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  1. cappy625 added a post in a topic Ivan Yoder's 379 Pete.   

    awesome build!  is it 1/16 scale?
  2. cappy625 added a post in a topic Speaking of Detroit's   

    back in '89 I drove a international 4200 with a 318 DD/ 10spd.   hauling steel coils with it out of US steel  in fearless hills pa.   I remember the owner of the truck always telling me to keep it wound up tight and run it like your mad at it.  she would use about a gallon of oil every 4 days.  I always thought because they were 2 stroke engines that they were  just vibrating parts on the engine loose.  I also remember the air compressor leaked a lot of oil on that truck.  but  I think Sam is right a 2 stroke engine would build up a lot of crankcase pressure and that would definitely cause leaks.
  3. cappy625 added a post in a topic While On The Road...What Are These?   

    let me see if I could remember,  just a bear was a local or county cop. and a full grown bear was a state trooper. a kojak with a Kodak was a bear with radar.   if we were  check'n out seat covers we were looking at the pretty girls passing us.  buster brown was a ups truck,   wow clayton your bringing back a lot of memories!..    keep the shinny side up and the greasy side down 3's to ya we gone!
  4. cappy625 added a post in a topic Happy Holidays   

    thanks gator. same to you and everyone here!
  5. cappy625 added a post in a topic While On The Road...What Are These?   

    Hello Michael.   I too still use the cb  when I'm in my big truck, like clayton said it's mostly to communicate with the asphalt plants or the loaders  down in the quarries or if I'm on the lowbed to find out where they want their machines. as far as finding out where the troopers are. well the CDL put an end to my  hammer down days.  and the last 17 years I've been getting paid by the hour so when I'm in the big truck I'm not looking to go very fast anyways LOL!   but back in the day when I was traveling in my 4 wheeler or on the 2 wheeler. I would always try to run with the greyhound stagecoaches. they were always hammer down and always seemed to know where the speed traps were..   I still always get the mile marker #  where the picture taker or the speed trap is so I could warn others. I do miss the cool handles we had and the crazy cb lingo we used.
  6. cappy625 added a post in a topic Are you seeing a lot more old trucks on the road lately too?   

    I saw this ol' pete sitt'in in a yard next to a job site I was delivering a piece of equipment to just the other day. she's not back on the road yet, but she sure is in restorable condition. I struck up a conversation with the owner. he told me his dad bought it as a new glider kit back in 1978. now the pete has a 650hp 1693ta in it and the truck is for sale. i didn't  bother to ask how much because i don't have a garage big enough for it. i wish i did!

  7. cappy625 added a post in a topic Questions about Detatchable Trailer   

    I agree with superpeterbilt and plastic trucker,  you wouldn't want to drive too far with just the gooseneck. because they will slide around on you. if they do'nt slide too far you can reattach on a slight angle. but if it goes too far your gonna need some type of machine to move it back. it happened to me once.  lucky I had an excavator on  deck an just used the boom to straighten it out.  as far as holding the gooseneck up there is a hydraulic ram under the gooseneck that rest on the frame of the tractor. I can get a picture of it  on Monday if you like. and if you have to leave the whole trailer you just release the ride height pins lower the trailer to the ground and disconnect the hydraulic hoses. the rest is just like dropping   any other trailer.
  8. cappy625 added a post in a topic Truck build for Disabled Modeler   

    I like the missing cylinder head. I'm guessing a bad head gasket is what put this old girl out to pasture. a lot of attention to detail. well done!
  9. cappy625 added a post in a topic Custom White Western Star & 53' Reefer   

    very nice! that's definitely a show winner.
  10. cappy625 added a post in a topic MACK RM BED TRUCK..OLD SCHOOL   

    WOW! a bull dog boasting twin air breathers. gotta be some serious horse power under that hood! AWESOME!
  11. cappy625 added a post in a topic Assorted Truck Photos   

    I like that blue n white jimmy. some nice pics thanks for sharing!
  12. cappy625 added a post in a topic Cool idea for a load/trailer   

    what scale is that milling machine and where can I buy one?
  13. cappy625 added a post in a topic 55 ton 3-axle lowboy   

    hello KJ, I noticed brackets between the trailer wheels. are you adding fenders over the wheels? just curious because when I order mine I'm thinking of getting all the bells and whistles on it. this trailer is looking awesome!
  14. cappy625 added a post in a topic Any truckers gonna be there?   

    I wish I could go since Richmond isn't too far of a ride for me. but they already have me scheduled to move two oversized loads to philly international that Saturday.
  15. cappy625 added a post in a topic Conversions for diamond reo.   

    the DR hood came from aitm, the RB hood is from gary Wallace, and the white 4000 hood I bought from Spaulding trading .