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  1. Chubby Sprue - sounds like a Country and Western singer!
  2. You're exactly right mate, they build to the nearest inch as I remember, my statement wasn't very clear. The look I wanted was like this, the standard, single sleeper workhorse that has just enough to get the job done.
  3. I've been scouring Evilbay for the original Snaptite trucks. I'd love the KW Aerodyne conventional and the Freightliner cabover but the other week I scored this, a built 359 Peterbilt. It had the original decals in good condition though the chassis was painted white. It had all the usual Snaptite problems that I have to deal with, awful mudflaps, quarter fenders too high and I just couldn't leave it like that. I relocated the quarter fenders and wanted to adapt the Monogram mudflaps to take my electrician's tape versions but it looked clumsy. Then I had an idea, I took some aluminium tube I had, crushed the ends in a vice until they were oval, then filed one edge through to form a U shaped channel into which I can insert my mudflaps. I drilled a hole through the chassis, threaded it through and bingo! The whole thing is much sturdier than the kit version and looks more realistic. Then I thought the truck didn't look right overall. After much thought I worked out that it was too long, Peterbilt wouldn't waste weight on a needless length of chassis so I removed 14mm from the chassis which brought the quarter fenders right up to the fuel tanks, a much more realistic appearance that I'd seen in many photos of real trucks. Then I gave the chassis a quick coat of semi gloss black. End result looking much better and I can let it sit happily now until I get round to doing it properly.
  4. I started this WIP and it's bad manners not to finish it I think. I fashioned an airtank out of chubby sprue and worked some brackets for it. I also removed the ugly mounting boss for the fuel tank and filled the hole. I actually filled the hole first, from inside with offcuts and sprue, then left it to set and filed the boss away. I piped up the brake chambers too and bent up a new handle for pulling the pin on the 5th wheel. All was going well and then I scored one of the crown jewels... a Snaptite Peterbilt 359 off Evilbay for only £10!!!! It was built and needed work and I just couldn't wait so I got diverted. Anyway, it's presentable now and I can come back to the T600.
  5. Fantastic work! The reefer unit looks brilliant, must have taken an age to do. I'm amazed at people's ingenuity on these jobs, like using plumbing pipe for the corners! As I follow my wife around shops I do find myself looking at everything and wondering if I could use things on my models. First class stuff this though, and such a personal project.
  6. What an impressive job! I wouldn't know where to start with this, nor where to end it! Fantastic work.
  7. A well thought out approach which yielded excellent results.
  8. Great job you've done on this. Can't go wrong with a KW, especially an Aerodyne.
  9. Nice Transtar, built this myself many years ago. Daycab appear to be trend lately.
  10. That is such a clean build! Love the half fenders, how did you do them?
  11. Not much to report. Having filled in the open topped differentials with sprue and offcuts I roughly ground them into shape with my die grinder and some files, then used filler to develop a finished shape. Filled the hollow leaf springs too. In the last picture you can see how the duals started out. Built a battery box from the remnants of the sleeper and filled the joint in rear wall of the cab. I machined some brake chambers and brackets. Will add flexi lines to them as well as slack adjusters etc...
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