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  1. Got the magnetos wired up, not my tidiest job, don't know whether I'd have been better starting at the magnetos rather than at the plugs working back, never mind. Got the motor plate shaped and dropped the engine and gearbox in to check the height, looks ok.
  2. Well I'm 57 and never had a stroke and spend 50% of my modelling time searching for stuff I've dropped so you're not doing too bad. Welcome!
  3. Wow -25!? Don't think I could live with that. Welcome aboard.
  4. Welcome to the forum. They're a good bunch here.
  5. Great models there mate. I think every modeller looks at a finished job and sees the flaws, which are invisible to onlookers, but they also see something that they're really proud of! Enjoy the diversion.
  6. You're not building a model, you're building a complete plastic car! So Impressive!
  7. Thats such a shame. You used two primers too! I hope you get it sorted out.
  8. I'm snatching moments on this build. I'm desperate to get the engine together so I used some Tamiya Clear Orange over the silver to mimic an anodised sump pan and magneto bodies. I then picked out the top of the magnetos and painted the bellhousing/scattershield in Tamiya gloss red. Coloured the front pulley with a blue Sharpie to look like blue anodising and then fitted the rocker covers and the blower so that I can route the plug wires properly. I have the old Dukes of Hazzard Hemi sitting on the bench, I scrapped the car years ago, and I couldn't help but put the two together.
  9. Like what you're doing here. Looking good. These cars epitomise the term "Muscle Car" for me. They look so brutal. What could be better than a Trans-Am? TWO Trans-Ams!!!!
  10. Looking great, like the colour choices. What a stunning car the Charger was. Fuselage styling they called it didn't they? Was this the Dukes of Hazzard kit too? Moulddd in orange?
  11. That's a good kit to get back into things with. I built it a few years ago and seem to recall it going together very well. Top marks on the paint too, very adventurous with great results.
  12. You've got your work cut out there but it looks like the Impala is in capable hands.
  13. Never seen one of these kits. Paint looks great!
  14. I've got a couple of these in my stash, they are very well engineered kits. This is looking good!
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