to glue the top on now. Waiting now for my Plymouth letters to be made then I can finish it up. In the mean time I’m going to be starting on the Cuda’s.
  12. Thanks Jeff Thanks JT, yea I know how you feel I spend a lot of time thinking of how this set up could really work. Thanks Ken. Final pictures of the interior before closing it up with the top. Test fitting with my Challengers to confirm the Cuda’s will fit. I appreciate everyone’s comments on my build.
  13. Nice progress Ron. I would have to print the dog on decal paper to make it. There’s no way I could paint it on.
  14. Charles your morning right along with this one looks awesome.
  15. Thanks Brian I have to thank yh70 Dave Rose for providing the site for getting the pulleys and fish line for the cables. Thanks Carl I’m having a lot of fun with this build.
  16. The rear lift ramp is now in place and still working on supports for the front ramp. Getting closer to gluing the top on.
  17. Glad to see you starting your build Dan. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.
  18. Thanks James. Yes it does have Plymouth on the front where Dodge is normally. This is the Dan Gurney truck they used and they have changed it out. I’ve had my build in the WIP section and you are the first one to ask about the Plymouth on the front. Here’s my reference picture.
  19. Thanks JT. I’ve got the trailer together now just need to finish the ramps on the inside and glue the top on. Then start on the Cuda’s.
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