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  1. I would like to see a CH model mack and a f model mack also a more common tanker than the one amt has out now...im not complaining about the tanker we have now, its just a rarely seen unit now a days.
  2. if I'm not mistaking that truck was designed to be a rolling class room. the big sleeper is where all the students sat..i remember reading about this truck years ago.
  3. what a shame, I used to love cracking open a beer and spending hours on that site on a snowy or rainy night.
  4. wow! a blast from the past. my dad hauled a lot of beer out of that brewery back in the early 70s. some times in the summer I would ride with him...that brewery and I think it was piels real draft in the Bronx also we would go...back then you would still see some of them old white 3000s running around the city.
  5. not by any of the major model companys but there is an after market resin 1/25 scale b model and other mack models by a resin castor called aitm, American industrial truck models and he's right in your homestate of nj. you'll have to by a mack r600 or dm 600 kit for a donor kit. he also sells engines trans, tires amd much more...check him out, www.aitruckmodels.com
  6. all depends on what the customer would have ordered...freightliner came with just about any suspension airride, reyco, Hendricks. and others in the 70's..i hope this helps you.
  7. I see some members building these on here so I thought I would throw some pics up in case someone needs a reference pic.i remember building this kit back in the day and one of the most confusing things about this kit for me was how the interior engine cover mounted so I included a pic of that as well just in case someone else has the same problem. we still run a couple of them in our fleet .they used to be cement mixers then were converted into water trucks. if anymore pics are needed of a certain part just let me know.
  8. found this one sitting in a yard at the Philadelphia naval base.
  9. hello everyone, its been a while since I posted anything on here but there is a member on here named tim he was the peterbilt Guru I don't know if he is still on here but his website is still active. he has all kinds of model petes on his site. its tims trucks.com..i don't know how to put a link up but you can google it if your interested.youll spend hours looking at all the models he built'
  10. edge comb steel actually has one of these stainless steel autocars parked out front of their steel mill for display.
  11. back in '89 I drove a international 4200 with a 318 DD/ 10spd. hauling steel coils with it out of US steel in fearless hills pa. I remember the owner of the truck always telling me to keep it wound up tight and run it like your mad at it. she would use about a gallon of oil every 4 days. I always thought because they were 2 stroke engines that they were just vibrating parts on the engine loose. I also remember the air compressor leaked a lot of oil on that truck. but I think Sam is right a 2 stroke engine would build up a lot of crankcase pressure and that would definitely cause leaks.
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