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  1. I just saw the hobbit today, and saw the trailer for World War Z and thought of this community build and I imagine that the movie is the start of all this. but to be honest I wasn't sure what it was until the title appeared because the zombies don't look like zombies and they don't act like true zombies. But I'll still go to see it even if it terrible. Heres the trailer
  2. I finally finished The Rig. Man was she a pain, but it was worth it cause I love it. I also made a gun But I'm not to sure about it so I didn't permanently attach it.
  3. I got this today but Since I have an unbuild one coming in the mail I've decided to sell it on ebay cause I can't do anything with it. CURSE THOSE IMPULSE BUYS!
  4. Hi, I'd like some help as to how to go about building a dune buggy/sand rail. Mainly the tube chassis and cage. like what size styrene tubing to get and how to bend it to shape and anything that you think could help me. This is what I'm loosly basing it off of .
  5. Is $42, which includes shipping, to much for a built one? it has all the parts with it ti restore it and nothing is broken in the pictures.
  6. Does anyone know where I could get one of these without paying an arm and a leg. or if there is a way that I could built one using something like the lil red express or something.
  7. Neither am I. That's why the only ford parts left are cab, interior, and chassis.
  8. Well I tried fixing it but made it worse. now everything is sitting in the purple pond and I'm praying that it'll remove krylon.
  9. This actually started with bikes, and then came over to cars. The style started as a make your ride stand out as much as possible and was also inspired by the silhouette race cars of the '80s except taken to the extreme. At first I thought it was ridiculous but It quickly grew on me. This is hands down my favorite, and this was actually taken at the top of a mountain in Japan, but not by me, so they are somewhat manuverable.
  10. I like the idea because I watch youtube videos all the time. Problem is that a few months ago my parents dropped our land line and bought a booster for their cell phones. We have basically the slowest verizon internet connection. I think it's like 512kb or something. It was slow but not ridiculous. now with the booster attached whenever we turn a computer or one of the Playstations our internet speed drops like a rock to the point where a 1 minute video on youtube takes 5 minutes to fully load. We would upgrade to a faster speed but my dad says we don't need it, so there's no hope there.
  11. I got some paint on The Rig and I'm trying the salting method for the first time. I've probably overdone the salting but I figure it's gone through the most dangerous areas of the out break so it would be pretty scuffed up. Also does anyone have tips on doing a simple desert camo paint job.
  12. well I got a bit more done to The Rig plus I've started a second project as you can seek that's peeking out from behind the cab. (codename: Blitzkreig) could anybody tell me how to make a decent exhaust for this because I'd like to run the stacks from the 359 peterbilt kit up the sides of the cab.
  13. I used crafting (popsicle) sticks to make wood siding, and then some plastic mesh I got from michaels for like 50 cents.
  14. What do you guys use for weapons because I bought a bunch of 1/35 scale infantry weapons without thinking, and when I got them I realized they're just to small.
  15. Here's The Rig as it sits now. I'm completely over my head but I keep going deeper, and I'll keep going until it's done or blows up in my face.
  16. What did you use for those tanks? it almost looks like oil filters to me.
  17. Here's some pictures of The Rig. It's just a basic set up of what I'm gonna try to do. It's going to be like a flat bed towtruck / cargo hauler. plus I'm gonna try to fit something with plenty of torque up front.
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